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Vietnam Travel: 40 Things To Know When Traveling To Vietnam

Vietnam Travel: 40 Things To Know When Traveling To Vietnam

Vietnam Travel: 40 Things To Know When Traveling To Vietnam

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    1. Applying for the travel visa Vietnam

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    If you want to come to Vietnam, you can apply for a visa in two ways:

    • Apply for a visa directly from the Vietnamese Embassy /Consulate in your country.
    • Apply online for visa approval through a specialized agency or travel company, then get your visa at one of Vietnam International Airports (Noi Bai, Danang, Tan Son Nhat), or at the border international gate

    Read more: Vietnam Visa Guide 2020 - 7 important steps when applying for Vietnam Visa

    2. Booking air tickets as soon as possible when deciding a Vietnam travel

    If you travel with a small group, the difference in price is negligible. However, you can save a large amount of money if you book early when traveling with a large group. Normally, if there are cheap flights, airlines will inform you in advance. Therefore, you should register as a member to know the incentive information as well as the exact time that the airline launches cheap air tickets.

    3. Booking accommodation before having a Vietnam travel

    The same with flight tickets, you should book as soon as possible to make sure that you have a good deal. You can access some viral websites such as Agoda, Booking, Tripadvisor, Traveloka, and so on to book your accommodation. Besides, you should read the detailed review of the ex-customers to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each hotel before deciding. Do not skip this step because it will determine the quality of your holiday. 

    4. Be careful with transportation if you travel Vietnam

    For foreigners, dangerous traffic in Vietnam is like a "silent killer". Their horror when walking through the streets of the big city is too much traffic, too many motorcycles. In addition, the roads are too narrow.  Traffic participants do not stop at the right line. Therefore, crossing the street in the middle of the bustling capital will be a sensation of adventure that they have never experienced in their own country. In that adventure, they can become victims of a traffic accident at any time. 

    5. Buying a Vietnamese SIM Card when having Vietnam travel

    Not only domestic customers but also foreigners or overseas Vietnamese who work or travel need internet access. No constraints on time commitment or other cumbersome procedures, Tourist sim will give customers the opportunity to enjoy international calls, domestic contacts as well as high-speed 3G access privileges each day.

    • Customers who use 3G service, are charged at VND 75 / 50KB.
    • Tourist sim applies the international calling to the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and fixed-line calls to 19 countries including Japan, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Newzealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Russia.
    • The term of use sim: 15 days from activation date.

    6. Be careful with a taxi driver during a Vietnam travel

    Taxis are almost indispensable means in the tourist area because tourist taxis are very convenient and safe. However, you should find out your destination, the security situation, and the means of transportation in the place you want to visit. You can find out on the internet, directly ask locals, bring maps, or use the Google Maps navigation system to determine. You should look for reliable taxi companies and recognize the color, signage, telephone number of that company. Another way, you can use the app "Grab" on your phone to book the taxi. It is the safest way until now. You will know the exact distance and the price you must pay to the driver. 

    7. Researching about Vietnam weather before booking a Vietnam travel

    The climate of Vietnam is a tropical monsoon climate. Summer in Vietnam is very hot while the winter is very cold. Weather in Vietnam is not too harsh, but for foreigners, it is not easy to adapt. Especially when the season changes, visitors are very susceptible to disease. In fact, many foreigners living in Vietnam do not feel comfortable with the weather here.

    8. What to wear when traveling to Vietnam

    The amount of clothing depends on your travel time. However, if you go for a long time, it should be lightweight to be able to move easily. You should learn how to arrange your clothes neatly, so you can spare space for souvenirs for your family and friends. You should prepare for moving a lot when traveling. The best way is wearing sport shoes and a pair of flip-flops for more comfortable. 

    9. Researching currency in Vietnam when using Vietnam travel tour

    Dong (VND) is the official currency of Vietnam, issued by the State Bank of Vietnam. You should remember the color and number of each VND note to make sure that you won’t be tricked during the Vietnam travel.

    10. Bringing versatile socket during the Vietnam travel

    Without knowing the standard of the jacks, you may have to cry when a series of electronic devices such as your phone, laptop or camera becomes the useless thing when you run out of battery and can not plug in the charger. Just because of the difference of standard plug. Different countries use a different voltage and jumper standards. If Vietnamese people are familiar with 220V and 2-pin plugs. Countries in Asia generally use the same standard C-2 socket.

    11. Driving motorbike - Vietnam travel warning

    Vietnam has more than 45 million motorcycles. Therefore, in order to live and work in Vietnam, it is necessary to have motorbike driving skills. Driving is easy for the locals, as we get used to it, drive every day. But for foreigners who are used to cars, buses, and subways, driving in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, can be very scary. You must have the driver’s license before getting in traffic. Driving is the easy part. Predicting traffic is harder. Remember that you will always drive with at least 5 other motorcycles around you on the street. There is no way you can pay attention to all the cars to be able to react if something happens. You should drive slowly and notice all the means around you.

    12. Communicating with local people during Vietnam travel

    The local people in Vietnam are very friendly. If you have the opportunity to talk to them, you should take advantage of this opportunity to get more interesting things. As a tourist, your duty is to follow the rules and lifestyle of the people here. Please, always keep this in mind and try to control your behavior so that it is polite to the indigenous people. Through this type of communication, you will know more about Vietnamese daily life as well as their culture. Moreover, the locals will know several unique destinations that you have never read before on the internet. 

    13. Trying local food - Vietnam travel tips

    It is said that one of the best ways to discover the culture of a country is to try their meals. Trying Vietnamese cuisines will help you have a better understanding of the culture and customs presented through the way to prepare these dishes and taste them. Vietnamese cuisine is attracted by many visitors from foreign countries because of the unique dishes not sophisticated in decoration or processing. 

    14. Be careful with dog and cat meat during the Vietnam travel

    In some places in Vietnam, dogs and cats are used as food. Visitors can easily eat dog meat, cat meat if you do not mind. You should carefully ask the owner about the ingredients if you suspect that it is dog meat, cat meat. 

    15. Correct pronunciation  "Pho" - travel tips in Vietnam

    You should know the correct pronunciation of not only pho but also other typical dishes of Vietnam. This helps you to sympathize with the locals and show respect for the Vietnamese language. Besides, you can choose the right dishes that you want because, in fact, many staff in restaurants in Vietnam do not know English. 

    16. Always bringing water during the Vietnam travel

    For those who love adventure and explore new places. You should bring a bottle of water in case you can not find any groceries. 

    17. Taking your business card when you go out

    When leaving the hotel, you should take the hotel card in case you get lost or need help from someone else. The hotel staff will be responsible for providing guidance and support to you.

    18. Taking off and putting your slippers in front of the door before entering the house - Vietnam travel advisories

    To show politeness, you should take off the shoe before entering the house. This is not a law in Vietnam, but it shows that you have learned about Vietnamese culture before. From there, you can create sympathy for the indigenous people. They will create good conditions for you to discover new things in their region.

    19. Putting valuable documents in the hotel's depository - Vietnam travel advisories

    You should keep important documents such as passport, driver's license, ID card, etc at the hotel reception to make sure that you always prove your identity if needed. This makes you comfortable when you go out because you do not always pay attention to your bags. You will be free to explore new places without having to worry about anything because your important things are in a safe place.

    20. Taking pictures if you have the permission of the owner - Vietnam travel warnings

    When visiting places in Vietnam, you should consider whether this place can be photographed or not. This is really important if you go to a locals’ home, you should consult the landlord before taking a picture. This expresses your respect for the landlord as well as the Vietnamese culture. In fact, many places in Vietnam do not allow tourists to take photos because they want to keep their unique characteristics in the most complete way.

    21. Do not wear short dresses into churches or temples when having Vietnam travel

    If you want to discover a new culture, you should respect the rules of that culture. You should learn and research that culture before traveling. Not only for Vietnam but for other Buddhist countries, it is very important to wear costumes when attending the invocation. You should not wear shorts, skirts being too short because that shows disrespect for religion. 

    22. Do not lie or sit where your feet turn toward the altar - Vietnam travel warnings

    Ancestors worshiping is a good custom of Vietnamese people from ancient to present. In a Vietnamese family, there is an altar to worship ancestors. If you are a first time visitor to Vietnam, you need to know this. Especially if you are in the homestay, this is even more important. You can not lie to sleep with your feet facing the altar. That shows your disrespect for the ancestors of the Vietnamese as well as the culture of the Vietnamese.

    23. Do not bring too much money or precious things when you go out - Vietnam travel warnings

    For Vietnam as well as other countries in the world, theft issue is unavoidable. So, you should not carry too much money and important furniture when you go out. You should only bring the necessary items such as some cash, Visa, MasterCard, phone, hotel’s card. You should put these things into a small bag and wear it in front of your chest.

    24. Saving urgent phone numbers during the Vietnam travel

    Calling numbers in the urgent situation in Vietnam:

    113: Police force.

    114: Firefighting or rescue.

    115: Emergency medical services.

    1800 1567: Detecting violence against children, women.

    25. Taking maps or use your smartphone when finding some places

    Being skilled in using maps and smartphones is a really important thing for every tourist. The use of these tools will help you to control the trip and not be fooled. For example, you can find the distance between the two places you want to go through the Google Map so that you can calculate how much you pay for the driver. You will not be charged high prices and lose money unfairly. If you are not good at the local language you can use the map to take you to the place you want. 

    26. Some people will lie to you - Vietnam travel warnings

    Every country has good people and bad people so you have to be careful about who you come in contact with when traveling. For example, if you want to take a taxi, you should ask the price before getting into a taxi. To be more certain, you can double-check the information that you receive with the internet. 

    27. Buying your train tickets directly at the train station - Vietnam travel tip

    If you have a trip by train, you should buy the train tickets from reputable dealers or the train station. You can find these tickets in the grocery stores, but you should really be wary because you are easily cheated.

    28. Don’t forget to purchase the travel insurance when you want to travel in Vietnam

    Many foreign tourists are not interested in travel insurance but actually travel insurance is a very important thing. You will be completely assured of the absolute and comprehensive protection of the travel insurance company facing financial loss when canceling or delaying the trip. The insurance company will compensate the insurance costs such as hotel rentals, airfare or travel expenses.

    29. Bringing medicines when having Vietnam travel

    Overseas travel means you go to the strange land with a different climate. You need to prepare some drugs in order to not fall into a passive state with digestive disorders, headaches, flu, heatstroke. 

    Analgesic, antipyretic: Sitting for many hours on the vehicle makes the body tired, aching. In addition, weather changes can cause fever, headaches, especially if there are older people and young children.

    Gastrointestinal disorders: Eating is always on the list of things to do when you come to a new land. However, the digestive tract can be disturbed when enjoying new foods. Without timely supportive medications, diarrhea can last for long periods of time

    First Aid: When you come to rugged places such as mountains, valleys, etc

    Anti-Insect medicine: In addition to blood-sucking, discomfort, insects also cause many dangerous diseases such as contact dermatitis, malaria, etc. In addition, insects can also be attacked while you still awake, especially in the forest. An insect-repellent bottle will protect people from dangerous animals.

    30. Learning how to bargain - Essential Vietnam travel tip

    If you go to a market or a rented condominium, you will be offered the same product or service from different shippers. Ask for prices and compare with some shippers, before you decide to buy. You should preserve money carefully if you go to crowded places like the market. Dividing money into many different bags, either in your waist bag or even in your socks. You definitely should not take out large amounts of cash while bargaining.

    31. Researching about all destination you want to go before booking Vietnam travel agency

    Make sure you have researched all the destinations before you leave. Almost every city, including the smallest cities, have the websites that publish local events in the coming months. TimeOut publications are also great sources of information.

    Do not hesitate to ask your friend for advice on social media. You will be amazed by how many happy people will share their advice about that city.

    32. Wearing a mask when you go out - Vietnam travel tip

    At present, the pollution of the environment is more serious, which brings with it many problems such as diseases affecting human health.

    5 benefits of wearing a mask

    • Prevent dust.
    • Reduce the smell of smoke, gasoline car.
    • Prevent the spread of some respiratory viruses such as the flu, tuberculosis
    • Avoid damage to the skin.
    • Protect in hazardous environments. 

    33. Bringing extra batteries during the Vietnam travel

    Electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, cameras, and so on have become indivisible. Especially during the travel, they support a lot in taking the photo, finding the destinations. Therefore, it is very necessary to equip a spare battery. With a compact rechargeable battery, you can reserve a large enough amount of energy to go to the forest or the sea. The first thing when choosing a product is its quality. You should look for reputable electronics stores, its locations and find a trusted brand.

    34. Bringing master, VISA card during the Vietnam travel

    With the introduction of credit cards, international payment cards have made foreign travel easier, more convenient. In order to easily withdraw at foreign ATMs, people usually use Mastercard or Visa cards. These are the two most popular international payment cards in the world. Knowing which country you are going to visit will allow you to use the card so that you do not have to deal with a debit card. Both cards are available as debit, credit, and prepaid cards, especially with online and offline payments. This is the most convenient way to cover your travel expenses. However, there are also cases that customers traveling abroad are denied credit card payments. Because credit cards are highly secure, especially with Mastercard credit lines, banks will refuse to pay for unclear deals.

    35. Checking entrance fee - Vietnam travel tip

    To avoid being cheated with the highly charged fee, you can check the entrance fee on the internet before buying. This check will also help you learn more about the place you are looking for including opening hours, entrance fees, history of these places.

    36. Preparing plan B before booking the Vietnam travel agency

    When traveling, there are many happenings that no one can predict.  Your plan may be upset and not follow the old schedule. You should plan your trip with some other backup plans to not be surprised when something happens. Nevertheless, you can learn how to manage the crisis as well as control your trip in the best way.

    37. Making sure that your internet is available during the Vietnam travel

    The internet is an indispensable part of your travel. It helps you to find the most objective information accurately. In case you can not connect with the local people, the internet is your partner during your trip. 

    38. Learning the Vietnamese language - Vietnam travel tip

    Although it is not required, learning a few simple words and phrases in a local language such as hello, please, thank you, etc. is very necessary. This helps you to shorten the distance, enhance the connection with people around for showing your courtesy. Also, you should keep in mind the names of landmarks and important places near the destination such as hotels, cafes, grocery stores, etc. as they will help you better know your area.  you can ask the local people if they, unfortunately, get lost somewhere. The best way is to bring a dictionary or use a phone application on the phone and use it to communicate with the people around you.

    39. Researching Vietnamese law before deciding the Vietnam travel

    The law of each country is different. To make sure you do not break the law when traveling you should read through the laws of that country. Reading these legal texts is not only good for you while traveling but you can also expand your knowledge. 

    40. Saying no with the vendor - Vietnam travel warnings

    Selling is a very common practice when traveling in any country. However, you need to be careful about the vendors. These goods often have unsatisfactory quality at very different prices. You may have to pay a very high price for a bad product. If you want to buy something like a souvenir, you should go to the center or reputable stores.

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