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5 things to eat in Ninh Binh

5 things to eat in Ninh Binh

5 things to eat in Ninh Binh

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    1. Goat Meat – An unforgettable dish

    When visiting Ninh Binh, you must try goat meat which is a strange and unique dish of this region. Ninh Binh’s goat meat tastes better than other regions because of two reasons. Firstly, geographical conditions enhance the high quality. Limestone mountains and weather in Ninh Binh are really suitable for raising goats. Secondly, to have a good rare meat dish, local people use traditional cuisine which is preserved from generation to generation. The locals prepare goat meat thoroughly in many steps such as: tenderize, marinate and season… Fresh goat meat is often seasoned with a lot of local herbs such as ginger, chili, lemon, citronella, holy basil (Huong Nhu) leaves and duckweed leaves. Goat meat cuisine is often served with the fig leaf, green banana, star fruit and particularly soybean jam.

    Goat meat is prepared in many attractive and delicious ways such as rare goat meat mixed with lemon (dê tái chanh), stir-fried goat meat (dê tái lăn), lemongrass and coconut goat, steaming goat meat (thịt dê hấp), grilled goat brisket (thịt dê nướng), goat hot pot, goat gruel and roasted goat.In addition to amazing taste, people favor goat meat because it is very good for their health.

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    You can feel the sweet soft flavor combined with the crispy goat skin when enjoying this dish.

    Price: VND 150.000 – 200.000

    Where to eat Goat meat?

    Hoang Gia Restaurant (Royal Restaurant)
    Address: Hang Ca Mountain, Truong Yen Ward, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh
    Tel: (+84) 303 620 072
    Hotline 1: (+84) 987 719 509
    Hotline 2:  (+84) 967 13 5555
    Fax: (+84) 303 621 666
    Thang Long Restaurant
    Address: Bai Dinh, Trang An, Truong Yen Ward, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh
    Tel: (+84) 303.620.186
    Hotline 1: (+84) 975.155.458
    Hotline 2: (+84) 123.888.0606

    2. Cơm cháy (Ninh Binh Rice Crust) – Yummy Crunchy Crust

    Cơm cháy is one of the specialties of Ninh Binh. To make this dish, the locals cook the rice and then slice it into many round-shaped pieces. After cooling those pieces of rice down, people soak them into hot oil pan until they turn into yellow. Cơm cháy is often served with onion leaves, chilly and pork meat. Ninh Binh burned is crispy, yummy and not greasy at all. Cơm cháy is put in small pouches, therefore you can buy several pouches and give them as presents for your friends and your family.

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    Price: VND 30,000 – 70,000

    Where to eat Cơm Cháy in Ninh Binh?

    Huong Mai Restaurant:
    Address: No 850 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ninh Binh City
    Tel: (+84) 912-617-799

    Hoang Gia Restaurant (Royal Restaurant)
    Address: Hang Ca Mountain, Truong Yen Ward, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh
    Tel: 0303 620 072
    Hotline 1: (+84) 987-719-509
    Hotline 2:  (+84).967-135-555

    3. Ốc Núi (Mountain Snails) – The dish only found in Ninh Binh

    Ốc Núi is a must-try food for you when visiting Ninh Binh. (Mountain snails). Ốc Núi appears abundantly during the rainy season, especially from April to August. Limestone mountains in Tam Diep Town form an ideal habitat for Ốc Núi. The main food of the snails is the plants that grow wildly in the mountains including a lot of valuable medicinal plants. Therefore, Ốc Núi is fresh and really good for health. Mountainous snails’ meat is chewy, crispy and sweet which can be processed into many dishes: steamed with ginger, stir-fried with chili, salad.Where to eat Ốc Núi Ninh Bình?

    Chin Nhung Cuc Phuong Restaurant
    Address: Dong Tam Village, Cuc Phuong Commune, Nho Quan District, Cuc Phuong National Park 430000, Vietnam
    Tel: (+84) 97-673-5101
    Price: VND 50,000

    4. Eel vermicelli – The tasty low-calorie dish

    The other food must try in Ninh Binh is eel vermicelli. To cook delicious eel vermicelli, eel used to cook vermicelli must be field eel (eel living in rice fields) but not fed eel in popular. People soak eel meat into stir-fried spices and fry them in hot oil and stew eel’s bones. The fried onion and many local herbs on vermicelli face enhance consumers’ taste. Squeezing a little lemon, seasoning with a little fish sauce, and sprinkling a little pepper are to fit your mouth. Eel meat pieces are very delicious, sweet. Vermicelli made totally from the plant is longer and a bit tougher than simple noodles. Therefore, this dish will be a good choice for people those are on diet.

    Price:  VND 30,000 – 50,000

    Where to eat ell vermicelli in Ninh Binh?

    Dung Thanh Restaurant
    Address: No 999 Tran Hung Dao Street, Van Giang Ward, Ninh Binh City

    5. Nhech Fish Salad – Very fresh and healthy dish

    Gỏi cá nhệch is a special dish for Kim Sơn, Ninh Bình. Nhech is a type of fresh-water fish which looks like water snake but thinner. To make gỏi cá nhệch, people use a sharp knife to around the neck and peel the skin. Then cut off the head, gut and fillet the fish. Fish meat is marinated in fresh lemon juice squeeze and seasoned with some special spices. Such as garlic, ginger, salt and especially “thính”. Thính is made from rice or corn which was roast and grind to dust.

    Where to eat goi ca nhech Ninh Binh?

    Vu Bao Restaurant
    Address: No 37 Nguyen Hue Street, Nam Binh Ward, Ninh Binh City
    Tel: (+84) 88-680-9666
    Price: VND 200.000 – 300,000

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    3 best things to do in Ninh Binh, Vietnam - The Best Travel Guide Singapore to Hanoi, Vietnam: The Best way to travel 2023

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