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Best 54 things to do in Vietnam - 2021 Travel Guide

Best 54 things to do in Vietnam - 2021 Travel Guide

Best 54 things to do in Vietnam - 2021 Travel Guide

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    1. Contemplating terraced fields in northwest Vietnam

    The wonderful terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai District), Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang District) and Sapa (Lao Cai) are recognized as National Landscapes and acclaimed by the international media. The unique and breathtaking beauty crystallized from the culture and labor of the Vietnamese people. Three scenic terraced fields are bringing prosperity to the people and is a unique tourism product of the Northwest. At any time of the year, terraced fields bring perfect beauty to tourists, especially when the rice is yellow.

    2. Conquering Fansipan Peak in Sapa, Vietnam

    Fansipan Peak has long become an extremely famous and favorite destination of tourists when coming to Sapa. Especially, conquering Fansipan is always the dream of many young people who enjoy challenges and magnificent natural views of Sapa. It takes about 3 days and 2 nights to conquer the roof of Indochina, and nowadays there are a lot of travel companies providing a full tour to the peak with all necessary facilities and insurance in order to give tourists the safest trip. Moreover, you can choose another faster way to Fansipan peak by getting a cable car, which takes only about 15 minutes to get to the peak. 

    3. Taking a motorbike trip on the winding roads of Ha Giang, Vietnam

    Ha Giang is one of the destinations not to be missed for those who like exploration. This land of the North West is always a mystery and fascinating. Especially, when coming to Ha Giang, you will be amazed by the long and winding roads which take you to breathtaking sceneries of the mountain areas. The most exciting and perfect way to truly feel the majestic scenes here is to ride a bike so that you can enjoy the chilly weather of the mountainous area, as well as the green terraced fields, and magnificent mountain ranges. It will be a thrilling and unforgettable experience when visiting Vietnam. However, you should consider if you’re good enough at riding motorbike because they are quite dangerous and winding roads, as well as the weather before starting the journey

    4. Visiting tea hills in Moc Chau, Vietnam

    Moc Chau is famous for the stretching green tea hills. What makes these hills special is that all the shapes of the tea hills are made by the hands of the people. The tea farmworkers here have created such impressive works of art such as S-shaped, or heart-shaped hills on the way to the town. 

    5. Enjoying natural sceneries in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, Vietnam

    Mai Chau is the most popular tourist destination in Hoa Binh Province with beautiful, peaceful natural scenery, and, attractive location. Coming to Mai Chau from October to December or March, you will admire the beauty of plum blossom flowers, peach blossom, and flowers. In addition, you can participate in the lives of ethnic people and enjoy mountain specialties in the village tour as Lac or Poom Village. If you travel to Mai Chau, you try to spend about 2 days and a night to be able to discover all the beauty of this beautiful Hoa Binh.

    6. Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Hoan Kiem Lake (also known as Hoan Kiem Lake) is at the heart of Hanoi. This is not only a place for people to take a walk but also associated with the capital of many people in the history of culture as well as into the poetry. Visiting the lake, you will find a peaceful moment and get away from the crowded and busy city. You can truly feel the simple life of the locals when visiting Hoan Kiem Lake. You can also take a cyclo around the lake, which is an interesting experience.

    7. Visiting Hanoi Opera House, Vietnam

    The theater at 01 Trang Tien Street with many historical landmarks at the heart of Hanoi Capital is the venue of the major art programs of many famous musicians and artists in Vietnam.

    You can admire the magnificent architecture of the Hanoi Opera House or buy tickets to one of the most frequently performed shows to see the magnificent interior of the theater.

    8. Drinking beer at Ta Hien Street, Vietnam

    Here, people can drink cool beer at super-cheap prices. Visiting Ta Hien at night, you will surely be surprised by an "open space" with guests coming from all over the world.

    Ta Hien Street is only about 100 meters but has a lot of crowded and most famous restaurants,  in the center of the old town. Although we can mention Ta Hien Street with many impressive foods, such as fried rice, hot pot, grilled chicken, ... but nothing can overcome the reputation of "grass beer".

    9. Trying Pho in Vietnam

    Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnamese cuisine. Pho appears everywhere, from country roads to city alleys, from sidewalk cafes, luxury restaurants to even street vendors. People eat this dish as a breakfast or they can eat lunch, dinner, but it's hard to get bored with this special flavored rice noodle.

    10. Taking a cyclo around the street in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Watching and enjoying the old town by pedicab is an interesting thing that anyone would like to experience while traveling in the countryside, especially the Old Quarter. This way of travel makes visitors feel both new and closer to the breath of life and culture of Hanoi.

    While traveling by cyclo, visitors can film, take photos, relax contemplate, observe, admire the relics, ancient features of Hanoi and mix into the busy life of the old town...

    Taking a cyclo around Hoan Kiem lake costs from VND 50,000 to VND 150,000 depending on the bargaining ability of guests. Normally one day, each driver will have about 5-6 guests, on holidays, holidays probably more. Therefore, cyclo is not only fun but also a way to earn money of many local people here.

    11. Having a “Banh My” - A special dish of Vietnam

    Bread is a popular dish in Vietnam. This is one of the dishes that travelers have to try when coming to Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Hoi An Ancient Town. The crispy bread crumbles outside, soft and succulent inside, eaten with pork, raw vegetables, grits, sausages, pate, and many other ingredients decrease depending on each region.

    12. Joining in a Vietnam puppet water show

    Water Puppet is a unique traditional folk stage art that originated from rice culture. From folk art, water puppetry has become a traditional art, a special creation of the Vietnamese.

    Nowadays, most foreign visitors coming to Vietnam want to see water puppetry. The water puppet show in Hanoi is always full of audiences. Over thousands of years, folk performances have become a fascinating art. It can be said that the art of water puppetry is a great success of Vietnamese culture.

    13. Joining in a Vietnam cooking class in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Cooking classes for foreign visitors do not only bring economic efficiency but they also contribute to the culinary culture of Vietnam to international friends. Visitors coming to Hanoi and joining the cooking classes will be "handed on" the culture of the cuisine of Hanoi in particular and the Vietnamese in general.

    14. Visiting Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the place where the body of President Ho Chi Minh is preserved, so that Vietnamese people and foreigners, can visit the beloved father.

    Not only is the resting place of the great leader of Vietnam, but the whole landscape in the Uncle Ho’s mausoleum is also the convergence of quintessence on architecture and cultural space of Hanoi capital thousand years. civilization. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a solemn place. In addition to memorizing the President, you will be explained by the guides and provided great information here. In addition, you will find interesting exhibits, learn more about the life of President Ho Chi Minh.

    15. Coming to Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi, Vietnam

    The relics and buildings in Thang Long Imperial Citadel is a testament to the struggle for national independence lasting more than 10 centuries. In the air of history, iconic buildings, fortifications, and military structures depict Vietnam's years of government and resistance. Guests can relax in the quiet gardens and explore the nearby Military History Museum of Vietnam.

    16. Visiting beautiful caves in Halong Bay, Vietnam

    If you have traveled to Halong once, then you must have seen the charming beauty of Halong Bay. Famous for its beautiful and unique caves, Halong Bay is increasingly popular with tourists as an ideal destination for exploring, visiting, relaxing and bathing. Each cave in Halong Bay has a unique name suggesting visitors with curiosity to explore the mysterious beauty, shimmering. Let’s take a trip to Halong to explore the most famous caves in the bay to see the greatness of a great natural wonder of the world. 

    17. Going trekking in Cat Ba National Park

    Cat Ba National Park features mysterious natural beauty, especially with many different ecosystems in the "pan" of the forest. The limestone forest ecosystem in limestone mountains will give you an amazing trekking trip. 

    There are two options for you to choose from. Route 1 is from the forest gate to Ao Ech which is about 4 kilometers long and the ticket price is  VND 40,000 per person, or you can choose route 2 from Ao Ech to the fishing village Viet Hai with the length of 7 kilometers and the price is VND 80,000  per person.

    18. Taking a boat trip in Trang An, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

    After buying tickets which cost VND 150,000 per person, visitors will be arranged to take on a boat carrying four people, and then go downstream to the caves of Trang An, Tam Coc.

    Here, visitors will discover Ca Cave, Hai Cave and Ba Giot Cave of Tam Coc - Bich Dong. To see the beauty of the three caves, it will take about 2-3 hours.

    Then you will finally come to the Trang An. Guests will visit by boat through 12 caves, approximately 5 kilometers long here. Being immersed in the blue color of the sky, the green color of the grass and of the rocky mountains gives us fantastic feelings.

    19. Relaxing in Thung Nhan Bird Sanctuary, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

    Thung Nham Bird Sanctuary is an ideal getaway for visitors to make friends with birds, relax by fishing, go to the garden and pick fruits as well as enjoy the famous dishes of Ninh Binh such as “com chay”, or goat meat.

    Coming here, visitors can also visit Tien Ca Cave, the Buddha, to admire the beauty of birds garden, Love Valley.

    20. Visiting Phong Nha Ke Bang, Quang Binh, Vietnam

    Honored as the world natural heritages, Phong Nha - Ke Bang Cave Complex is an unforgettable destination when traveling to Quang Binh, Vietnam. Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park is a precious gift with natural resources with a system of limestone karst and imposing limestone, which is an attractive tourist destination in Vietnam. 

    21. Exploring En Cave, Quang Binh, Vietnam

    Hang En is the third largest cave in the world and is an unforgettable place for travelers who love adventure. The huge stalactites were created millions of years ago with the lake in green jade color and other countless wonders of nature which created a wonderful world inside En cave. You will have to "cross-forest streams", overcome many challenges on the road which is longer than 10 kilometers to conquer En cave. But when enjoying the natural scenery of the wonderful mountain forests here, it seems that all the hardships on the road are gone.

    22. Contemplating the charm of Heaven Cave, Quang Binh, Vietnam

    Heaven Cave was called "the palace under the ground" with the splendor of magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. Heaven cave has a stalactite system that is not only geologically valuable but also diverse and very colorful. Coming here, you will discover Heaven Cave on a long road and wooden bridge.

    23. Kayaking in Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam

    These are two interesting routes for kayak enthusiasts. You can take a boat ride on the Son River, a tributary of the Gianh River in Quang Binh Province or take a boat to explore a part of Phong Nha cave, the world's largest cave with vast underground river system and thousands of stalactites. With a price of around VND 100,000 per hour, you will have a great deal of experience for the trip.

    24. Enjoying sceneries of Huong River and Hue music on boat, Hue, Vietnam

    Floating on the river by boat, enjoying Hue music and dropping flowers, visitors can gradually feel the special flavor of Hue. If you want to rent a boat to go on the Huong River, you can contact the boat station. Prices depend on which boat you choose. Also, most of the singers singing on the boat are young people. They sing the Hue songs with hundreds of years of history, the songs associated with people and the land of charming Hue.

    25. Visiting ancient tombs, Hue, Vietnam

    Hue Citadel used to be in a glorious and prosperous period when it became the feudal dynasty of Vietnam, Hue now still retains the majestic charm, hides the old magnificence. If you have a chance to travel Hue, you will see, besides the Citadel which was an important part of ancient times, the vestiges of the Nguyen dynasty throne are also kept in the tombs, temples, monasteries, palaces. The king's mausoleum architecture is chosen by the king himself, which is considered as the preparation for before he dies. Therefore, all the tombs here are located in beautiful natural scenery, with charmingly, beautifully decorated mausoleum. The most famous tombs of Nguyen Dynasty include Gia Long Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, and Tu Duc Tomb. They all have the most special architecture so that you should try to visit at least these ones.

    26. Experiencing royal life in Hue Forbidden City of Vietnam

    Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a royal dinner in the king's custom, embroidered with colorful flowers and around the mandarin. Guests always feel excited and happy with this extremely unique service. It is not comparable to the king's meal in history, but the service has partly helped visitors feel the king's luxurious life. They can understand about the royal life of the princess, lords, enjoy the dishes are elaborately presented or listen to the royal music.

    Another interesting activity that any visitor visiting the Hue Citadel also do not want to miss is the service to wear a king coat to take pictures or horse carriage.

    27. Exploring Hue cuisine

    Going to Hue without eating Hue food is such a regret. Hue is famous not only for the ancient temples, royal palaces but also for impressive special dishes.

    There are dozens of delicious foods you should try such as crispy golden pancake, stir-fried mussels, a dish which is loved mainly by the locals because of rustic tastes but blended well together in a strong way, Hue beef noodle soup with typical flavor, sweet taste served with fish, beef and pork. 

    25. Discovering Carlsberg Brewery Vietnam in Hue

    Do not miss the opportunity to experience one of Carlsberg's largest breweries in Southeast Asia. This promises to be a unique destination for beer lovers and those who are interested in learning about brewing art. With only VND 50,000 per person, guests can observe the process of brewing beer for the famous beer throughout the Central such as Huda, Huda Gold, Carlsberg. Besides, you can explore the 170-year history of Carlsberg and Carlsberg's stories in Vietnam. Also, with a tour of the factory for 2 hours, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy free fresh beer produced at the factory.

    26. Hiking to Lang Biang Mountian, Dalat, Vietnam

    Located at an altitude that is considered to be one of the highest peaks in Dalat, Langbiang is considered a unique tourist destination for having a picnic, exploring the nature and the culture of the people here. Your first impression will be a little overwhelmed by the vast and majestic space. On sunny days, in the midst of the high mountain, you will see the blue sky, with blue clouds - white clouds drifting away, time seems to stop here. Under the clear blue sky, the colorful flowers blooming become more brilliant, making the space more and more beautiful, romantic.  Everyone tries to take lots of pictures to keep that wonderful moment.

    27. Enjoying the perfect scenery of waterfalls in Dalat, Vietnam

    Coming to Lam Vien Plateau in Dalat, you do not only have chances to see the flower garden, but you can also admire the majestic beauty of wild waterfalls here. They all have a unique and different charm which gives visitors unforgettable experiences. The most beautiful waterfalls in Dalat include Dambri, Pongour, Prenn, Datanla, and Cam Ly Waterfall. 

    28. Riding an elephant in Central Highland, Vietnam

    In the midst of green mountains, elephants do not only take you on a trip along the village but can also set firm footsteps into the swirling water so that visitors can admire the legendary Serepok river. The cost of riding elephants is VND 150,000 for 15 minutes, VND 300,000 for 30 minutes and 600,000 VND for 1 hour. Some suitable places you can take an elephant ride are Lak Lake and Don Village in Dak Lak Province, Yok Don National Park in Dak Nong.

    29. Visiting traditional Rong House 

    Rong House is a special picture. This is a community house used as a gathering place of the villagers in the Central Highlands. Rong house is only available in ethnic minority villages such as Gia Rai Province, Ba Na Province  ... in the North of the Central Highlands, especially in Gia Lai and Kon Tum Provinces.

    The Rong of each ethnic group has its own characteristics in architecture, design, and decoration patterns. In general, the Rong House is much bigger than the typical house. There are houses that are up to 18 meters in height.

    When you come here, you will see the architectural wonders of highland ethnic identity and hear the story of the restoration of the house in the pride of the Central Highlands people

    30. Visiting grape gardens in Ninh Thuan

    Grape garden in Thai An village is located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai District, 30 kilometers north-east of Phan Rang City. With the climate, the soil of the coastal area, the grapes of Thai An are red, fragrant and has a sweet flavor. Fresh Ninh Thuan grapes are often used to eat and make wine and produce a variety of other products. Coming to Thai An, visitors can learn how to grow grapes, how to process grape products like grape wine or grape jams, specialties of Ninh Thuan.

    31. Trying adventurous sports in Tanyoli, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

    Tanyoli Adventure Sports Resort is located in Son Hai village, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan, on the beautiful coastal road. Tanyoli Adventure Sports Resort has an area of 15 hectares with a lot of exciting activities.

    Here, visitors can experience games such as High wire, Zipline, archery, sand desert conquest with large distribution terrain. Besides, this resort also offers beautiful and romantic tents under the beautiful sunshine in the most beautiful locations in Tanyoli.

    32. Visiting famous bridges in Danang, Vietnam

    Da Nang - a beautiful and poetic seaside city of Vietnam is known as "beautiful green city with legendary bridges across the Han River". In addition to the famous tourist attractions such as Ba Na Hills, Ngu Hanh Son, Hai Van Pass ... visitors should not miss the bridges of Da Nang such as Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge or Tran Thi Ly Bridge. There are quite a lot of tourists, including foreign tourists visiting the Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge or Tran Thi Ly bridge have a common point that "no other place has so many unique bridges like in Da Nang". 

    33. Taking a trip to Ba Na Hill, Danang, Vietnam

    Located on the mountain of Hoa Vang District, Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is one of the most famous tourist attractions, attracting millions of visitors to visit and have fun every year. Coming to Ba Na Hills, tourists will be able to stand at a height of nearly 1400 meters to see the city and participate in many other exciting activities. This is a really must-go destination in Danang.

    Besides, Ba Na Hills also has a system of motels, hotels, and resorts with luxurious facilities to meet the needs of the relaxation of tourists.

    34. Being close to nature in Son Tra Peninsula, Danang, Vietnam

    About 10 kilometers from Da Nang city, in the Northeast, Son Tra Peninsula is considered as the primitive forest in the heart of the young city. Nature resource is very diverse. From the top of the Chessboard on the peninsula, you can watch the whole city of Danang along My Khe Beach. The time to visit Son Tra peninsula usually takes 1 morning or afternoon. The destinations to visit here must include Linh Ung Pagoda with 67 meters high, and an 800-year-old banyan tree.

    Son Tra Peninsula also attracts tourists because from above, you can view the panoramic view of Da Nang along the beach with fishing villages, which is a beautiful spot for you to take pictures.

    35. Trying diving scuba in Cu Lao Cham, Danang, Vietnam

    Diving scuba is a deep-diving service with swimmers experts. Therefore, for swimmers who are not very good at swimming, they are still able to use the service in the safest way. You will learn to move and how to use a sign for your instructor while diving. Then you will be equipped with special diving and oxygen equipment. Here, you can enjoy swimming in cool water, watching the shimmering coral reef. It all looks like a lively colorful picture with the sea creatures through the clear blue water. You will admire the mysterious beauty of the place with many rare coral species that are difficult to find in other places.

    36. Riding a motorbike to Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

    Hai Van Pass is the border between Da Nang and Hue. Travel to the pass by motorbike is a good way to experience the complete feelings of conquering dangerous steep slope at a high altitude. Going by motorbike will also have its own fun you can freely stop at any place just for sightseeing, taking pictures or resting. 

    37. Cycling around Hoi An ancient town, Vietnam

    Hoi An - The ancient city by Hoai River is always a favorite destination for many tourists. Many people have returned to Hoi An many times because they are falling in love with the peace here. Experiencing the peaceful and casual life here by biking around the old town will definitely give you a feeling of fun and memorable experiences in the trip

     In Hoi An, almost all hotels have a bicycle rental service for domestic and foreign tourists. Getting around the old town by bike is very convenient and safe. You can stop at any time to take pictures or buy souvenirs. Especially, in the old town, there are many beautiful old, mossy, ancient sites, which are combined with the bike will make a beautiful picture.

    Just riding the bike, while observing the activities of the daily life of people here, you can see that the life here is not noisy, as busy as other cities, and time seems to slow down, giving you a feeling of coming back to your childhood.

    38. Visiting a tailor shop in Hoi An ancient town, Vietnam

    Throughout the streets of the Old Quarter, a number of cloth brands are springing up. The fabrics here are diverse with all kinds. Due to the demand of customers, many fabrics must be imported from abroad. This kind of service attracts tourists because of the special mode of operation because the service quickly meets the needs of visitors but the quality is still very perfect. From ordering and measurement until the completion of a suit or a dress just takes from 3 to 4 hours.

    39. Taking a trip to old villages in Hoi An ancient town, Vietnam

    Most visitors to Hoi An want to have the opportunity to discover and experience in the famous village of Hoi An and also, these villages have created a colorful and unique Hoi An. With its long history of development, residents in Hoi An have gradually developed diverse industries such as carpentry, fine art pottery, vegetable cultivation, medicine making, lantern making to serve the needs of life and at the same time make the prosperity, crowded port Hoi An from the seventh century - the end of the 18th century, early 19th century. The most famous villages include Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Tra Que Vegetable Village, etc

    40. Walking down the street in Hoi An ancient town at night

    A simple experience, you just need to walk outside the street and watch the old houses, lantern lightening up the town with full colors. You will think you are at the gala of light - a picture that is a combination of the colorful lanterns, the silence of ancient architecture, the rustic sound folks. Perhaps the most beautiful scene is still along the Hoai River, where colorful lights of candlelit flowers glitter floating on the water. 

    41 Relaxing on stunning beaches in Nha Trang, Vietnam

    Nha Trang is known as the sea tourism paradise of Vietnam, famous for the romantic islands. The blue ocean here is the most attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. You can immerse yourself in the blue water, hide in the sandy beach, walk along the beach, lie on the sand and hear the waves embracing the shore or have the silent and peaceful moment to see the sunset. Do not just stop there, because a lot of interesting activities, at the beach are waiting for you to explore such as parasailing, windsurfing, canoeing, fly board, ... or building a sandcastle and playing beach volleyball will also help you have great relaxing moments

    42. Visiting Ponagar Tower in Nha Trang, Vietnam

    Ponagar Tower is the ancient architecture of Cham people. This tower is located 2 kilometers far from the center of Nha Trang to the north. The complex includes four stupas, two shrines, and the largest tower of the goddess Ponagar.

    Also, after visiting the Ponagar Tower you can take a mud bath at the nearby Thap Ba Hot Spring resort.

    43. Coming to Bich Dam fishing village, Nha Trang, Vietnam

    Bich Dam fishing village is probably one of the few places that still retain the pristine nature. Situated in the island Hon Tre, belonging to one of the most remote islands of Nha Trang, this place is famous for its crystal clear waters and it is also the origin of the name Bich Dam.

    At present, Bich Dam Island has only 174 households with nearly 1000 people. Their main occupations are based on the sea such as fishing and aquaculture.

    In order to enjoy the peaceful nightlife in Bich Dam village, you need to sleep at the locals’ home or bring tents to camp on the island. You will also enjoy the dishes made from fresh seafood here.

    44. Visiting pristine Con Dao Island, Vietnam

    Con Dao Island in Vietnam is famous for its clear beaches, green coconut palms and white sandy beaches that can charm any visitor. It is easy to understand why Con Dao Island attracts many domestic as well as international tourists to come and relax. With wild beauty is not too seriously affected by the tourism industry, Con Dao Island is now indeed a rare tourist paradise in Vietnam.

    45. Joining in Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho, Vietnam

    Cai Rang floating market is one of the three largest floating markets in Can Tho. Unique features and characteristics of Cai Rang floating market are specialized in trading fruits, specialties of the Mekong Delta. Local people gather in the river by boats ... Today, although the road network has developed widely, floating markets still exist and get more crowded, bringing economic and tourism potential to the city. Cai Rang market is held quite early, usually from early morning to about 8 AM. The goods are sold on boats, usually, each boat will specialize in selling one item only. To advertise what they sell, traders hang their product samples on the top of a long bamboo (called Cay Beo) in front of the boats.

    This is a good chance for you to explore the daily life of the locals and enjoy specialties of the area.

    46. Visiting Cai Mon Fruit Garden in Ben Tre, Vietnam

    Mekong Delta fruits are famous not only for their variety but also for the special flavor, and what can be more exciting than enjoy those fresh fruits right in the garden? Coming to the garden in the fruit season, visitors will be surprised with fruit varieties here. A lot of tropical fruits will amaze you with their nutritious and delicious taste, from Nam Roi grapefruit, Cau Ke coconut, Hoa Loc mango to Can Tho red jackfruit. It is also famous for durian, mangosteen, bonsai, lemon, mango, mandarin, and many other fruits.

    47. Coming to Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    You can come here to visit the revolutionary of Vietnam during the Vietnam War before 1975. Coming to Cu Chi Tunnels, you will understand more about this famous historical land. The local residents dug tunnels to avoid the raids of the French army and to provide refuge for the Viet Minh. Each village built its own tunnels and then, due to the need of going among the villages, the tunnel system was connected to form a complex system of tunnels. 

    48. Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    This is a truly great architectural work of historical and architectural art. Is a living proof of a historical period of our nation. Although the Notre Dame Church has lived for over a hundred years, and today it still exists as a living relic of the country. Foreign visitors and locals come here a lot, especially on Christmas Eve. The church area and the city center turn into a jubilant festive area. This is of the most unique buildings in Saigon, and always attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.

    49. Drinking Vietnam Iced Coffee on the street in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    The culture of coffee here may not be the same here. This familiar drink seems to provide energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for almost every person of Saigon for a long day.

    50. Coming to Bui Vien Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Bui Vien Street is also known as the “Backpacker area” because of the number of tourists coming here mainly from Western countries such as the USA, The UK, and France ... Since 2009, the Bui Vien Street has been expanded. Not only Westerners but also Asian tourists and domestic visitors like to come here.

    Perhaps Bui Vien is loved by locals and tourists because people who come here, feel no barriers among them. They can easily share the joys with each other, or take a picture together and save beautiful moments.

    51. Visiting Phu Quoc prison relic, Vietnam

    Coming to Phu Quoc Prison, you will see and hear what happened here for Vietnamese soldiers to see the courage of the comrades when they were physically and psychologically abuse. They were still resilient in front of the enemy. Visiting the relic prison to see the artifacts left here you will understand more clearly the patriotism of our compatriots, gain a better understanding of the history of Vietnam.

    The above are 51 best things to do in Vietnam, which will give you unforgettable experiences when traveling to this tropical country. It is a wonderful country waiting for your exploration. I hope you will have a memorable trip to Viet Nam!

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