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Vietnam Holidays: All Public Holidays In Vietnam

Vietnam Holidays: All Public Holidays In Vietnam

Vietnam Holidays: All Public Holidays In Vietnam

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    I. Vietnam New Year’s Eve holiday (January 1st) - The beginning of a new year in all over the world

    1. The origin of Vietnam New Year’s Eve Holiday

    After December, it is the time to prepare for a new year and everybody hopes for happiness and lucky blessings. With Western countries, New Year's Eve is the happiest night when people are excited to play in public to welcome this special occasion. The balls are dropped in the first second to start the new year, the fireworks shoot up to the glowing sky, and everyone raises the glass to each other in new joy.

    New Year has changed for centuries in the history of human evolution and today, it still exists. New Year began in ancient times, bearing the hallmark of human civilization. Dates and hours are different for each country and continent, with different weather and time zones. It also depends on the diversity of race and culture of each nation. Now, the world welcomes New Year's Day on January 1st and it has continued for the past 400 years. This is an important and one of the three biggest Vietnam Holidays which are public to every Vietnamese.

    2. Where to go in Vietnam

    a. Ho Chi Minh City - The most attractive place to avoid the coldest winter days

    There is no need to travel to foreign countries when you can visit Ho Chi Minh City, where thousands of visitors each year coming. Joining New Year Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, you will witness the splendor of light and the beautiful decorations to welcome Christmas and welcome the New Year according to the Western calendar. Perhaps, this is the most attractive place to avoid the coldest winter days from Christmas until the New Year. Some attractive places to visit during the New Year's Eve in Ho Chi Minh City are Doc Lap Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, and Saigon River, which are highly recommended for any Vietnam Holidays.

    b. Danang City - One of the most livable cities in the world

    Danang is known as the "most livable city", "Second Singapore in Vietnam", "the cheapest tourist city", ... and becomes an attractive choice of domestic and foreign tourists for the Vietnam New Year’s Eve Holiday. Traveling to Danang, you can take time to admire the splendor of bridges like Thuan Phuoc Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam and the Han River. Besides, you are free to explore the majestic beauty of Ngu Hanh Son, enjoy Bana Hills, visit Linh Do, explore the vibrant atmosphere of the game in Asia Park, cruise the beautiful My Khe, and enjoy specialties Da Nang in the winter is also attractive to Vietnam Holidays.

    c. Dalat City - The city of nature and love

    In the middle of the cold winter, Dalat's New Year's Holiday is a wonderful choice. Despite the cold weather of Christmas and New Year, Dalat is still brilliant in the beauty of thousands of flowers and attracts people to come due to the city of romantic dreams, the peaceful city, and the fresh air of the land of thousands of flowers. Every two years, the Da Lat Flower Festival is held at the end of the year. This will be an interesting event that you should not ignore while traveling Dalat is not only New Year's Eve but also every Vietnam Holiday.

    d. Sapa Town - The Only Town Having Snow In The Vietnam New Year's Eve Holiday

    A beautiful winter in Sapa is the season having the fog sometimes and being cold sometimes. If you are lucky, you can be immersed in the scene which is very romantic snow. In addition to admiring the beauty of the northwestern wilderness in your Vietnam Holidays, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of warm-hearted people when staying in Sapa from the Christmas to New Year's Eve on your Vietnam Holiday.

    3. What to do in Vietnam New Year's Eve Holiday

    a. Coming home after a bustling year of hard work

    For the people who go to work away from home, New Year’s Eve is the time for them to return home, and visit parents, grandparents, and siblings. After more than a year of hard work, the whole family is looking forward to returning home. The holiday time is not too long but it is enough for you to return to your beloved family. What is more wonderful than being back to gather around the tray of traditional food.

    b. Spending time meeting your friends

    Because everyone is busy with work, sometimes you accidentally do not have much time for friends. Therefore, you should not delay what you do not plan to meet old friends. Certainly, when you meet them again, you will have many extremely interesting stories to share together.

    c. Cooking for your family and whom you love

    In normal days, because you do not have much time, you often cook for "simple meals. But, the New Year's holiday is also a chance for you to cook the family delicious food having strange tastes. We are sure that to see the family members enjoy the dishes prepared by your own hand is the best thing.

    d. Traveling together inside and outside Vietnam

    You usually don't have much time for yourself, even in Vietnam Public Holidays that you have to spend time taking care of your family. Why don’t you take this as the time for yourself and reward you for a short trip? Surely, having an enjoyable experience will give you new and more energy to continue working on the job.

    4. Tips for traveling in Vietnam New Year's Eve Holiday

    a. Always book in advance:

    Whether you are staying for a long trip, or simply for a New Year's Eve dinner, you should contact reservations for getting good services.

    b. Be careful when using vehicles:

    Passenger cars and train on these days are always crowded with many guests, so you should book tickets for prestigious units. Flights are also priced higher than usual, affecting the cost of the trip. Motorbikes are quite mobile, but you need to keep in mind that roads are always crowded. Depending on your plan, you can consider and select the most appropriate move. This tip is useful for every Vietnam Holiday.

    c. Have a backup plan:

    The plan for Tet Holiday is easy to change for objective reasons such as weather, traffic jams, overload,... So, you should prepare the backup plan, especially the way and the destination for the full Vietnam Holidays.

    d. Bring just enough luggage:

    Make sure you have plenty of time to spend on vacation if you do not want to go shopping at the tourist destination. But, you should not be too greedy because carrying many pieces of luggage will be inconvenient when moving and easy to lose or forget during Vietnam Holidays.

    II. Vietnam Lunar New Year holiday (January 1st following the Lunar calendar) - The most important one in all Vietnam holidays

    1. The origin of Vietnam Lunar New Year Holiday

    Lunar New Year is the point of the exchange between the old and the new year following the lunar calendar. It is the longing for enduring life, the harmony of Heaven and Earth, the cohesion in the community, and the time for all the family members to gather together. The Lunar New Year among Vietnam Holidays is also an opportunity to look forward to the future.

    We often mistakenly claim that the Lunar New Year originated from China, through the process of colonization of the North 1000 years, our people have adopted this custom of China. But most people forget that before being under the domination of the feudal, the Vietnamese had a brilliant civilization early in the dawn of building the country. During the reign of Hung King, especially in the dynasty of An Duong Vuong, the lunar new year was formed as the customs and habits of the Vietnamese people.

    Vietnamese Culture was the wet rice culture and the time of the agricultural cultivation was divided into 24 different periods. In particular, the most important time was the beginning of a cycle of cultivation, which is known as the Lunar New Year. Through the story of the Chung Cake and Day Cake symbolizing the concept of the round sky and square land of the Vietnamese people working in agriculture proved that the Lunar New Year had originated in Vietnam. This is considered the most important one among Vietnam Holidays.

    2. Where to go in Vietnam Lunar New Year Holiday

    a. Ha Giang - The kingdom of buckwheat flowers

    Ha Giang is the place for hiding and embracing the mystery story. If you missed an appointment with the buckwheat flower season in November, December, then you will have the opportunity to see Ha Giang beautiful picture embroidered by peach flowers, plum flowers, yellow flowers. Do not forget to visit the Dong Van Plateau and the Sothon Valley in the Vietnam Holidays.

    b. Moc Chau - A beautiful mountainous area in the North of Vietnam

    Moc Chau is the largest and most beautiful mountainous area in the North, located about 180 kilometers from Hanoi. At the time of January, Moc Chau entered the fresh spring, the colors blooming everywhere, bringing a vibrant color. There are many kinds of beautiful flowers like Pine forest, Ban Loong Sap, and Phung Canh. Also, do not forget to enjoy typical cuisine here with grilled broiled fish, buffalo meat or pia bun.

    c. Hoi An Ancient Town - The ideal place for a dry spring season

    After long drizzly rains, on the Lunar New Year Holiday, Hoi An is in the dry season, the winter is cold but not dark and not last long. This is the ideal time to plan your visit and enjoy the beauty of Hoi An Ancient Town. Besides, there are some destinations that are next to Hoi An Ancient Town in Danang City for you to choose, such as Ba Na Tourist Resort, My Khe Beach, and Asia's largest indoor Fantasy Park.

    3. What to do in Vietnam Lunar New Year Holiday

    a. Returning home for the traditional Tet Holiday

    Vietnamese people have traditions that in the Lunar New Year, they return to reunion under the family home, to be prayed before the altar, visit the grave or ancestral church, report the elderly and grandparents about what has been done in the past year. People want to visit where they used to live with their families during their childhood. Especially for those who come from rural Vietnam, their memories were associated with the wells, the yard, the bamboo, ... the whole life cannot forget. Thus, "returning home for Tet" became an idiom for a pilgrimage to the place of origin in the traditional New Year.

    b. Honoring ancestors in Vietnam Lunar New Year Holiday

    These days, caring for the altar is a way for the children to pay homage to their ancestors. Each family has a different layout and arrangement of altars, but the general idea is to remember the dead. The offerings of the New Year are usually a pair of Chung cake, a tray of fruit, fresh flower vase, cake box, wine bottle, ... This is the traditional culture that contributes to preserving the spiritual and moral heritage of human life handed down from the ancients.

    c. Exodus and predation in Vietnam Lunar New Year Holiday

    On the first day of the new year, people usually "leave" or to “go out” to find good luck for themselves and their families. Before leaving, people have to see the day, time, and good directions to see the gods. Not only that, if leaving the temples after the ceremony, Vietnamese people have the habit of breaking a “branch" to bring home to get the blessing, called the "fortune".

    d. Applying for spring early letters

    For a long time, the opening of the spring pen has been maintained as a beautiful cultural tradition of the Vietnamese. In the past, there were only teachers and scholars who had just started the ritual. After the Lunar New Year, they will write a pen with the sentence parallel, meaningful words on red paper or paper flowers. Today, although it is not as popular as the old, many families, especially students, still maintain this thing and respect it. Because it not only symbolizes the beginning of a career, but also sends many thoughts, aspirations for a happy new year, happiness, and success.

    e. Giving red envelopes to children and the elderly

    On New Year's Day, adults give children a small amount of money, putting it in a red envelope, called "Li Xi" with congratulations to symbolize luck and fortune. According to the customary in some localities, young people are not happy about the age of older people, because it is not exactly meaningful. However, today, the happy old age has been more open, especially the young but married, have the income that can celebrate the age for the elderly as parents and grandparents to praise luck, health, and peace. In the early morning of the New Year or the day of the "Righteousness", all activities stop, the children gather in the patriarch's house to celebrate the ancestor's wish grandparents, uncles ... and celebrate each other.

    f. Making Chung Cake together with the family

    Chung Cake is a traditional Vietnamese cake to express the gratitude of the descendants of his father and the land of heaven. Chung Cake is an indispensable cake in traditional Vietnamese New Year.

    In the past, Hung King wanted to transfer the throne to the children, but he could not choose the prince who deserved it. So, on the occasion of New Year, he wanted to receive the gifts of the princes. Who had the gift that made the king most satisfied, the owner of the gift would be passed to the throne? Only the 18th Prince, Lang Lieu, whose mother died, did not know what gift donated nothing to his father. One night, Lang Lieu dreamed of a goddess of dreams using rice grains to make Chung Cake and Day Cake as the symbols for the earth and the sky. This special gift of Lang Lieu made his father happy and he was immediately passed the throne.

    4. Tips for traveling in Vietnam Lunar New Year Holiday

    a. About the means of transport for Tet Holiday:

    In addition to hunting for cheap air tickets, tourists can rent a car to travel to tourist attractions. Besides, motorbikes and trains on the occasion of the Lunar New Year will also promise to bring you and your loved ones a lot of fun experiences. You can use this tip for every Vietnam Holidays if you want.

    b. Travel costumes for Tet Holiday:

    If you intend to choose fresh beaches as destinations for the upcoming Tet Holiday you should prepare the light dress suitable for travel such as swimwear, sandals, shorts, ... and easier to move and have fun. In contrast, when coming to spiritual points such as temples, shrines, ... the visitors should choose discreet clothing. If you want to travel together to visit and good luck New Year's relatives, you should choose the clothes that are elegant and luxurious with warm colors such as: red, yellow, orange ... These bright colors will be contributing to the feeling of happiness for the beginning days of the year, especially in Vietnam Holidays.

    III. Vietnam Hung Kings Commemorations Holiday (March 10nd following lunar calendar) - The grateful time for the Hung Kings who originally built and defended the country

    1. The origin of Vietnam Hung Kings Commemorations Holiday

    Vietnam Hung Kings Commemorations Holiday is not only one of the public holidays of the nation but also a chance for the children to express their gratitude to the Hung Kings who had the merit to build and defend the country.

    Legend has it that Kinh Duong Vuong King gave birth to a son whose name was Lac Long Quan. After the succession to the throne of his father, Lac Long Quan took Au Co to give birth to a hundred children who were ancestors of Bach Viet people. One day, King Lac Long Quan told Au Co: "I am like a dragon, you are a fairy, it is difficult to blend in together." So fifty children followed their mother up the sky, fifty children followed their father to the sea. Lac Long Quan passed the throne to the son whose name was Hung Vuong. Over the past 18 generations, the 18th Hung Vuong King ceded the throne for Thuc Phan - An Duong Vuong. 

    To commemorate the merits of the Hung Kings, the King Le Thanh Tong in 1470 and the King Le Kinh Tong in 1601 copy the seal of the alkaline to the Hung Temple, select the 11th and 12th day of the third lunar month to memorize the death of Hung Kings. By the Nguyen Dynasty, Khai Dinh King officially selected the 10th day of the third lunar month to commemorate Hung Kings' death in memory of the Hung Kings and reminding Vietnamese people to commemorate the worship of the ancestors.

    The anniversary of Hung Vuong Kings is to remind the children and grandchildren of the roots, the gratitude of those who go before. Every year, the people of Vietnam, wherever they are, go to the roots of the country. According to the annual tradition, the Hung King's death anniversary was held at Hung Temple, Viet Tri, Phu Tho Province. This is the occasion of children from all over the country returned here to express gratitude to those who go before.

    On December 6, 2012, the meaning of Hung Kings’ ancestry was recognized by the world when UNESCO recognized the "Hung Vuong Worshiping in Phu Tho" as an intangible cultural heritage representing human beings. Now, the significance of the death anniversary of Hung Vuong Kings not only reflects the tradition of memorizing the ancestor but also the pride of Vietnamese people before international friends. Since 2007, the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has officially recognized Hung Kings’ death anniversary as National Day. Since then, this day has more special meaning for the Vietnamese people and is considered one of the three main Vietnam Holidays which are public to Vietnamese.

    2. Where to go & what to do in Vietnam Lunar New Year Holiday

    a. Hung Temple, Phu Tho Province - Returning to the roots

    Coming to this sacred land, you will have the opportunity to participate in festive activities, such as incense-offering ceremony, the contest to make Chung Cake, regional specialties exhibition, professional performance arts, ... and countless other meaningful activities to commemorate the Hung Kings. So if you have the conditions, do not forget to go to the source is Hung Temple in Phu Tho Province. You also have to remember that in the anniversary of Hung Kings, the Hung Temple is always crowded to the point of failure, so you should prepare for psychological well-being, health, and strength before coming here.

    b. The other choices for the short holiday

    You just have only 1 day to relax and rest for the holiday. So, instead of traveling so far from other cities, you can spend time staying in your city. In Hanoi, you can come to many shopping malls or other destinations like parks and the outskirts of Hanoi.

    If you are in Ho Chi Minh City to commemorate the anniversary, you can visit the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History. In addition, there are many interesting places in the inner city such as Suoi Tien Tourist Area (District 9), Dam Sen Cultural Park (District 11), Tao Dan Park (District 1), which are also the perfect choice for one of the most important Vietnam Holidays.

    If you want to take a little holiday to leave the bustling city and want to find a peaceful place outside the city, you can consider traveling to Nha Trang or Ba Ria - Vung Tau. These destinations are suitable for not only this holiday but also every Vietnam Holiday.

    3. Tips for traveling in Vietnam Lunar New Year Holiday

    a. What celebrations to have in the Hung Temple Festival:

    The ceremony should be based on the charm of each person. In addition to the two kinds of cake bearing the symbol of the anniversary - Chung Cake and Day Cake, people can also offer incense or salty pineapple, boiled chicken ... The important thing is the sincerity, not the ceremony.

    b. What to wear when coming to Hung Temple:

    At the sacred place, simplicity and sanctity are always placed on the top, so the courtesy color suit will be the appropriate choice. On the occasion of the temple, you should choose the same color dress as the Buddhist monk. The color people usually wear is brown. Although not all penetrating clothes are objectionable, they are not the right kind of clothing to wear. Short dresses such as short skirts, high cut skirts, deep neck dresses, ... are not accepted when going to the temple. Instead of using mesh socks, you choose simple color socks.

    c. Where to come on Hung Temple:

    Coming to Hung Temple, after the ceremony, the next place you should visit are Hung Vuong Museum, where the ancient artifacts of Van Lang State, the Hung Vuong Era were built and the country was preserved; an exhibition of artwork with the theme "Land Culture - the roots of the Vietnamese nation" in association with art exhibitions of Korean and Phu Tho painters; Uncle Ho's exhibition with the people of different ethnic groups in Vietnam; Photo exhibition on heritage singing Xoan Phu Tho, Hung Vuong worshiping in Phu Tho, …

    d. Ancestors can be found at home:

    It is not necessary to compel the Hung Temple. In the country, there are 1,600 relics worship Hung Temple. If there is no condition to worship Hung Temple, people can do rice tray at the first family or just light an incense stick in the first family is to remember the ancestors.

    IV. Day of liberating the South for national reunification ( April 30th) - The combination of the two important Vietnam public holidays

    1. The origin of Day of liberating the South for national reunification

    43 years ago, in the spring in 1975 and after the victory of the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign, on April 30, 1975, this day entered the national history as a dazzling landmark to bring our country into a new era of national independence and socialism.

    The victory on April 30, 1975, was a great achievement in the cause of national liberation and social liberalization led by the party and president Ho Chi Minh. It was a glorious history of the country and its national heritage. The Vietnamese army and people have defeated the most powerful and aggressive enemy of progressive humanity and end up fiercely fighting the 30 years of independence and freedom for the Fatherland and the yoke of more than a century of old and new colonialism in our country. This was a symbol of victory for the world revolutionary forces, contributing to the struggle of the people of the world for the purpose of national independence, peace, democracy, and social progress.

    Today, in the renewal of our country, we are forever proud and grateful for the great sacrifice of the heroes. Each Vietnamese people has vowed to continue to promote revolutionary heroism, self-reliant spirit, solidarity spirit of the entire people by memorizing this day.

    2. Where to go in Day of liberating the South for national reunification

    a. Co To Island - A beautiful island of peace in Northern Homeland

    Co To Island is a beautiful island of peace in Northern Homeland, with sapphire blue waters, calm stormy night lullaby. This is the ideal place for fun activities, entertainment, and family on beautiful beaches. With the ancient name of Chang Son (Mount Mountain), Co To has long been inhabited by fishermen in the Northeast and is home to many domestic and foreign tourists. The sea is clear and sandy with long and strong waves. The rock platform is ideal for sunbathing in all Vietnam Holidays.

    b. Tam Dao - The ideal place to have a relaxation

    Coming to Tam Dao, you can take a rest in the fresh air, watch the clouds go through the wind, and relax on the steep slope, which are attractive activities for a long vacation. Tam Dao is also the name that is familiar to the Hanoi people due to the short distance and its beautiful view. This is a good place for the capital's residents to find a place to hide away in the hot summer weather in every Vietnam Holiday you like to have.

    c. Phu Quoc Island - Having the most favorite and beautiful beach in Vietnam

    Phu Quoc is known as the pearl of Indochina and the largest island in Vietnam. Recently, on April 4th, 2018, Phu Quoc opened the longest cable car in Vietnam. This will be a very exciting destination for young people. In addition, Phu Quoc is an ideal destination for swimming, visiting coral reefs, Vinpearl Land, Phu Quoc National Park, Phu Quoc Pagoda,... In particular, about Vinpearl Land, there are places you should visit once when joining any Vietnam Holidays, such as Vietnam's most modern aquarium, Safari Zoo, Water Park, ...

    d. Hue City - The dreamy city with the image of Ao Dai and Conical Leaf

    In April, Hue officially goes to summer and the temperature gradually increases but not too harsh. During this time, sea tourism and eco-tourism are the most ideal. You can go to Lang Co Beach to soak up the cool water, Truoi lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery, visit the Bach Ma Truc Lam, or take a trip boat trip on the Perfume River ... Especially, when coming to Hue in April, you can attend the festival taking place from April 27 to May 2 with many features waiting for you to discover and experience.

    3. What to do in Day of liberating the South for national reunification

    a. Returning home with the family

    For people away from home, this is the precious time for them to take advantage of the holiday that they come home with their loved ones. This will be an ideal opportunity for the trip home with parents to visit relatives and grandparents. It is also the journey of your favorite young, by the peaceful space and simple life of the countryside where there is love affection tied to the roots of origin.

    b. Traveling to other beautiful places in Vietnam

    If you do not choose to go home with your family, going out will surely be your first choice for the holiday season. It is easy to see in recent years, traveling increasingly attracts people with their free and self-disciplined journey to explore the world in their own way. Coming to Moc Chau in April, the yellow sunflowers are the season for people to pluck plums, pick a peach, and feel the interesting cultural life of the Northwest. With the young people loving to ride with bicycles, the Hai Van Pass will be perfect when you feel that you can overcome yourself, step up to Hai Van Peak to burst into the victory.

    c. Spend time with yourself in this Vietnam Public Holiday

    In addition to the time spent on work and study, Vietnamese people often spend time with their friends and loved ones and forget that they also need their own time. With a busy schedule, you will have no time to refine and refresh yourself, the holiday is also the ideal time to take care of yourself and reward yourself with new clothes, a new hairstyle, and whatever you like, which are the things you have never done before.

    4. Tips for traveling in Day of liberating the South for national reunification

    a. Select a travel agency:

    You should choose a reputable company. When paying the booking, you also should go directly to the company to pay or transfer money to the company with the account number and specific address. You have to consider choosing companies that organize tours, not booking tours without specifying travel agencies.

    b. Book tour earlier than usual:

    Many tour operators advertise their rates or tour prices lower than others for cheaper tour prices, but they do not include taxes, service fees, or train tickets, cars, airplanes. The information about these is often recorded very small or hard to see. These extra fees are usually 10% VAT, 5% service charge, holiday surcharge, weekend, peak or extra surcharge, extra bed, breakfast for children depending on age. Tourists should inquire as much tour home to get the correct answer.

    c. Note about prices when traveling:

    Every care is needed for your trip so there are no unfortunate incidents when traveling. Keep in mind the above considerations to get a meaningful and fun trip full in this Vietnam Public Holiday. One thing you can not miss when traveling on those holidays is to ask the price before using any service.

    V. International Workers' Day ( May 1st ) - The relaxation for a year of working

    1. The origin of International Workers' Day

    International Labor Day or May 1st is the anniversary and the day of the international workers. In 1886, in the large industrial city of Chicago, the US Labor Congress passed a resolution stating: "... From May 1, 1886, the day of the labor of all workers would be 8 hours ". This was due to be the start date of one accounting year at most US factories. The new contract between worker and employer would be signed.

    On May 1st, 1886, workers in the United States went on strike to put pressure on employers to enforce their claims. The first strike was in Chicago. About 40 thousand people organized the meeting, demonstrating in the city with the banner: "From today, no workers work more than 8 hours a day! Do 8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest, 8 hours of fun!" The struggle was getting more and more crowded.

    On June 20, 1889, three years after the tragedy in Chicago, in the Second Coming International met in Paris, France, under the leadership of Frederic Engels, the First Congress of the Communist International II decided to take May 1st as a day to showcase the forces and struggles of the proletariat of nations. From then on, May 1st became the International Labor Day, the struggle day for the working class, the day of rest and the manifestation of the forces and festivals of workers and laborers throughout the world. In 1920, with the approval of Lenin, the former Soviet Union was the first country to allow workers to take off on Labor Day. This initiative is widely accepted by many other countries in the world.

    May 1st is considered a day of celebration, which is determined to fulfill new duties and express solidarity with workers in other countries. May 1 is also a day of praise for the workforce, fighting for peace, democracy, and social progress. Today, Labor Day 1/5 is a festival of the working class and people of our country, the day of uniting the working class and the peoples oppressed in the world in the struggle for peace, national independence, democracy, and social progress.

    2. What to do & where to go on International Workers' Day

    Because the Day of liberating the South for national reunification and the International Workers' Day is the 2 consecutive days that are combined together to be a big holiday, every activity and destination people choose to do and go are the same. You can refer to the Day of liberating the South for national reunification that is written in the previous part for more details.

    3. Tips for traveling on International Workers' Day

    a. Keep an eye on your child anytime, anywhere:

    In crowded places, parents should not take their eyes off the child for only a minute. Because hyperactive children often run around, it is easy to get lost. It's a good idea to keep your baby's photo in your wallet or phone. Such emergencies may be required and used immediately.

    b. When paying money:

    When ordering in a restaurant, remember to look carefully at the price. If the price is more than the price written on the menu, you should ask for the reason. In addition, you should also inquire about the additional charges that are included, such as taxes and service charges. When paying in cash, you should carefully check the excess money returned. When paying by card, limit your card to the others to swipe and blind view.

    c. In emergent cases:

    You should also write down the phone number or hotline of the local authority where you are traveling, such as the number phone of the police or the hospital near there.

    VI. National Day (September 2nd ) - The day Vietnam declared its dependence

    1. The origin of Vietnam National Day

    After the success of the August Revolution, in the complex situation of the country's challenges, the Party and President Ho Chi Minh concentrated on solving the fundamental problem of the revolution that established the people's government throughout the country.

    In the afternoon of September 2nd, 1945, more than 50,000 Hanoi people gathered in Ba Dinh Square to celebrate the establishment of a new government. On behalf of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence, which gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. 30 years after the "Declaration of Independence", in 1975, the Communist Party and people's army accomplished a glorious historical mission: to liberate the South completely and to successfully end the cause of the people's national revolution.

    Over the past 71 years, Vietnam has been struggling to sacrifice hardships, not only for the wealth of the nation but also for fighting and defending the country. Every year on the National Day of September 2, every Vietnamese, regardless of where they are, all remembers the atmosphere of the heroic. This is an opportunity for any Vietnamese people to be in the same direction as the country and together remember the heroes sacrificed indomitable, the same tribute and gratitude Ho Chi Minh, a national hero. It is an opportunity for generations to look back on the arduous and heroic journey of the nation, cultivate patriotism and dedicate it to the nation.

    2. Where to go in Vietnam National Day

    a. Dai Lai - A beautiful island of peace in Northern Homeland

    If you like to drop yourself between the vast sky and land or want to explore adventure, Dai Lai is a tourist destination near Hanoi suitable for you. About 40kilometers north of Hanoi Capital, Dai Lai is located in the territory of Vinh Phuc Province. If you want to see all the beauty of Dai Lai Lake, this is a beautiful time for you and your family to go here.

    b. Halong Bay - A natural heritage recognized by UNESCO

    Halong Bay, the new natural wonder of the world, has long been a proud symbol of Vietnam. This bay is located on the West Bank of the Gulf of Tonkin in the Northeast Sea region of Vietnam. Coming to Halong Bay, you will admire an architectural masterpiece of nature extremely wonderful, sit on the boat watching thousands of large limestone islands floating in the sea, and explore the mysterious caves. In addition, here you also have the opportunity to enjoy some specialties from the sea such as white sticky rice with squid and squid rolls.

    c. Ba Vi - The most popular tourist destination near Hanoi

    Ba Vi is one of the 9 most visited tourist sites in Hanoi on September 2. 53 kilometers from Hanoi Capital, you can run straight to Thang Long Avenue to present in the land of a spiritual masterpiece. Coming to Ba Vi, you can explore the ancient culture of the people here while being in harmony with the nature with the famous tourist resorts such as green bay tourism, tourism waterfalls, Ba Vi National Park ...

    3. What to do in Vietnam National Day

    a. Watching the firework in every place

    In Vietnam, September 2nd is the ideal time to see the firework to celebrate the independence of the country. The two big cities always having firework are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, there are many other provinces that you can also watch the firework, depending on where you are and the policy of the government.

    b. Coming to many entertainment centers

    You can watch the special musical entertainment on some stages on the streets in many big cities. Commercial centers such as Vincom and Parkson still have shopping and entertainment programs catering to customers during the holiday season.

    c. Renewing and caring yourself

    After a hard day's work and study, this is a chance for you to "recharge yourself". Having a good night's sleep with friends and relatives in the spa, relaxing massage, sauna, or simply changing your hairstyle ... is a great idea for anyone who wants to refresh themselves.

    d. Coming back home with your family

    How long have you not eaten with your family and met full members? This Vietnam Holiday is also an opportunity for the family to gather, go shopping together, cook, and enjoy a small party. You can get rid of worries outside the society, listen to small things, and care about the lives of family members.

    4. Tips for traveling in Vietnam National Day

    a. Select a destination:

    You should minimize the selection of conventional destinations, which is likely to be the choice of many others. You can choose to go to the sea when the weather is no longer attractive to seafarers, or to pristine islands or lesser-known places. Alternatively, you can go to a rural area where you can relax in a stilt home, enjoy local cuisine, and take part in residential activities. It will definitely be a great choice because you will have the opportunity to have really quiet moments.

    b. Transport:

    You should plan for the trip early so that you can choose and arrange transportation as well as the necessary services for the trip. If you book these services early, you can have the opportunity to actively choose the service level as well as the location of the hotel, restaurant ... at the destination and at the same time be able to avoid some of the price pressure of the parties Service Provider. Before departure, contact the service providers for your trip to be sure of the type of service you have booked and ask them to provide detailed information about the type of service they have booked and had specific certification

    c. Bring just enough cash:

    You should only carry a sufficient amount of cash in your travel itinerary, if possible using a credit card or ATM card. Do not bring too much cash along with you and avoid money, important papers, jewelry in luggage without your management.

    Coming to Vietnam not only in Vietnam Public Holidays but also in every Vietnam Holidays and even normal days, you can still admire the beauty of the wonderful landscapes, the wild nature, the diverse culture, and the friendliness of Vietnamese. We hope that after understanding about the Vietnam Public Holidays, you can love Vietnam more and come back whenever you have a chance. If you have some feelings or thoughts about these public holidays or any Vietnam Holidays that you know, please leave us the comment below!

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