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The best places to enjoy Vietnam nightlife for night owls

The best places to enjoy Vietnam nightlife for night owls

The best places to enjoy Vietnam nightlife for night owls

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     I. Amazing nightlife activities in Vietnam 

    Vietnam is always Asian’s tourist attraction that appeals to many tourists from other continents. Besides cultural, historical values, and stunning landscapes in the daytime, Vietnam at night is something impressive for you to explore. Vietnam’s nightlife scenes are significantly changing. Some large cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Danang, etc are full of lively bars, nightclubs and pubs. Moreover, the nightlife in other cities like Hoian, Hai Phong, Halong, and so on are the same. 

    Vietnam nightlife

    Nightlife in this S-shaped Vietnam doesn’t stop at bars, nightclubs and sky lounges. You can always catch interesting nightlife activities regarding theater, night market shopping, local festivals and more. Besides that, many incredible cultural shows are held at night for tourists to discover Vietnamese cultural values namely the Water Puppet Show and some traditional dance shows. Read this article to find out more about the best places in which you can have a taste of the best Vietnam nightlife. 

    II. The most famous places to enjoy lively nightlife in this country 190 

    1. A perfect night out in Ho Chi Minh city 

    Perfect nightlife in ho chi minh city
    Image 1: Luxury fine dining cruise on Saigon River

    As being the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is a great city for you to enjoy Vietnam nightlife activities. Firstly, you can stroll around Nguyen Hue walking street to see the bustling city and try some delicious street foods. Expats, tourists and locals crowd many cafes, bars and pubs here, creating a bustling atmosphere for Vietnam nightlife. Having a romantic and peaceful dinner with your partner on a cruise on the Saigon River is another must-try experience for night owls. 

    Ben thanh market at night
    Image 2: Hustling and bustling Ben Thanh Market at night 

    Moreover, one of the must-try Vietnam nightlife activities is going to the night market. Thus, visiting Ben Thanh Market at night is a great way to explore the culture and local life in this city. Besides shopping at this night market, you can also savour street foods and drinks which are cheap and superbly delicious. Additionally, for those who are culture-explorers, visiting Saigon Opera House - an elegant French colonial architecture - is a great way to discover fine arts such as operas, Vietnamese traditional dances and ballet performances. 

    rooftop bar city view
    Image 3: An incredible city view from the rooftop bar of Chill Skybar 

    Finally, lively rooftop bars, pubs and nightclubs are great hangouts for a glitzy and trendy night out. You can see a magnificent city view from some rooftop bars, or enjoy live music in exquisite nightclubs with an impressive dress. To enjoy a true Vietnam nightlife in Saigon city, here are some common rooftop bars and nightclubs you might know: 

    • Chill Skybar at No. 76A Le Lai Rooftop in AB Tower
    • Skyloft by Glow at No. 93 Nguyen Du
    • EON 51 Heli Bar on the 52nd floor of Bitexco Tower 
    • Lush Nightclub at No. 2 Ly Tu Trong 
    • Piu Piu at No. 97 Hai Ba Trung 
    • Sax n Art Jazz Club at No. 28 Le Loi 

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    2. Hanoi - the big city for thriving nightlife experiences 

    Locals and tourists enjoy beer in a Hanoi corner
    Locals and tourists enjoy beer in a Hanoi corner

    As being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is one of the best destinations to enjoy hectic Vietnam nightlife. Regarding those who are party-ers, Hanoi nightlife offers bars, pubs, nightclubs, lounges and restaurants in 3 areas including the Old Street, West Lake and city center. The Old Quarter is home to over 200 small stalls serving beer and most frequently by locals, expats and backpackers. That showcases the quintessential Vietnam nightlife in general and Hanoi nightlife in particular. 

    The beautiful scape of Hotel Hanoi Dining Restaurant & Bar 
    The beautiful scape of Hotel Hanoi Dining Restaurant & Bar 

    The West Lake area in Hanoi has many upscale and high-class nightclubs and bars frequented by expats and tourists. Some favorite clubs here are Standing Bar, 88 Lounge, Savage, Hanoi Rock City and Legend Beer. The bars and nightclubs in the city are not as expensive as that of West Lake. Some places for you to have a fancy night out on a budget are Factory 47, Hanoi Press Club, Cosa Nostra and Tadioto. 

    Hanoi Water Puppet Show - a unique cultural feature of Vietnam 
    Hanoi Water Puppet Show - a unique cultural feature of Vietnam 

    If lively music and flashy lighting aren't your things, exploring cultural features in Hanoi at night awaits for your trip. You can visit Hanoi Water Puppet Theater for watching impressive performances regarding Vietnamese folktales and legends combined with traditional music. Moreover, going to the Hanoi Opera House is to enjoy traditional folk music, Vietnamese opera, ballets, etc as well as contemplate Hanoi’s architecture under French colonialism.

    Last but not least, visiting Hanoi night market is another must-try Vietnam nightlife activity. You can buy some beautiful souvenirs, or discover more about Vietnamese cultures through the local market. With its glitzy atmosphere in nightclubs, Hanoi is one of the best cities to enjoy Vietnam nightlife. 

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    3. The best bars, nightclubs and pubs in Danang city 

    Amongst other cities, Danang city has the best nightclubs and bars to enjoy Vietnam nightlife. Coming to this coastal city, you can choose to have a fancy night out in some nightclubs and bars, or visit the night market here. Most nightclubs here have ideal locations for guests to chill out. Some favorite chill joints here are Golden Pine Club, Waterfront Danang Restaurant & Bar, Hair of the Dog Bar and Brilliant Top Bar, etc.

     Dining - Sevva Sky Lounge Danang Hotel 
    Dining - Sevva Sky Lounge Danang Hotel 

    Besides relaxing and chilling out in some bars, going to the market at night is another must-have Danang nightlife experience. Visiting An Thuong night market serves various cuisines from many continents.

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    4. A different world of nightlife in Halong bay 

    One of the best cities to enjoy Vietnam nightlife is Halong bay which offers distinctive nightlife activities. Trying your luck at Royal International Gaming Club, one of Vietnam’s only five casinos is a must-try activity here. The casinos introduce some well-known games for tourists such as blackjack, sic bo, poker, etc. 

    Try your luck at one of only five casinos in Vietnam 
    Try your luck at one of only five casinos in Vietnam 

    An exciting experience for a memorable Vietnam nightlife is embarking on an overnight cruise to contemplate the stunning landscapes of Halong bay. Some common options for cruising experiences are day-tour, 1 night 2 days, 2 nights 3 days, and more. You can join some interesting activities onboard, swim and kayak to explore the gulf as well as discover the daily life of locals at some floating villages. Besides tourists can go to the night market for buying souvenirs, or savouring delicious street foods such as fresh seafood and Halong specialties. 

    Embarking on Emperor Cruises to enjoy Halong nightlife 
    Embarking on Emperor Cruises to enjoy Halong nightlife 

    Tourists also can visit Sun Wheel at Sun World Halong, a famous destination for contemplating incredible cities and bays at night. Having a whale time at some seaside bars near Bai Chay beach is another must-try nightlife activity here. Furthermore, going to the bars and nightclubs in Halong bay is one of the best ways to enjoy the nightlife here. Here are some favorite bars that you might know: 

    • Ba Hang Bar at Tuan Chau, Halong 
    • Captain Club at Muong Thanh Hotel
    • Halong View Club at Yet Kieu District 
    • La Plaza Bar and Lounge at Bai Chay Ward

    5. What is happening at night in the ancient city of Hoian 

    Hoian ancient town is another destination for tourists to explore Vietnam nightlife. The ancient street carries a magnificent sight during the daytime; however, the sun goes down it acquires a distinctive vibe. Many trendy bistros, live music bars, cafes and lounges impress you with a lively and classy atmosphere. Besides, crowded streets and Thu Bon river create a colorful picture featuring lanterns, traditional folk dances and sparkling boats floating on the river, especially at night. 

    Many colorful boats floating on Thu Bon River 
    Many colorful boats floating on Thu Bon River 

    Strolling around the ancient streets in twinkling Hoian roads is one of the must-have nightlife activities during your trip. You can also hire a bamboo boat with lots of candles around floating on Thu Bon River, creating an unforgettable moment. Or maybe you should strop at Japanese Covered Bridge with a yellow LED light system around for taking photos. Coming to Hoian, there’s a miss if you do not take a food tour, especially at night. You’ll have a chance to taste local specialties as well as favourite beverages around the old town. 

    Glitzy atmosphere in one of the best bars in Hoian 
    Glitzy atmosphere in one of the best bars in Hoian 

    Last but not least, like other cities, Hoian is a place which has many glitzy and classy nightclubs and bars. It’s sure that Hoian serves the cheapest beer and provides magnificent happy hour deals for tourists. Some popular nightclubs in Hoian are Dive Bar, Q Bar, Zero Sea Mile Beach Club, Before and Now Bar, etc. 

    6. Nha Trang - a beach city with lively parties 

    Nha Trang is another spot for tourists to discover Vietnam nightlife. Nightlife here is a blend of old and conventional things featuring normal bars against classy rooftop nightclubs and high-end lounges. Chilling bars and dancing the night away on the beach or in a lively club await you in this coastal city. Moreover, boasting many alcoholic offers, foreign and local gastronomies as well as different music genres in classy nightclubs satisfy most tastes. A few famous nightclubs and bars that you should try are Why Not Bar, Amigos Whiskey Bar, Makei Lounge, Booze Cruise Sports Bar & Grill, etc. 

    Classy pool bar in Nha Trang 
    Classy pool bar in Nha Trang 

    Regarding those who are culture-lovers, you’ll have a chance to immerse yourself into cultural scapes with impressive puppet shows, light shows and traditional music. When the night comes, it’s perfect time for tourists to embark on a journey to discover glitzy night outs. Nha Trang at night has much more for you to explore which is a little strange and boundless, even for locals. Furthermore, taking on a boat to contemplate the city from a far distance is another nightlife experience. 

    7. Hai Phong - A little coastal town for beach parties and much more

    As being the 3rd biggest city in Vietnam, Hai Phong nightlife is a little coastal town that never sleeps. Coming here you can find amazing places like discos, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, cafes and bars for a classy night out. Hai Phong might not be as large as other party-places in Vietnam; however you can enjoy the finest nightlife activities. Some well-known bars and nightclubs in Hai Phong are The Fox, Heaven Lounge, Texas BBQ & Bar, MDM Music Club, etc. 

    Lan ha bay cruise
    Watching the sunset on Lan Ha Bay cruise 

    Moreover, Hai Phong is famous for its pristine beaches and islands so taking a cruise overnight is a must-try Vietnam nightlife experience. Lan Ha Bay in Hai Phong city is more peaceful and pristine compared to Halong bay. Thus, embarking on a cruise in Lan Ha Bay will be an amazing experience to enjoy the nightlife here. Thinking of Vietnam nightlife, Hai Phong is one of the best spots to enjoy the best nightlife experience in Vietnam. 

    III. While enjoying the nightclubs and bars in Vietnam, you need to know 

    Each nation has its regulations and laws, thus, you should know about these rules while traveling to Vietnam. The regulations and rules might be related to drinking ages, laws for using drugs and others, even prostitution.  

    1. Ages for drinking 

    The legal age for drinking is 18 years old. Besides, you’re not allowed to bring objects into Vietnam that the authority considers being debauched. 

    2. Laws for using drugs in Vietnam 

    Like most nations, taking drugs into Vietnam violates the laws. The penalty for using or taking drugs could be extreme. You’ll be executed under Vietnamese laws if you carry what is supposed to be a small number of drugs. 

    If you’re seeking a place to enjoy Vietnam nightlife activities, which ones do you choose for your trip? Most cities in Vietnam have some nightclubs, bars, lounges and pubs for those who are party-ers to chill out. Regarding culture-lovers, watching traditional shows such as water puppet shows, or Vietnamese folk dances are definitely worth it. Share with us now if you find something new while discovering the nightlife activities.

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