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Write for us - Journey On Air

Write for us - Journey On Air

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    Who can write for us?

    If you are:

    • Travel Blogger
    • Travel Influencer
    • Copywriter
    • Digital Content Creator
    • Reporter
    • Journalist
    • Tourist Guide
    • SEO Writer

    Or even you are a person with ability in English writing and want to share your experience, itinerary, feeling,... When traveling to Vietnam. Your thought and your idea will be featured on our website and social media.

    Who will read your blog?

    Vietnam is a wonderful country with so many popular and stunning destinations. Vietnam is also known as the most historical and cultural country in the world.

    There are millions of search volume about Vietnam Travel or relevant. People traveling to Vietnam really want to find the right information and the topic they want to explore.

    More than 20 thousand unique visitors per month, a Facebook Page with 50 thousand fans, 1.5 thousand followers on Instagram and a community with 3 thousand active members; Journey On Air is the best information hub for travelers in Vietnam.

    Your ideas and blogs will be featured on our platforms where the audience can read your blog and become your fan.

    At Journey On Air, we think every experience is unique and valuable to the audience. We unreservedly appreciate your thought and want to share it with you.

    What benefit you can get when you write for us?

    With the well-built website and huge fans and members on social media, Journey On Air is the connection between Travel Agency, Hotels, Resorts, Cruises, Travel Sevices form entirely Vietnam, we promise you will have those benefit if you send us your content:

    • Accommodation, flying ticket, vouchers from sponsor
    • Up to 3 High-quality Backlink with DA 23
    • Reach to worldwide tourist
    • Featured on our Website and Social Media
    • Built-up your fan
    • Improve your Social Media Presence
    • Get more traffic to your website
    • Strengthen SEO for your website

    What topic should you write about?

    You can share your UNIQUE topic or experience when you travel to Vietnam or we will provide it for you to write.

    We believe every idea and experience is valuable for travelers. Don’t be hesitate to send us your idea!

    Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

    1. Topic

    We respect your idea and your thought when you travel to Vietnam. You can freely write about your unique experiences such as exploring rural destinations, try new food or even your full-day tour,...

    If you don’t have any idea or you are a full-time travel blogger, you can reach us via email, show us your Bio and blog website. We will send you the topic for you to write with the support from the sponsor.

    2. Word count

    Your content should be at least 800 words with a good structure and related to travel in Vietnam.

    3. Original & quality content

    The articles you send to us has to be 100% unique and no copy from another source. They have to pass the plagiarism test by us.

    The unqualified content will be unpublish without notification

    4. Outline & structure

    The articles should have the proper title, introduction, body and conclusion.

    Your articles should have a good outline and follow this structure:

    • Title (50-60 characters)
    • Description (200-350 characters)
    • Body (Start with heading 2, readable content)
    • Conclusion

    5. Media

    Besides your writing, we encourage you to send your picture and your video to demonstrate exactly your experience to the audience.

    6. Date & time

    You have to provide the topic ideas and exact date of submitting before you send it to us.

    7. Author bio

    It’s good for you to promote your blog website and your social media presence.

    Send us a short Bio about you and your website to have the backlink.

    8. Edit & modify

    You can edit your article after submitting to our website. Just leave us a email, we will edit it for you and for our audience

    What is not accepted

    • Copy and re-wording from another source
    • Spam link
    • Not relevant to Vietnam travel
    • Promote your affiliate work
    • Advertorial & editorial content for a specific product
    • Sex, Politics, Racism topic

    Be Journey On Air’s Contributors

    Send us an email to with the subject “Write for us - Author - Topic”.

    If you are planning to Vietnam and want to share your experience, send with your desire and topic you are about to write.

    If you are a travel blogger or a travel influencer, don’t forget to send us your website or social profile and your previous content. All of your descriptions will be promoted on our platforms.


    22 Feb 2020
    Contact for Advertising About Catba, Vietnam

    Cuong Bach The founder of Journey On Air - The Travel Information Center of Vietnam. Our mission is connecting travelers worldwide to the beauty of the landscape, history, culture and the friendly people in Vietnam.

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