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Top 20 luxury experiences for your Asian tour

Top 20 luxury experiences for your Asian tour

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    Asia - The multi-color continent which has the largest area and the biggest population on the earth is the land of the wild natural beauty, featuring cultural, unique experiences, friendly service. People always tell about Asia as a destination which is low-budget expenses and available for backpackers. However, Asia is developing in all areas day by day, especially in tourism, even having the luxurious tour that only rich travelers can think of. To recommend an idea of unforgettably unique things, this article will share to you top 20 luxury experiences for your Asian tour:

    1. Staying on the Emperor Cruise in Nha Trang, Vietnam

    Nha Trang is known as the most beautiful and attractive beaches in Vietnam. This destination has a lot of amazing sights and luxurious services as being a king for a/one- night journey on the Emperor cruise. This first- ever exclusive all-inclusive cruise will offer you the luxurious space with royal architecture and ancient style furniture. The private and quiet itinerary will take you to discover the endless beauty of Nha Trang Bay. The Emperor Cruise is also the first yacht in the household waste disposal before being discharged into the standard environment. 


    In addition to enjoying the relaxing moments as well as being served as a king, eating the royal taste cuisines, the visitors also see one of the five most precious imperial robes of King Bao  Dai - the last king of Vietnam Feudal Era which is shown on the Emperor Cruise. With all above impressive description, the Emperor Cruise is considered the safest, most modern yacht in Vietnam and desert to be called as the best Asian cruise tour package.


    Some related information of Emperor Cruise in Nha Trang Bay

    The capacity of overnight cruise: 

    • Overnight Emperor Cruise which is launched at the end of 2015 has 8 cabins with a capacity of 16 adults. 

    The VIP treatment cabin: 

    Emperor Cruise has three kinds of the cabin: the Signature Suite Cabin,  the State Suite Cabin, and the Royal Suite Cabin. You will be treated as King and Queen on the Royal Suite Cabin which is the most luxurious cabin on all the night cruise in Vietnam. You only have the enjoying soul, everything like classical music, unique arts and architecture, delicious cuisine, impressive culture and history will be served by Emperor cruise.

    Unique Cruising Experiences: 

    The Emperor cruise includes two unique cruising experiences: the Sunset Cocktail and Dinner Cruises and the Nha Trang Discovery Cruises

    An un-imagine price: Estimated 140,000,000 VND (~USD 7,000)/night on private charter cruise.

    How to get Emperor cruise port: From Cam Ranh International Airport, you can take 40 minutes scenic drive along the amazing coastline to the center of Nha Trang city. From here, it takes 15 minutes to Nha Trang Port for boarding to Emperor Cruise

    Sale and reservation contact information:


    Hanoi Office Address: No 3, Alley 65 Van Bao Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam Tel : (+84) 258 3887780 Email: Facebook: Hotline: (+84) 914 596 396 Nha Trang Office Address: No74 To Hieu street, Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam Tel: (+84) 258 388 7780 Email: Hotline: (+84) 914 596 396

    2. Enjoy the exclusive scenic Tour by private seaplane in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Dubai which is called “the kingdoms of wealth” belongs to the United Arab Emirates including seven countries along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Not only having the highest artificial structure, the biggest shopping mall or the longest handmade gold chain in the world, but Dubai also has the most incredible service like walking on the street with exotic pets, joining a millionaire party, eating the gold appetizer, being a princess in a hot tub above the cloud or seeing the overview of the city from the air.

    The premium seawings seaplane tour is the most luxurious Asia tour package you should have once in the lifetime. Especially, the Abu Dhabi seaplane flight from Dubai including Ferrari world will bring you the chance to across the sparkling coastline of Arabian Peninsula, see the famous landmark like Buri Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah, sail-shaped Burj Al-Arab rising from the sea and enjoy entry to Ferrari World for a thrilling experience.

    Most clients who have experienced with this tour package vote the same comments:” It is expensive but worth” with the complimentary food and beverage, the high-quality service and the stunning scenic view.

    Some related information:

    • Price: USD 485/ adult for seaplane flight and Ferrari World
    • Best tour company: Seawings LLC
    • Sale and reservation information:

    Address: Ground Floor, Jebel Ali, DubaiLandmark: Near Palm Jebel Ali
    Zip Code: 262160
    City of Duba

    Tel: (+97) 148 832 999



    3. Seeing the golden eagle festival in Altai Mountain, Mongolia

    If traveling to Mongolia in October, you should not miss the golden eagle festival in Altai Mountain. This is your special chance to meet the eagle hunters and see the Mongolian’s brave warriors - the Golden Eagle. It sounds like a discovery tour package but is still luxurious tour because the expense for joining the golden eagle festival and Altai mountain tour is very expensive.

    In the legendary, the Kazakhs people who live in the Western part of Mongolia has traditional of hunting small animals with the eagle. The ancient hunters feed the eagle, arrange for them a warm place to rest during the cold Mongolian season and teach them how to hunt. With the Mongolian hunter, The Golden Eagle is like a member of their family even closer than wife or children. 

    However, the ancient hunting technique of Mongolian is also gradually disappeared. For preserving the remaining proud tradition of the ancient Mongolian, this country government organizes the festival in Altai Mountain in October every year for showing the man and eagle partnership. The festival attracts a lot of photographers and tourists from all over the world to Mongolian for shooting with the hunters and the golden eagle and learning about the history and culture of this country

    Some related information of The Golden Eagle Festival

    Time to visit: October per year

    Location: Altai Mountain

    Price: USD 4,500 - USD 5,500/ adult for all-inclusive tour

    Ticket: USD 30 per 2 days joining the festival - Price for buying a golden eagle up to USD 10,000

    You need to remember the below tips: 

    You can completely go to Mongolia on your own with the cheaper expense. However, traveling to Altai Mountain by yourself is an adventurous idea.  Here is the border area between Russia, China and Mongolia with an unstable political situation. So taking the private tour will make your trip safer. That is the reason why JOA choose the Golden Eagle Tour as the luxurious Asian tour packages.


    4. Discover Son Doong Cave, Quang Binh, Vietnam

    Son Doong Cave which is largest cave in the world located in the central of Vietnam. This incredible cave was discovered in 1991 by the local villager who was finding the shelter after facing a heavy rainforest and being afraid of the flash flood. Being disappeared for 15 years, until 2009, the scientists from The British Royal Cave Association explored the cave detailed based on the above man story. 

    Son Doong Cave is the 9 kilometers length, the 200 meters width, and the 150 meters depth, which even is much larger than the currently recorded biggest cave in the world. Being unable to locate on Google Maps, containing at least 68 Boeing 777s or hiding a baseball pearl are interesting facts about this cave.

    This is considered a place few people have visited and Son Doong Cave had been welcomed visitors from late 2014 with about 500 people each year. Like conquering the peak of the world, discovering the biggest cave on the planet is the most challenging and luxury Asia tour packages. 

    Some related information:

    Itinerary: 4 days 3 nights from Quang Binh provinces, Vietnam

    Best tour company: Oxalis Adventure Tours

    Price: USD 3000/ adult( included ticket fare USD 660 to the Garden)

    Tel: (+84) 232 367 7678 / (+84) 919 900 042 



    5. A private banquet at Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing, China

    If you are still unsatisfied with visiting the long ancient Wall day trip or climbing along steep steps, you should book a private banquet at Mutianyu Great Wall and watch the sunset with your partner. This is exactly the best Asian romance tour which the Chinese tour company offers for the couples as a special gift.

    No one except you with the pure, ancient history Great Wall, the delicious cuisine, and fine wine, the enthusiasm service and the stunning view will bring the truly unique and memorable experiences. A private and warm dinner on the Great Wall is a chance of having the peaceful and relaxing moment and staying away from the noise on the rest of the Chinese Capital.

    Some related informations of The private Banquet at Mutianyu Great Wall:

    Best tour company: Tully Luxury Travel

    Tel: (+86) 1855 265 0890



    6. Traveling by the most luxurious train in the world Shiki Shima, Japan

    On the journey for searching of the luxury East Asia Tour, you should not miss Shiki Shima - The most luxurious train in the world. Shiki Shima is designed with futuristic 10 coach - the train which carries a maximum of 34 passengers. The unique name of train means “ The Island of four seasons”.

    Besides the ultimate furniture, the service on board is taken care of uniformed butlers and all meals on board come from a Michelin restaurant on a dining car. The Shiki Shima train is invested by the East Japan railways company which is considered the best Japan Tour company in the transportation area


    Some related information

    Name of the waiting lounge: Prologue Shiki Shima is located at Ueno Station, Tokyo city, Japan

    Time to the application: from April 2018 to June 2019

    Itinerary: 4 days/3 nights trip Spring-Summer-Autumn

                   2 days/1 nights trip Spring-Summer-Autumn

                   3 days/2  nights trip Winter

                   “Seasons for East Japan” trip

    Price: USD 4,451 for a double occupancy-suite

    Website: Shiki Shima. You have to applicate via their website

    Address of Representative Office: 3 Higashi-Ueno (Tokyo Metro), Taito District, Tokyo city, Japan


    7. City tour by Lamborghini around Bangkok, Thailand

    Do you know Bangkok is the worst traffic capital in Asia? It would be uncomfortable if you must sit on the public transport or taxi for doing the city tour around Bangkok. Choosing the luxury tour Thailand as enjoying the city tour in a Lamborghini is the ultimate solutions. 

    You just are on the luxurious car without sunshine and polluted dust, with air-condition and native English Tour guide. You comfortably look at the overview of Bangkok and no worry about anything.


    Some related information:

    Tour Company: Prestige Car rental Bangkok

    Price: USD 1500 per 24 hours

    Website: Prestige Car Rental Bangkok

    Tel: (+66) 022 072 303 | (+66) 906  066 063



    8. Staying in JW Marriott Emerald Bay Resort, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

    The name of “the heaven within the paradise” is the brief and exact description about the JW Marriott Emerald Bay Resort which is located on the south of Phu Quoc Island - The largest Island within the Thailand Gulf. Being launched in 2017, this luxurious resort which is a new and unique wind contributes to promoting the tourism in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.

    The JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort has a unique architecture which was designed base on the France university with the professional service, the international five-star restaurant chain and the classical spa and swimming pools. You even entertain and relax with an abundance of activities including kayaking, biking, snorkeling, sauna, and more.

    Some related information:

    Accommodation Type: Hotel Resort featuring 234 rooms and suites
    Published Price Per Night: Rooms starting at USD 279 per night

    Address: Bai Khem, Phu Quoc island, An Thoi town, Kien Giang province, Vietnam

    Website: JW Marriott Phu Quoc

    Hotline: (+84) 297 377 9999

    Reservation website: JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay


    9. Dinner in the Sky in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Making your Malaysia vacation tour more enjoyable with the dinner in the sky experience. You are just sat down at the table dinner marveled at the Petronas Twin Towers - the highest twin tower in the world and get the stunning overview of the gorgeous Malaysia capital as you savor delicious cuisine at this one of a classic restaurant.

    At the 50 meters off the ground with the 360-degree view, The dinner in the sky service will bring to you with the sense of the comfort mixed with the adventurous feeling. Here is an interesting experience you should have on your southeast Asia tour package.

    Some related information:

    Company: Dinner in the air Malaysia

    Time: 6:30 till and 19:30 and 8:00 till 21:00 daily
    Price: USD 92 (Economy Class), USD 142 (Business Class), USD 232 (First Class)
    Food Provided: 3-course meal with Starter, Main course, and Dessert
    Duration of experience/ Dinner: 1 hour

    Address: 231, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

    Hotline: (+60) 016 299 1396


    10. Conquering the Everest Base Camp by private Helicopter, Nepal

    Conquering the highest mountain peaks of the world is always the dream of the adventurer. However, not everybody has the ability to touch the top, especially with those who have not enough health. That is why Nepal, which owns the highest mountain, has offered the luxurious tour named “Conquering the Everest Base Camp by Helicopter”.

    This is one of the best tour packages in Asia that allows every tourist who has the budget can go up to the first and basic route of Everest. Coming to Everest Base Camp, you can enjoy the majestic view of Himalaya with the snow-capped mountain. And you will also be surprised with the dramatic landscapes of Nepal like the green rolling hill valleys dotted with farm villages on the Himalayan Mountains.

    Some related information:

    Company: Fishtail Air Pvt.Ltd

    Head Office: P.O. Box: 5465, Gairi Gaon, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel: (+977 1) 4112217, 4112230, 4112463/64/65/66/67

    Tour cost: USD 999/ Adult

    Tour duration: from 4-5 hours (Kathmandu - Everest base camp - Kathmandu)

    Departure time: flexible and always to start at early 6:00

    Maximum Capacity: 01 to 05 persons per flight

    Best time to travel: during March to May and September to early December


    11. Flying in a hot air Balloon over Bagan, Myanmar

    If you love the hidden charm of Bagan, Myanmar, you will be really impressed the images of the huge hot-air balloons floating around the temple in the sunset. The surprise will be increased much time when you enjoy the overview of the Bagan from the hot-air balloon.

    In the balloon tourism industry, this luxurious tour is the first commercial hot-air balloons tour package in Southeast Asia. Flying in a Balloon over Bagan is one of the most memorable activities on your Myanmar discovering journey because you will stand on the high-end equipment, you will be served by the qualified pilots, you will be offered the flexible departure time and you will have an opportunity to fill up your soul with the splendor of all ancient temples of Bagan.

    Some related information:

    Company: Balloon over Bagan



    Type of Tour Application Time Price
    Classic Balloon Flight With Free Inflight Photos 20 October 2018 to 10 April 2019 USD 350/ adult (Surcharge USD 20 for Peak Season)
    Premium Balloon Flight With Continental Full Breakfast 11 April 2018 to 19 Oct 2018 USD 450/ adult (Surcharge USD 20 for Peak Season)

    Address: Near Hotel Zfreeti, Thiripyitsaya Block No. (5), Nyaung U (Bagan), Myanmar
    Tel : ‎(+95) 6 1246 0713 - (‎+95) 9 448 045 716

    Hotline: (+95) 9 424 313 404
    Office Hours : 9:00 to 20:00 (Monday to Sunday)

    Website: Balloons over Bagan


    12. Scuba Diving with the shark in Malapascua Island, Philippines

    The Shark which is the most dangerous sea creatures on the planet is waiting for you to see in Malapascua Island, Philippines. This island is the best-kept secret of the Philippines called as the most beautiful scuba diving point on the world. Joining this luxurious tour is an opportunity for you to get an amazing experience as well as learn some techniques from the professional scuba diving course.


    There is thresher sharks, hammerhead sharks, whitetip sharks in the huge diversity of marine life in Malapascua. When you dive scuba with the shark, you will feel to the fullest of the endlessness of the ocean and the friendliness of the shark which like a good soulmate come from the bottom of the sea. A luxurious tour of Southeast Asia does not definitely miss the great experience like diving scuba with the shark.

    Some related information

    Company: Thresher Shark Divers

    Price: USD 280/ adult for one-day diving with shark

    Address: Daanbantayan, Cebu, Philippines

    Hotline: (+63) 917 795 9433


    Website: Scuba Diving in Malapascua


    13. Staying one night on the Song Saa private island resort, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    A carefree paradise on the Song Saa Private Island will make your journey to Cambodia more incredible. Located at Sihanoukville province, The Song Saa Private Island Villas & Resorts offers r the tourists an intimate escape and luxury accommodation. This Resort was launched as a new breeze contributing to attract tourists to the beautiful Sihanoukville city.

    In Khmer language, Song Saa means “lovers” - the poetic name of this island. The quiet atmosphere in Song Saa makes the people who stay here feel like separating from the outside world. The resort will offer you two options: the jungle villas or the overwater villas with the same ethnic style. Even you choose any option, Song Saa still makes your vacation tour more meaningful

    Some related information:

    Name of property: The Song Saa private island

    Price: from USD 890 for one-bed jungle villas per night

    Activities: snorkeling, kayaking, morning yoga, sala Song Saa, discovering safari

    Address: Song Saa, Koh Rong Archipelago, Near Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    Hotline: (+85) 5 92 609 488


    Website: Song Saa


    14. Enjoying the magical Mekong Delta by Aqua Mekong cruise, Singapore

    Aqua Mekong Cruise is the luxury cruise on the World’s greatest river - The Mekong River.  The cruise is customizable especially designed to fix to the seasonal changes. Even you want to stay on board with the longer time, you want to explore any cities or you want to sail at any time of the year, Aqua Mekong Cruise always offers the flexible options to satisfy your luxury journey.

    There are many things make the Aqua Mekong Cruise experience more unique than the other river cruises included: the modern amenities, the elegant design, the river’s largest guestroom for overlooking the Mekong, the world-class cuisine created by top Southeast Asia Chef, the expert-guided shore excursion and exploring the incredible landscape by bike or kayak and more. This five stars cruise will give you the most luxurious tour on the Mekong Delta river.

    Some related information:

    Company: Aqua Expeditions

    Price: start from USD 4,050/adult for 3 night discovering the magical Mekong Delta

    Singapore Office hours are Monday – Friday from 08:30 to 18:00 (Singapore local time)
    Phone: (+65) 6270 4002

    Website: Aqua Mekong Cruise


    15. Sleeping on the Muraka’s bedroom at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

    The Muraka which means “coral” - the local language is the name of the most luxurious hotel room in Maldives Island country. An architect Ahmed Saleem describes proudly that: ‘‘The Muraka promises a unique experience that is not available anywhere else in the world’. For the first time in Asia, you can imagine how the lives of sea animals of the Indian Ocean is.

    “Below the surface” and “above the wave” are two unique experiences you will have when you choose the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island as a luxury private tour in your journey to discover Asia. Sleeping at the hotel beds encased in glassy tunnels, which are suspended below sea level, and surrounded by many types of fishes will comfort you soul but tight your pocket with the un-imagined price,

    Some related information:

    Name of property: Conrad Maldives 

    Price: USD 50,000 per 1 night on the Muraka (must book in advance)

    Address: Rangali Island, 20077 Maldives

    Tel:  (+96) 0 668 0629

    Website: Conrad Maldives


    16. Visiting The Empire Hotel and Country club - 7 stars hotel, Brunei

    The Empire Hotel and country club which is located at Brunei is the only seven stars hotel in Southeast Asia. This luxury hotel has 1000 bedrooms on an area of 180 hectares furnitured with high-end amenities with amusement and entertainment area with golf, swimming pool and cinema.


    The Ambassador and Empress Suite at Brunei’s Empire hotel has hosted many national leaders in the world. The inside walls which are covered by the Italian silk make the sense living more luxurious. These suites have the private jacuzzi and bespoke Asprey bath amenities. With the Royal architecture and luxury design, The Empire Hotel would be a perfect stop point if you want to plan for the best Asia tour package. 

    Some related information:

    Name of property: The Empire Hotel and Country Club

    Price: USD 2000 per night on the Ambassador and Empress Suite

    Address: Jerudong BG3122, Negara Brunei Darussalam

    Tel: (+67) 3 241 8888


    Website: The Empire Hotel


    17. Enjoy the Halong Bay view from the Seaplane, Vietnam

    Vietnam owning one of the new seven wonders of the world - Halong Bay is on the ways to develop the tourism industry by adding on the luxurious tour of the service. 

    Exploring Halong bay by seaplane is such a great experience. You will have a chance to contemplate the overview of Halong Bay from the top.


    With the safe engine, impressing design, comfortable seats and the fast flight time, Seaplane is the best option for the tourists who want to transfer from Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam to Halong Bay. Besides, you can combine the traveling by seaplane and the staying on the cruise to a perfect tour package to enjoy fully the incredible beauty of Halong Bay.

    Some related information:

    Supplier company: Haiau Aviation

    Price: USD 3,630 per charter one-way scheduled with 15 minutes scenic)

    Hanoi Head Office address: Floor 11, No 70-72 Ba Trieu Street, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city, Vietnam

    Tuan Chau Marina: No T7 Tuan Chau Commercial Urban Area, Tuan Chau Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province, Viet Nam.
    Noi Bai Airport: Counter 109, Lobby E, Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Hotline: (+84) 962 069 689

    Website: Hai Au Aviation


    18. Doing treatment by the Oriental Spa in the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

    Massage is the relaxing treatment you should have on your Asian tour packages because this is a luxurious world of soothing therapy and quiet calm. Spa and wellness service in the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is the perfect urban escape.


    This place offers a uniquely personalized experience even be better than the traditional spa treatments. There are 8 massage rooms, including two of the Morocco style superior rooms for 2 people with private Turkey style jacuzzi. Being built on the five basic elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth, according to Eastern philosophy), The Spa Oriental Service also has the therapies which are influenced by traditional Chinese and Asian cultures, including traditional Chinese medicine. The unique experience here will bring you towards wellbeing and relaxation.

    Some related information:

    Supplier company: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

    Price: USD 270 for 1 hour 30 minutes Digital Wellness Escape Treatment on the weekend


    Tel:  (+85) 2 2132 0011

    Website: The Oriental Spa Hong Kong


    19. Staying like a royal at Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

    Taj Lake Palace, located in Udaipur city, India is one of the most iconic hotels in the world. It was built in 1746 as the pleasure palace of the Mewar Kingdom prince - Maharana Jagat Singh II. So, staying like a royal at the Taj Lake Palace is the memorable experience in your India discovering journey.

    From a distance, the Taj Lake Palace is like an artificial wonder floating on the water, the pure white color of the palace made up of reflective marble wall that shimmers to the water. Being known as the Venice of East with the royal charm, The Taj Lake Palace is the luxurious experience of your lifetime. 

    Some related information:

    Name of property: Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

    Price: USD 1.298 per night on the Palace Room lake view

    Address: Lake Pichola in the center of Udaipur city, India

    Hotline: (+91) 294 242 8800


    Website: Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

    If you are a budget traveler who loves the unique and world-class experiences, you should try to book one of these luxurious tours in Asia. All of them could be such memorable and will make your journey for discovering Asia more impressive.
    While the above is just a short list of the luxury Asia tour you should try in the region. It is worth sharing so that more and more travelers can have opportunity to know the hidden charm and uniqueness of Asia.

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