On August 18th, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism) and the Production of Entertainment Programs (VTV3) of VTV3 held a signing ceremony to promote the maximum strength, mobilize the combined resources of the two sides to support each other. Two sides express well functions and tasks assigned to contribute to promoting the image of tourism in Vietnam.

The ceremony had the attending of the presence of General Director of VNAT Nguyen Van Tuan, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Television Lam Kiet Tuong and journalist Ta Bich Loan – Head of the production committee of Vietnam Television Station together with representatives of relevant agencies, central and local press correspondents.

According to the content of the cooperation between the two sides, the program of VTV3 produced in the direction of interacting, entertaining, exploiting the value of the experience of visitors through the typical tourism products and services of Vietnam in the journey of discovery of visitors. Since then, honoring and discovering the typical in the development of tourism, inspire social spillover, encourage agencies, organizations, enterprises, individual communities to participate.

VNT will support VTV3 to select and introduce typical organizations, enterprises, and individuals in the tourism industry; Facilitating access to tourist destinations, products and services to develop programs and contents; Inviting guests, improving the quality of tourism in the program of meetings, exchanges, interviews, etc. related to tourism.

Peter Kastain is a travel blogger and an explorer based in Hanoi. After spending 2 years traveling around Southeast Asia, he found his love in the culture, landscapes, and people of Vietnam. His goal is to introduce the beauty of Vietnam to people around the world - the beauty which is so special through his eyes


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