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Vietnam Tour 2023: 10 steps to choose a perfect tour operator

Vietnam Tour 2023: 10 steps to choose a perfect tour operator

Vietnam Tour 2021: 10 steps to choose a perfect tour operator

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    I. Step 1: Consider if you should do your trip through Vietnam tour operators

    Most travelers want to discover the new destinations by themselves but some shouldn’t. Vietnam is a stable political country and is one of the most attractive destinations on the planet. Although it is very safe and easy to discover Vietnam in your own way if you have belonged to these below groups, you should let the Vietnam tour operators planning your first trip to Vietnam. 

    1. The old people should not travel to Vietnam by themselves

    When you are old, certainly, you cannot plan your first ideal trip to Vietnam as the younger people. Though it is not forecasted to happen, senior tourists may encounter health problems during their journey. They certainly need the tour guide’s support to get the information of the medical suppliers as fast as possible. The elderly are always sensitive to the complex of the Vietnam climate and the tour operators can warn in advance for their best preparations. With shopping or eating, the old people also need tour escort to suggest good recommendations to avoid unnecessary inconveniences in Vietnam. Surely, younger people can handle these issues better than the elderly if they travel to Vietnam independently.

    2. The less-experienced people should book the Vietnam tours for their first trip

    If traveling to Vietnam is your first overseas trip, you should book the Vietnam tour operators. Vietnam certainly is a stable political country and completely safe for all tourists. Vietnam also has convenient traffic, the delicious cuisine and friendly local but Vietnam is only a developing country with many difficulties in the economy and gradually improving services. So, with your fewer experiences, choosing one of the best Vietnam tour companies will be the preferred option if this is the first time you travel abroad.  

    3. How do busy people travel to Vietnam?

    You have a lot of works to finish. You are so busy in your life. You want to travel to Vietnam but cannot spend much time to plan the perfect trip. You should ask the Vietnam tour operators to help you to do that. You only need to prepare your budget and consider your favor Vietnam spots and experiences, the travel agents will customize your Vietnam tour most perfectly. 

    4. The people who want to do adventurous activities

    You can travel to Vietnam self-sufficiently or you no need to book the all-exclusive Vietnam Tour. However, if you want to take part in the adventurous activities in Vietnam, you should choose the land tours for making your trip safer and more comfortable. You have never intended to conquer the highest mountain in Sapa, Vietnam or to discover the world’s biggest cave in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam by yourself. Whether you are a professional sporter or not, those actions are extremely dangerous even prohibited in some places of Vietnam - a country with complex terrain. The Vietnam adventure tour operators are available in famous landscapes, so you should contact them to tailor-made your safest journey.

    5. The solo travelers who want to make new friends should book Vietnam tours.

    There are many Vietnam backpacker tour operators that customize the ideal trips for solo travelers. Europeans are always traveling in Southeast Asia and it is easy to meet other solo travelers in Vietnam. Unless you find reliable companions, you should book the Vietnam tours. This helps you make new friends and reduce some of your travel expenses that you must pay full while traveling alone.

    6. The people who want to control traveling expenses

    Many backpackers say: “Traveling by yourself is always cheaper than traveling through the reputable tour operators”. That is right but not enough. Because many tourists have been tricked into paying higher, buying fake souvenirs on their itineraries. These happen in every tourist country including Vietnam. So although you can save more money while traveling by yourself, if you meet some above behaviors, the price you might pay more expensive than traveling through a tour. To limit these risks and control your traveling expenses while going to Vietnam, you should choose Vietnam package tour operators to secure your best trip.  

    II. Step 2: Consider if taking a travel agent is the greatest choice for your Vietnam Tour

    Even you are not the person who wants to discover Vietnam through a tour operator and not belonged to one of the above groups but you should consider both the advantages and the disadvantages of choosing the tour of Vietnam. This will help you make the final decision whether to get Vietnam tour deals or not.

    1. The pros of traveling through Vietnam tour operators

    a. Gaining knowledge from the tour guide

    If you are traveling to Vietnam for the first time, you will join a group tour with a knowledgeable tour guide. Well-informed guides can make more experiences on your journey. A Vietnam tour guide is trained to give you the fullest information about Vietnam that you might not receive if you explore this S-shaped country independently. Besides, when you have the rest time, your guide will recommend you some good restaurants and the way to find your Vietnam favored places. Moreover, hearing about the landscapes from the point of view of a Vietnamese local will give the deepest feeling of this country.

    b. Worry-free travel

    No one can know the risks that you will encounter on the road while traveling Vietnam independently or through the Vietnam tour operators. But at least you can reduce the risk to the lowest if traveling on a tour of Vietnam. You will be safer when facing travel issues around you. You can be brought to the hospital faster if you have an urgent medical problem. You will be less likely to get robbed. You will move more safely to the complicated and dangerous transportation system in Vietnam. If you worry about how to wear at the religious relics or where to eat good cuisines, a Vietnam tour agency can give a stress-free travel experience.

    c. Give your experiences

    Tour operators understand the tourist’s preferences and know clearly about the unique experiences you should try in Vietnam. Examples as you can try to be a farmer on the terrace of the Northern Vietnam or to be a fish catcher in the Mekong Delta. The Vietnam tour agencies offer many ways to discover cultures, customs and practices help you learn new experiences and skills. You must be happy when traveling to Vietnam as a part of the local lifestyle.

    d. For the sake of Convenience

    When you book a tour group, someone else will has the responsibility to take care of all the trip details. Especially a Vietnam tour including flights, you need to do nothing except choosing an itinerary, paying money and arriving at your departure point on time.

    2. Sometimes, booking via Vietnam tour operators is the ONLY way of visiting a place

    In Vietnam, that is Son Doong cave - The world’s biggest cave. All behaviors of exploring these spots independently are illegal. Unless you are a member of the cave expedition that has got the permission of the province authority, you will be arrested when deliberately entering the cave without the tour operator’s escort. And the only tour operator in here is Oxalis Adventure Tour.

    3. Meet new friends when traveling through the tour of Vietnam

    Meeting new friends when traveling through tour operators is a part of the fun. This is true, especially in places only explored with the tour group. All tourists, from backpackers to luxury-travelers talk since there is no other way available.

    4. Sometimes, you can get a cheaper expense than free and easy travel

    Many best Vietnam tour companies can get good deals from the airlines, hotels, resorts or transport company. And certainly, they will discount for the customer to push their sales. Or you are the travel memberships, you might pay the less price than independently purchased fee alone. So in case, traveling to Vietnam through the tour operator is the cheapest option for your budget.

    5. The cons of traveling through Vietnam Tour operators 

    a. You can waste time and money for at the over-priced souvenir shop

    Vietnam is a country rich in tradition and culture. And certainly, traditional handicrafts will be sold everywhere as souvenirs. And the tour guide is paid basing the number of your buying goods, the over-priced products will make you waste money. Moreover, you have no need to buy something or visit the souvenir shops but due to following the Vietnam tour operator, you still have to stop and wait. This really makes you waste your travel time.

    b. You are non-flexible with the schedule of the Vietnam tour operators

    Firstly, all of the tour operators confirm: “We will pick up on time”. You should understand that including waiting time. They need to spend time picking up the other people in the group tour and ensure that everybody has enough time to finish the individual issues. Secondly, you will not be able to adjust your visit time based on where you like or dislike. You like to learn about the Vietnam war but the time is limited but you have more than one hour at the souvenir shop that you are not interested in. Lastly, the schedule of Vietnam tour operators always is set the lack of free time, you will not enjoy the street food, local lifestyle or noisy atmosphere of Vietnam to the fullest. Do you accept these?

    c. You have no chance to try delicious street food while traveling to Vietnam

    Street food is an important factor in making Vietnam's tourism attractive to travelers. And you do not control the restaurant choices when you travel through Vietnam tour operators. Although they try their best to find quality dietary preferences, they can not fill your eating soul. You will be served at least some meals with your tour group and should go out to eat more Vietnamese delicious cuisine.

    d. Traveling through Vietnam tour operators is less rewarding than traveling to Vietnam independently.

    This is actually a very controversial issue but Vietnam has more unique things to discover than what the Vietnam tour operators offered you. It’s an unforgettable experience to explore Hanoi on foot and getting lost than to take the City Tour Bus. The joined-in tours do not test your abilities to adapt but solo traveling does. There’s nothing like sleeping on a tent during the cold Northern Vietnam winter or feeling the goodness of the people when accidentally dropped property on their way to explore Vietnam.

    Have you decided to travel through the Vietnam tour operators after reading the above steps? If yes, the continuous steps will help you choose a perfect Vietnam Tour.

    III. Step 3: Deciding which period to travel to Vietnam

    Vietnam is a tropical climate country that has enough of four distinct seasons including Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in the North and can be divided into two seasons including dry season and rainy season in the South and Central. There no exact definition of the best time to travel to Vietnam because this S-shaped land has many unique landscapes for satisfying your curiosity even you enter Vietnam in any period of the year. The Spring Festival of ethnic minorities in the Northern Mountains is very impressive. The Autumn of Hanoi brings elegant beauty. The Summer of Nha Trang beach is very interesting and the Winter in Dalat is so romantic. Those are just a few suggestions for discovering Vietnam in each period. You should follow the below analysis for deciding which period to travel to Vietnam that you feel the most suitable.

    Vietnam in Spring occurs from February to April. The North has cold weather with higher humidity when the South and Central are the dry seasons with the lower humidity. This period is the best time to travel for those wishing to look for a balance between the price and the weather. It is hotter than three months earlier, so it is comfortable, the sky is blue and the cloud is fewer. 

    Vietnam in Summer occurs from May to August. The North has hot weather with higher humidity which called the wet summer months. This is the wettest time of the year in The South and Central that the weather is up to 40 C and also is the only rainy season in Southern Vietnam.

    Vietnam in Autumn occurs from September to November. The average daily temperatures throughout Vietnam is about 25C. You should avoid traveling the Central Coast of Vietnam in October and November due to the peak monsoon season. You should be warned that September is the month that has many typhoons and floods in Vietnam. Avoiding this month to get your more perfect Vietnam trip.

    Vietnam in Winter occurs from December to February. The weather is cold and dry in Northern Vietnam except the far north places such as Sapa which can have rain and snow. The Central and South have the dry summer with the cool weather and the humidity to the lowest. This is the highest season when you have a chance to join many local festivals 


    Which season has your Vietnam Travel time belonged? Making the final period of visiting Vietnam is an important step to plan your Vietnam tour perfectly. 

    IV. Step 4: How long should you travel to Vietnam?

    You can spend all the lifetime to discover the new lands if you are a real wanderlust. And, Vietnam is the same. You can visit Vietnam a couple of days or hold a month or one year and more until you like. For those traveling Vietnam for the first time, 7 days might help you see the main landscapes from North to South. Starting from Hanoi, explore Halong Bay, then take an excursion to Hoi An, visit Can Tho and stop at Ho Chi Minh City. Those are the most impressive destinations which you can not miss during 7 days trip. Certainly, you can travel to Vietnam as long as based on your annual leave. Our country may not lack the famous sights for enjoying if you have more than 1 week in Vietnam. The longer you stay in Vietnam, the more you discover about Vietnam. After deciding how many days you have, you will continue getting for the round of all the things you may want to do and see in Vietnam.

    V. Step 5: Choose the destinations which attracted you to travel to Vietnam

    Now, after setting when and how long you visit Vietnam, you should choose the destinations which attracted you to travel to Vietnam. When you book your Vietnam tour through the travel agencies, the first thing recommended is their itinerary. You will be confused if you do not know where to go to Vietnam. So, It is best to finalize the sceneries you want to visit and base on which to choose a suitable tour operator. If they do not have enough destinations as your requirements, you may not waste your time dealing with them anymore. 

    Halong bay - One of the new seven wonders of nature is certainly a “must-see” natural heritage in Vietnam. However, you should also need to know that Vietnam has six other world natural heritages recognized by UNESCO for you to explore. Hanoi - the thousand-year-old capital where witness the ups and downs of Vietnamese history for the tourist who prefers to live slowly and seek peace in mind. Even you love to take part in the adventurous activities, going to the mountainous regions in North Vietnam to conquer the peaks of Vietnam like Fansipan - The highest peak of the Indochinese Peninsula or taking an excursion to Son Doong cave in the central - The biggest cave in the world. Moreover, the crooked passes throughout Vietnam like Hai Van Pass in Hue or O Quy Ho pass in Sapa will bring you the most unforgettable experiences on your Vietnam Tour. 

    If you are a beach lover, the Vietnam coastline will satisfy your requirements. Having some days at the beach with sunbathing or swimming if you have time because Vietnam is known as the paradise beaches of the world.

    Please find the keyword Vietnam on Google to find the destination you want to discover!

    VI. Step 6: Check the best things to do in Vietnam

    The unique charm of sights certainly is the pride of the S-shaped land that attracts the millions of tourists traveling to Vietnam every year. It may be fairly boring if you only visit the historical and cultural sites. Filling your Vietnam tour with the most interesting things to do in Vietnam can make your holiday more memorable. 

    There are many unique things that you should try in Vietnam. So Journey on Air just lists some of the most impressive things to stimulate your curiosity. But I believe you will want to settle in Vietnam immediately if you discover all of them.

    Being a Hanoian, I advise you to get up early in the morning to walk around Hoan Kiem Lake to feel the exercise atmosphere of the local people, then enjoy a bowl of “Pho” in the way the Hanoians still eat. In the afternoon, you can drink a cup of egg coffee before watching the water puppet show - the worth seeing in Hanoi. In the evening, you should enjoy “Ca Tru” folk music on the night market and then joining in the Beer Corner at Ta Hien street - where Hanoi youths often gather to sing and chat. I am sure that you will have no chance to do these things again in your home country. 

    Unlike other Asian countries, cyclo is a unique transportation vehicle you can only try in Vietnam. The three-wheels vehicles which are available in Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An will take you on a tour around the city in a slow and relaxed manner.

    Riding a bicycle around the rice terraces in the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam, snorkeling to see the beautiful coral in the central seas or experiencing the floating market in the Mekong Delta is the exciting activities that you should not miss. 

    If you want to try something different from noisy and crowded cities, tourist bars and luxury resorts, you should spend some nights in local homestays which are located in countryside areas. You have an opportunity to stay closer to the local people, then discover their daily life activities and their unique lifestyle.

    Choosing the best things to do in Vietnam seems the most important step to make your Vietnam Tour perfectly because the time and the destinations can fill your vision about Vietnam but the experiences will fill your soul and feeling about Vietnam. 

    VII. Step 7: Basing your hobby and partners to choose the style of Vietnam tour 

    This step sounds simple but your partners and your group’s hobby will affect the way you choose a Vietnam Tour operator. Vietnam is a potential country for tourism development, so there are many Tour operators that are an obvious thing. 

    You can choose the Vietnam tour included flight if you stay in your country where you have direct flights to Vietnam or always offer cheap flights to Vietnam. The tour operators sometimes have great deals with the accommodations and the airlines as the form of the combo. If you travel with your parents and do not want to waste time to plan a trip to Vietnam, you should choose the all-inclusive Vietnam package tours. They will take care you from entering Vietnam to exiting Vietnam. The old people as your parents tend to prefer the religious, spiritual or heritage tours, you should share the hobby of your family so that the tour operator will have the basement to tailor-made the most possible style of Vietnam tour for them.

    You also travel to Vietnam with your friends. And your group want to spend time to discover deeply about Vietnam culture, to play on the Vietnam beaches or to join some adventurous activities in Vietnam, The Vietnam tour operator still can satisfy your requirement. Because your group is young and has a high-tech skill, you should only book a Vietnam land tour, the other expenses like domestic flights, booking a hotel are done by yourself. This helps you save your limit budget. The land tour operators are available at any destinations in Vietnam and they are ready to serve you anytime. Moreover, you can get the last minutes deal if you have no plan to book a land tour in advance but remember to avoid the peak season as mentioned above. 

    Even you are a solo traveler, you can be easy to find join-in tours in Vietnam. There are many travelers who cannot find the partner traveling to Vietnam like you and they need a connector to find together. And the Vietnam tour operators can help you to make new friends and cut down your travel pocket. Even in some places, the more people participate in the tour, the lower the tour price is, and you can be discounted more than your accepted quotation.

    The Vietnam tour operators also can customize the private tour if you need the private space and time for yourself, your family and the group of your friends. Depending on your preference and the amount of money you are willing to spend, the best Vietnam tour companies will meet all your requirements unless those are illegal.

    VIII. Step 8: Read carefully the review of your choosing tour operator in the travel forums to give the final decision

    You have already made the decision of your time, duration, destinations, unique experiences, style of tours for traveling to Vietnam. It means that you have chosen the best Vietnam tour companies, right? You still should read carefully the review of service, the image of accommodations, the attitude of tour guide and i.e in the famous traveling forums to consolidate the final Vietnam Tour Operator. There are many travel companies that have the same itineraries even the same quotations, and you should research carefully the inclusions and exclusions for considering your best option.

    You can choose the Vietnam tour operator which recommends the more beautiful hotels of the more comfortable vehicles.  You also consider the tour operators which offer you more delicious meals. A tour operator who has a funny tour guide who is praised many times on Trip Advisors is a suggestion for your final decision. A funny and knowledge tour guide can make your Vietnam tour less boring and more meaningful. 

    The tour exclusions are also the basement for choosing your Vietnam tour. If the A tour operator offers the cheaper price than the B one but excluded the entrance fee of the landscape and the difference is less than the adding fee you certainly should consider the B one which has the all-inclusive package. 

    Nowadays, all of the Vietnam tour operators always try to upgrade the best service for attracting tourists. You should consider carefully to make the final decisions. 

    IX. Step 9: Balancing your budget with the Vietnam tour operator

    Have you chosen your best Vietnam tour operator? If yes, you should contact them to make the reservation and try to balance your budget and their quotation. When you have settled your aim and your requirement for traveling to Vietnam, you need to pay in advance for the tour operator. This step is the last step for choosing a perfect Vietnam tour operator because Journey On Air wants you to answer the question: “How much money do I need to travel to Vietnam in my likable way?” instead of answering the question: "I have some money and how should I travel to Vietnam?". The most perfect Vietnam tour is when you design it by yourself. Basically, Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries in the world, and you no need to worry about the Vietnam tour budget so much. If the tour quotations are higher than your budget, you could share it with the tour operator. Believe me, they can be enthusiastic to support you. There are many ways to negotiate your Vietnam tour quotations such as you can be discounted based on the amount of the member in your group, the price can be down if you do not use some services in the tour. Remember that your selection is the tour operator’s income, so you can negotiate with them until balancing your budget and their quotation. But do not be lower than the market rank!   

    X. Step 10: Some tips for choosing a perfect Vietnam tour operators

    When choosing Vietnam tour operators, you should check whether they have hold tourism qualifications and credentials.

    • If you’ve found a tour operator in Vietnam that feels perfect with you, book directly with them. Avoiding the touts and scammers who may make the wrong advertisement with a legitimate travel agent. They can offer you a cheaper price for the same itineraries and services but the reality does not like that. Booking directly with your chosen tour operator also cuts out the middle fee, ensuring 100% of your money goes to that local travel agent and the local people behind it.
    • While joining the adventurous activities, you should make sure that companies are fully certified to operate in those areas. That can make your trip safer.


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