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The 21 Best Beaches in Vietnam - 2023 Travel Guide

The 21 Best Beaches in Vietnam - 2023 Travel Guide

The 21 Best Beaches in Vietnam - 2021 Travel Guide

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    1. My Khe Beach, Da Nang - One of the best beaches in Vietnam

    Among the poetic landscapes of Da Nang, besides Bac My An Beach, Son Tra and Ba Na Hills, My Khe Beach is an attractive destination and considered to be one of the best beaches in Vietnam. With its clear blue sky, fine white sand, mild slopes, and green coconut trees, My Khe Beach offers visitors a peaceful and relaxing environment. Having no big waves, clear and warm water all year round, My Khe Beach is a safe and gentle beach for both adults and children at any time of the year. Moreover, like other beaches of Da Nang, My Khe Beach develops quite a variety of services for tourists such as fishing, windsurfing, diving. Beaches have a rescue system including a beach watchtower, life-saving buoys, and a rescue team on duty every day.

    My Khe Beach, Da Nang - One of the best places to visit in Da Nang

    My Khe Beach is an ideal place for sightseeing, swimming and taking pictures. This is a great place for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature at sunrise and sunset, to get inspired to start a new day or relax after a hard day of working.

    Numerous luxury resorts and five-star hotels gathering in My Khe Beach provide guests the most comfortable conditions to relax and enjoy, ranging from budget to luxurious ones.

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    2. Bai Sao Beach, Phu Quoc, Vietnam - A pristine beauty of the island

    Bai Sao Beach has pristine beauty, with white sand beach stretching, the seawater is always in stunning jade color, and nice natural scenery. All of them have helped Bai Sao Beach quickly become a favorite tourist attraction in Phu Quoc. 

    Bai Sao Beach, Phu Quoc Vietnam - A paradise for visitor

    In the morning, you can take a leisure walk on the beach, watch the sunrise or see some little sunshine left at the end of the day when the sun is shrinking down to the beach.  The sea winds here are also gentle for people to lie on the hammocks have a nap. 

    Perhaps, Bai Sao Beach is a perfect tourist destination where couples or families loving private space and quietness to rest and relax.

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    3. Dam Trau Beach, Con Dao Island - A great place for sea-lovers

    Dam Trau Beach is the most beautiful beach on Con Dao Island in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. Dam Trau beach is located near the Co Ong airport, at the edge of Con Dao National Park and about 14 kilometers from Con Dao.

    Dam Trau Beach, Con Dao Island

    On sunny days, visitors can visit Dam Trau beach to enjoy the moments of relaxation with blue beaches, golden sand and explore the nature of the island. Experience on this unspoiled island would give visitors a fun, new experience like Robinson's adventure.

    In the midst of the immense space of the sky and the sea, the island sits on the water like a magical green oasis. 

    4. Nhat Le Beach, Quang Binh - A secret pearl of Quang Binh

    If you have a chance to visit Dong Hoi - Quang Binh, do not miss Nhat Le beach located near the mouth of Nhat Le river, about 3 kilometers northeast of the city center. It is an ideal place to relax for the tourists.

    The swimming area is very safe, the cool wind blows with the sound of the waves pounding to create a symphony of the natural world with many melodies. Walking on the smooth white and clean sand, you can truly feel the peace in the soul and get away from your busy daily life.

    The best time to come to Nhat Le beach is from May to August when you have an opportunity to enjoy much fresh and delicious seafood of the region Quang Binh like oysters, clams, lobster, squid,… which are professionally cooked by the restaurants along the coastal road.

    5. Cay Men Beach, Nam Du - A place to find peace

    Cay Men Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Nam Du archipelago, attracting tourists by the shape of a small bay with white sand, coconut tree lines and sea breeze, which is a perfect place for anyone who is looking for peace and gets away from the hustle and bustle life.

    Another thing that makes this beach special with tourists is its pristine beauty and peace. The sea here is gentle, with small waves even in the rainy season.

    Visitors coming here really enjoy a specialty - fresh coconut. At the beach, there is a refreshment bar that belongs to the owner of this beach. Moreover, coconut here has a very special taste, cooler and sweeter than those from any other place. After a long time of swimming, you can enjoy a fresh coconut, which will be a very great and unforgettable experience.

    6. Ky Co Beach, Quy Nhon, Vietnam - The beach with a true wildness

    Located about 25 kilometers from Quy Nhon, Ky Co Beach is located in Nhon Ly Island Commune. This is a place that has not been put into tourism, so it still remains the wild.

    The color of the white sand in the clear water and divided into two distinct colors. Watercolor, sand color and sky color make Ky Co a beautiful natural painting

    Ky Co island - The best beach to visit in Quy Nhon

    The white, long and smooth sandy beach with the gentle waves is the ideal destination for those who want to be immersed in the clean and fresh water.

    Besides, Ky Co beach will reveal a series of beautiful caves when the tide is down. If you have a chance, experience the excitement of exploring these mysterious, cool caves here.

    7. Bai Dai Beach, Phu Quoc - One of the most beautiful beaches in the world

    Bai Dai Beach located on the northwest of Phu Quoc Island is a clean, beautiful and very wild beach. With a long coastline of nearly 20 kilometers, Bai Dai Beach is considered a paradise with sunshine, cool water, and unspoiled tranquility, the perfect place to sunbathe, watch the sunset and swim. In 2008, Bai Dai Beach was voted as the top 13 most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world.

    Because of the primitive nature of Bai Dai Beach, you will find a really quiet space right here. Freely immersing in the cool fresh water and harmonizing with Phu Quoc forests will be one of your memorable experiences when coming to Phu Quoc.

    8. Ho Coc Beach, Vung Tau, Vietnam - The beach with majestic sounds

    Ho Coc Beach still preserves its pristine nature with its blue sea, white sand, forests, and wide beaches. People come to Ho Coc Beach not just to go swimming, but also to listen: Listening to the waves of the ocean, listening to the rustling sound of the poplar trees whenever the wind blows, listening to the sound the birds sometimes singing somewhere. The harmony of natural music here would calm our soul more than ever.

    However, the other special thing that makes everyone interested in Ho Coc Beach is the rocks in the sea. Boulders of various shapes, scattered throughout the beach, from the sand dunes to the lagoon, gives the visitors a fresh and cheerful feeling. What could be more wonderful than sitting on the cliffs, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and hearing the sound of nature here?

    Also, guests can participate in a variety of activities, from swimming, walking along the sand, exploring the rocky or forests, to water sports such as windsurfing,...

    9. Doc Let Beach, Nha Trang - An attractive beach in Nha Trang

    Doc Let Beach is located in Ninh Hai Commune, Ninh Hoa District - a beautiful beach with fine white sand that covers more than 2.5 kilometers along the coast. The sea here is pristine, always gentle, even on windy days. The natural scenery of Doc Let Beach is really attractive to visitors. In addition, it is very close to Van Phong Bay. In Doc Let Beach, visitors can also visit fishing villages, salt fields, Hon Khoi area, Heo Island. There are some resorts offering a wide range of recreational facilities such as swimming pools, hotels, restaurants ...

    Doc Let Beach - Nha Trang, Vietnam Travel 2020

    When talking about beautiful beaches in Nha Trang, it is impossible not to mention the beauty of Doc Let Beach. It is great to be in the quiet space of the countryside with smooth white sand, clear water and straight lines of coconut.

    10. Dai Lanh Beach, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam - A fine beach with blue clear water

    Dai Lanh Beach is purely created with fine white sand, clear blue water. The beach here has a source of freshwater flowing into the sea, all year round. From Dai Lanh, tourists can go by boat to Khai Luong Fishing Village, or Vung Ro Port of the north, a famous place that was once a harbor. Dai Lanh Beach is beautiful but there are very few tourists who come here to visit and bath because it is still so primitive, but that is a good thing for those who love and want to find pristine beauty and peace.

    You can come here to enjoy the beauty of the beach, play, and bath to throw away the tiredness of the long trip. You can stay here for a few days to relax because it also has some restaurants and hotels to serve the visitors.

    11. Cua Bai Dai Beach, Quang Nam - “A charming girl” of the ancient town

    Leaving Hoi An Ancient Town, going to the sea, visitors will come to youthful, lively Cua Dai Beach. Many people who came to Cua Dai were amazed by its beauty. Each person will have different feelings about Cua Dai Beach but most of them agree that this is a really romantic and peaceful beach.

    The first impression of Cua Dai Beach is the smooth white sand beach. Along the beach are luxurious resorts with different styles. Tourists can freely sunbathe or go swimming in any location on the beach.

    The afternoon is the best time for you to immerse yourself in the cool blue sea, the harmonic waves gentle crawling to the shore, creating a very pleasant feeling. Sandy beaches spread out in bright sunlight and the cool breeze makes people feel so refreshed.

    12. An Bang Beach, Quang Nam - A beach with magnificent beauty

    The beach is about 4 kilometers long with a beautiful natural landscape and diverse species, located about 3 kilometers east of Hoi An ancient town. Particularly, in An Bang Beach, the sand is soft and smooth, the waves here are very gentle. This beach always welcomes a lot of domestic and international guests.

    An Bang Beach is about 3 kilometers from Hoi An city and 22 kilometers from Da Nang city. The road along the coast of An Bang Beach used to be a fishing village, but now there are more and more tourism activities here.

    One of the special things of An Bang Beach is that although it is highly appreciated, the beach here is not as crowded as other beaches and still looks so wild and idyllic.

    13. Ca Na Beach, Ninh Thuan - A perfect place to relax

    Ca Na Beach is a beautiful famous beach in Ninh Thuan. Located on the National Highway 1A, 30 kilometers south of Phan Rang town.

    From Ca Na Beach Beach, you can see a small island rising in the middle of the sea - Lao island, where many seabirds live, and Tien well, Thach Dong Grotto which is a very famous destinations. In front of the beach is the vast sea, and behind is the high mountains Truong Son, with limestone mountains standing up, adjacent to each other. Deeply hidden in the rainforest, there are many kinds of wildlife here.

    Ca Na Beach is an ideal beach, with blue sea, white sand, rocky mountains, the water level is not too deep. The most interesting is the large rocks with many shapes stacking together, stretching out to the sea. Anyone looking forward to enjoying the quietness and peace should come here. Also, tourists can participate in many types of entertainment such as mountain climbing, bathing, fishing...

    14. Non Nuoc Beach, Da Nang -  A lively and youthful beach

    Non Nuoc Beach is one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet, located near the Ngu Hanh Son Mountains, 8 kilometers from the center of Da Nang City...

    With the shape is almost like a round bowl at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son, Non Nuoc Beach is famous for its beauty and cleanliness. The fine sandy beach stretches up to 5 kilometers, with a gentle slope, clear water, sunny and warm climate in winter and very cool in the summer.

    Also, Non Nuoc beach is located near the foot of Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, next to Non Nuoc stone carving village, where there are many famous stone sculptures. There is always a rescue team available, many types of sports on the sea, especially surfing, suitable for all visitors. 

    15. Queen Beach, Quy Nhon - A unique and beloved beach

    Queen Beach has long been one of the famous places of Quy Nhon. Coming to Binh Dinh you can admire, discover a lot of beautiful places, sights including Queen Beach.

    Here you can bathe, fish, climb mountains, discover the beauty of Ghenh Rang or relax, enjoy the charm of ​​the immense sea, enjoy the fresh sea specialties such as snails, crab, squid, shrimp, fish,... with many other unique dishes.

    The beach is about 2 kilometers from the center of Quy Nhon, located in Ghenh Rang. Here visitors will feel great when walking on their bare feet on smooth round stones the size of birds eggs, lying on the beach. Visitors are also immersed in the quiet space, harmony of mountain wind and sea waves.

    16. Hong Van Beach, Quang Ninh - A great place for families

    Located far away from the crowded residential area, with a sandy beach stretching and calm sea, Hong Van Beach in Hong Hai village, Dong Tien commune, Co To district is becoming an ideal destination for tourists when coming to Co To Island. On the sandy beach is the bungalows designed creatively and very close to nature, where you just need to open the door to be able to meet the cool blue sea.

    To experience more the natural beauty of the island, you can also kayak or try scuba diving to watch the beautiful fish, brilliant colors and wind waves.

    The beach here is made with white sand stretching; especially the clear seawater, with jade color, which is so clear that you can see the deep bottom. Next to the beach is the primeval forest with many rare plants, this will be an attractive place that hardly any visitors can ignore. The special point of Hong Van Beach that attracts tourists to Co To tourism is the virgin nature of this place.

    And the evening is the most romantic time on this beach, you can enjoy seafood with the famous dishes from fresh seafood, with fresh squid, shrimp or nails and especially the delicious oysters from the famous Co To Island.

    17. Tra Co Beach, Quang Ninh - The most romantic beach in Vietnam

    Tra Co Beach is also known as "the most romantic beach in Vietnam" with intact and simple beauty, having white sand stretches flat in the blue sea for four seasons. Coming here, you will find moments of peace, under the sunshine and wind.

    With a long coastline, Tra Co Beach is one of the longest beaches in Vietnam. Located 9 kilometers from the center and not seriously impacted by the human, Tra Co Beach still retains the natural stretching up to 17 kilometers. It can accommodate thousands of visitors to come and visit, go swimming.

    Especially, according to some travel experiences, if you come here from March to the end of June lunar year, you also have the opportunity to participate in a night fishing trip to experience a fisherman’s life.

    When traveling to Tra Co Beach you can also visit Van Lien Pagoda in Tra Co Ward, Da Den Beach. You can also visit Mong Cai, Mong Cai night market selling a wide variety of souvenir items, garments, and household items.

    18. Cat Co Beach, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam - An outstanding charm

    Cat Co Beach is a favorite destination that any traveler coming to Cat Ba cannot ignore. The beach is only a few hundred meters from the center. Cat Ba Beach attracts tourists by the cool blue water, with golden sunshine, the white sand shimmering.

    From the center of Cat Ba town, you can walk or rent a motorbike to the beaches. Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3 Beaches are not too large but separated, and they all have clear water. These 3 sites are not only famous for their wide beaches, rich natural scenery but also their own distinctive colors. The beaches are connected by a small path along the mountain.

    Cat Ba Island, Vietnam - 2020 Travel Guide

    Cat Co 1 Beach is the most beautiful one surrounded by mountains, gentle waves all year round, fresh air and clear water, where many visitors come to rest and bath. Cat Co 2 Beach is a peaceful and a bit mysterious beach. Contrary to the pristine nature of these two places, Cat Co 3 Beach impresses visitors with colorful and modern style. On the shore, apart from the entertainment area, the resort is built in the style of small villas that are suitable for all families. At Cat Co 1, 2 Beach, the sea is quite deep, which is suitable for good swimmers. Sea bathing, relaxing on the beach or drinking seawater specialties, visitors will feel the beauty of the sea, especially at the sunset. 

    Enjoying the sea specialties, watching the sunrise, sunset ... are the activities that visitors can not miss to experience when traveling to Cat Ba.

    19. Ngoc Vung Beach, Quang Ninh - A beach with golden sandy beach

    Located in the southern part of Ngoc Vung, Ngoc Vung Beach is a 3-kilometer long golden beach under the sun. Blue sea, a long sandy beach that is still quiet and deserted so that this is probably the most attractive tourist destination in Ngoc Vung island.

    Ngoc Vung is an ideal beach for those who like a primitive beach and it is not as polluted as the nearby beaches. With the natural romantic beauty as well as the tranquility, Ngoc Vung Beach is more and more attractive to visitors to come and go swimming, participate in recreational activities on the sea and especially exploring the life of the fishing village. 

    Going to Ngoc Vung Beach in any season of the year you will be able to enjoy delicious and cheap seafood. The restaurants are quite sparse here, but it’s not difficult to find.

    20. Thien Cam Beach, Ha Tinh, Vietnam - A Heaven on earth

    Thien Cam is Ha Tinh's most beautiful beach which is located 20 kilometers from the city center. This beach is located between Thien Cam Mountain and Dau Voi Mountain with the shape looking like a bow stretching nearly 3 kilometers. Thien Cam sea is very gentle, having no big waves but always small and calm ones. 

    Only in Thien Cam can tourists hear the wonderful sound of the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, the sound of the leaves clattering, which create melodious songs that bring visitors to a wonderful experience. Far away are remote small islands with a beautiful and mysterious charm. After the comfortable moments in Thien Cam, visitors can go around the islands by boat or immerse themselves in the clear blue water.

    21. Lang Co Beach, Hue, Vietnam - A Paradise inside Hue City

    Lang Co Beach is about 60 kilometers from the center of Hue city and about 40 kilometers from Noi Bai Airport. With the length of approximately 8 kilometers, Lang Co Beach stretches along the National Highway 1A and lies under the foot of Hai Van Pass. Nearby the Lang Co Beach, there is a small fishing village called Lang Co Town of which local people have contributed significantly to preserve the natural beauty of Lang Co Beach. Therefore, Lang Co Beach is a harmonious combination between human and nature. 

    Lang Co Beach, Hue Vietnam - Best beaches to know about

    The above are the 21 best beaches in Vietnam, which will be perfect places for tourists who love the beauty of the sea and white fine sand. All will give you unforgettable experiences. Hope you will have a memorable trip to the best and most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

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