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The most interesting Hanoi Cultural Day Tour at Van Phuc Silk Village, Ha Dong

The most interesting Hanoi Cultural Day Tour at Van Phuc Silk Village, Ha Dong

The most interesting Hanoi Cultural Day Tour at Van Phuc Silk Village, Ha Dong

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    Address: 69 Đường Vạn Phúc, Vạn Phúc, Hà Đông, Hà Nội, Vietnam

    Open hours: All days

    Entrance fee: Free

    Vietnamese silk - the king’s material

    Before going into Van Phuc Silk Village, let’s talk a bit about Vietnam’s silk. Among Vietnamese many crafts, silk weaving is no doubt among the most difficult and meticulous. So it is certainly surprising that this product has been produced and purchased many centuries ago. According to the wiki, this art was invented when cocoon farming became popular in Vietnam before the common era. In its heyday, the gorgeous material is frequently used for clothes of royalties or the most fortunate men in the country.

    In the twenty-first century, becoming significantly less fancy, silk is loved by many Vietnamese and foreigners. Vietnamese silk nowadays is utilized in both traditional and new fashion, appearing even in many art forms.

    Van Phuc Silk Village - the keeper of Vietnam’s traditional silk-making

    The first master of Vietnamese Silk

    Although silk weaving has been invented for centuries, it is only until the 10th century that Van Phuc Silk Village is known, for its many talented silk artists. Gradually, Van Phuc Silk Village grew to become the major silk producer in the country, having thousands of silk weaving machines operating in the village once. At that time, Van Phuc silk is a popular gift devoted to kings. 

    Today, however, purchasers pay much less for this product. After a thousand years of experience and creativity, not only is Van Phuc Silk Village still best at their crafts but they are also continuously producing even more high-quality silk. Nowadays, everyone knows of Van Phuc Silk Village and agrees that their silk the most beautiful, vibrant, and long-lasting silk of Vietnam. Van Phuc village’s silk has extended beyond being a trade, it is now a Vietnamese cultural symbol, not only respected in Vietnam but also the world.  

    Ha Dong Silk - How it’s made

    If you’ve decided to come by Van Phuc Silk Trade Village, there’s a chance that you would be blown away by their display of silk production before buying any products. Here, tourists will have the rare opportunity to witness how Vietnamese silk is made from scratch, from silkworms farms to artful silk weaving by hands. If you’re lucky, seeing thousands of silk threads moving in unison with the loom (weaving machine) like a charming dance will surely be your best part of the trip! However you will experience it, this is no doubt one of the reasons to come to Ha Dong Silk village

    Such meticulous procedure also ensures that Van Phuc Silk is no ordinary silk. Besides the indescribable smooth texture that you can’t read about in wiki, but have to experience at hands, Van Phuc silk can be used and washed many times without fading. The material is said to be dense yet airy, making it the perfect all-climate fabric. Because of such appeals, Van Phuc silk makes beautiful products and souvenirs, some of which we will recommend to you right now!

    Van Phuc Silk - The foolproof Hanoi souvenir

    What should you buy at Van Phuc Silk Trade Village?

    Because Hanoi has got so many interesting crafts, such as Dong Ho painting or Dinh Yen bamboo mat, it is incredibly difficult to choose the perfect souvenir when you come here. In this case, why not try to shop for souvenirs at Van Phuc Silk Village!? Here are some of the things you might want to buy if you have the chance to come here:

    Ao dai

    Ao Dai, Vietnam 2020 – Everything You Need To Know About Ao Dai

    Prices: from 500,000 VND (vary a lot depending on types of silk and embroidery)

    Reason: Ao dai, the national costume of Vietnam, is the perfect present for anyone who wants to start learning about the country’s culture. Ao dai from Van Phuc village is not only made from their prestigious silk but also custom-made on the spot. As customers can choose from the type of silk to the type of thread and what is embroidered, this is a highly customizable and very interesting souvenir!

    Read more: Ao Dai, Vietnam 2020 – Everything You Need To Know About Ao Dai 

    Silkworm scarfs

    Prices: (approximately) 500,000 VND/ piece 

    Reason: While its name doesn’t particularly excite people, Van Phuc’s silkworm scarf is a locals’ top choice when it comes to the village’s products. The scarfs are usually made with silkworms’ silk which is a transparent type of silk, extremely delicate and beautiful, onto which cultural images can be embroidered in colorful threads. These are wonderful gifts for women or those who have a great sense of aesthetics.

    Silk cone hat

    Prices: (around) 370,000 VND/ each

    Reason: Although unfamiliar for some, the Vietnamese cone hat (or nón lá ) is one of the traditional accessories of the Vietnamese. Nowadays, its purpose has slightly altered to fashion and souvenir, but it’s still made with the traditional material, dried palm leaf or bamboo. At Van Phuc Silk Village, these lovely hats are also covered with an exterior layer of silk, making it a classy yet simple souvenir!

    Silk decorations

    Prices: 30,000 VND ~ 120,000 VND

    Reason: If you’re not looking forward to spending too much money and are only looking for small knick-knack presents to gift your colleagues or friends, silk decorations are great choices. These vary from key chains, coin purses to stuffed animals made from silk. Although affordable, they are as well-made as any products of Van Phuc Silk Village

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    Go on the perfect Hanoi half-day-tour with Van Phuc Silk Village 

    Van Phuc Silk Village Address

    Van Phuc Silk Trading Village is situated at the bank of Nhue River, Van Phuc ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi. As Van Phuc Silk Village is a bit far away from Hanoi’s central such as the Old Quarter area, you should travel by car or taxi. And since there is a lot to see at Van Phuc Silk Village, many visitors review this place as the perfect destination for a Hanoi half-day-tour. A recommended itinerary is having Van Phuc Silk Village as one of the last locations of your day tour so that you can spend a half-day just to shop, look around, have lunch, and go home in time for dinner! 

    Parking, nearby restaurants, and more


    Although Van Phuc Silk Village is a wonderful tourist location, an inconvenience here is that the village got no particular parking for cars and buses. Therefore, if traveling by car, it is recommended that you ask the locals for the correct parking space. 

    Nearby restaurants

    1. Filets de Cocoon

    Hiding away in a small alley of the “Silk street” in Van Phuc village, this beautiful cafe represents Van Phuc Silk Village with its warm and cozy vibe. The cafe serves mostly drinks and snacks.

    Address: the 8th alley of Lua street, Van Phuc Village

    Prices: 30,000 VND ~ 80,000 VND

    2. Lau 1 Nguoi Restaurant

    Situated 2 minutes away from Van Phuc Silk Village entrance gate, although it doesn’t serve traditional Vietnamese food, this Korean hotpot restaurant has a very good review by tourists coming here.

    Address: B7 63 Van Phuc street, Ha Dong District

    Prices: From 69,000 VND

    Entrance fee & Opening hours

    Because Van Phuc Silk Village is currently open cultural space, not different from Dinh Yen Village or Dong Ho Village, tourists do not have to pay any entrance fee coming here, and their store is opened almost all hours of the day. 
    Van Phuc Silk Village is not only a must-visit location of Hanoi but also a preserver of Vietnamese traditional silk-making, of Hanoi’s old culture. If you are in Hanoi, don’t forget to visit this village, to enjoy the beauty of the small village nestled by the bank of the Nhue River, to learn about the Vietnamese old way of silk making, and finally, to buy very beautiful silk products.

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