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25 inspirational destinations and experiences in 2023

25 inspirational destinations and experiences in 2023

25 inspirational destinations and experiences in 2023

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    If you want to escape the noisy life and find nature, go to Botswana, and if you want to explore the ancient heritage, Greece is always a welcome place.

    At the end of each year, the US magazine National Geographic (NatGeo) announces two important projects: awarding the best photos and suggesting destinations and experiences not to be missed when traveling in the coming year.

    After two years of the epidemic, the new criteria applied by NatGeo to select destinations for 2023 are: places that are different, new and inspiring. That's why this year's NatGeo destination list focuses on national parks and wildlife around the world; outdoor activities and experiences; green tourism; multi-generational destination.


    25 inspirational destinations and experiences in 2023
    The Train des Vignes traverses Geneva Lake as it travels between Vevey and Puidoux with the Lavaux vineyards in Switzerland. Photo: NatGeo

    25 destinations are divided equally into 5 categories: experience journeys for all generations (Family); active in risky places (Adventure); history and heritage discovery (Culture); wild, beautiful places (Natural) and the journey of community conservation, sustainable destinations (Community).

    In the Community category, the destinations mentioned by NatGeo were exploring the island of Karoathos, Greece, where women-led business projects are leading the way in sustainable tourism. In addition, spend a weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the local people. Alberta, Canada offers visitors an experience that blends tradition and modernity. If you want to stop in Asia, go to Laos to explore. And if stopping in Africa, Ghana is the name mentioned. Visitors here can explore African heritage through museums, and mingle with the fashion-loving crowd in Accra.


    25 inspirational destinations and experiences in 2023
    Archaeologist Mohamed Megahed is working on excavations at the 4,300-year-old Khuwy tomb in the Saqqara necropolis. Photo: NatGeo

    If you want to escape to places with beautiful nature (Nature), Botswana is the first suggestion. It will surprise you with programs to restore endangered species, create safe corridors for wildlife and develop community tourism projects. Stay in the Scottish Highlands to learn more about the rebuilding movement that aims to restore natural landscapes and native flora and fauna. In Slovenia, people started exploiting food tours, visiting farms, vineyards, and cheese. Big Bend National Park in Texas, USA and the Azores region, Portugal are the other two names on the list.

    For tourists who are passionate about history and culture, visit Cairo, Egypt to visit the Grand Egypt museum, the new home of King Tut and see the sphinx in Luxor. You can also visit Busan, South Korea to attend the Busan Film Festival and sip craft beer. Take a pilgrimage along the Appian "superhighway", Italy; explore the culture - history through the culinary side of the city of Charleston, South Carolina; Admiring one of the world's largest stone statue collections in Longmen, China is the next experience mentioned.


    25 inspirational destinations and experiences in 2023
    Scottish Highlands. Photo: NatGeo

    In the Family category, head to Switzerland and take the train to quaint towns in the Alps to enjoy chocolate, hike and ski together. Participate in turtle rescue in Trinidad & Tobago, bonfire in San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge or go hiking in California, USA; Bird watching in paradise in Colombia is the next experience mentioned. If you are a football fan, you can visit Manchester, England to visit the football field of one of the most famous teams in the world.

    For those who love hiking and exploring nature, visit Choquequirao, an isolated Inca ruin in Peru. In New Zealand, the country that invented bungee jumping, keep trying this adventure game. If bungee jumping places in this country haven't made you feel excited enough, head to Utah, USA. In Austria, take a cross-country hike to sample the local food and culture. Finally, add Revillagigedo National Park, Mexico to your itinerary. Its protected waters are home to one of the largest populations of sharks and rays in the world.

    National Geographic is an American magazine of the National Geographic Society and a paid television channel. The magazine has more than one hundred million readers and dozens of offices around the world. National Geographic's travel photos receive more than 2.2 million photos from 132 photographers in 60 countries.


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