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The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has officially launched the 15th UNWTO Award with the theme “Promoting innovation, creating jobs and sustainability”.

The UNWTO Award is the premier event of the Global Tourism Industry, recognizing the contribution of state tourism authorities, businesses and non-governmental organizations to the development of a tourism industry having more responsive, more responsible and sustainable to implement the United Nations Declaration on Sustainable Development to 2030. The UNWTO will consider all local, national and regional initiatives.

Since its founding, more than 80 awards have been presented in different fields, in line with UNWTO’s policies, priorities, and agenda.

In addition, on this occasion, the UNWTO also launched the Ethics Prize in Tourism. This award is for private sector tour operators and trade associations committed to implementing the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. This is UNWTO’s guide to tourism based on ethical principles and responsibility for sustainable development.

The government, business and non-governmental organizations interested in participating in the award can register at http://know.unwto.org/webform/15-unwto- awards-call-applications

Time to receive registration to participate in the review of the Award to 30/10/2018. The organizers will announce the winners in January 2019.

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