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Things to buy as gifts in Hanoi, Vietnam

Things to buy as gifts in Hanoi, Vietnam

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    1. O mai

    With enough sour, spicy, salty, sweet as the convergent essence of Ha Thanh cuisine, o mai is a gift that many tourists choose to buy as gifts when leaving Hanoi. The most famous of these is in Hang Duong Street. You can find here all kind of o mai such as apricot, plum, ginger, sycamore, lemon, lime, pink, peach, etc.

    2. Com

    Com Lang Vong has also made a very charming beauty for the capital. However, since it is only in autumn, Com Hang Than is a perfect alternative to many tourists in Hanoi. Also made from the young rice fragrant aroma wind but the rice after roasting, pouring, sieving, fried must be fried with sugar, then wrapped in fresh banana leaf layer, inside with green beans puree.

    3. Lotus tea (Tra sen)

    Compared with other gifts, lotus tea is expensive and often harder to buy. However, when selected the genuine lotus tea, this is sure to be a precious gift for relatives and friends after the end of travel Hanoi. By buying lotus tea is both arts with a lot of time, effort.

    4. Ceramics

    Bat Trang is about 10 km from Hanoi capital. If you have the opportunity to visit Bat Trang, do not forget to buy the ceramic products of traditional villages. With the characteristic glaze and technical craftsmanship, Bat Trang pottery has its own beauty. Besides the cups, there are also products dedicated to gifts such as wind chimes, statues, etc. Visitors to Hanoi to play pottery village can also make by handmade bowls, vases, jars, cups as gifts. It becomes meaningful and enjoyable.

    22 Jan 2020
    What to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam About Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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    What to eat in Hanoi, Vietnam About Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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