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30 Tips For Getting Cheap Airfare To Anywhere In The World

30 Tips For Getting Cheap Airfare To Anywhere In The World

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    1.  Searching flights enough early to get cheap airfare

    Why do I use “enough early”?. Most airlines release tickets one year in advance. When you intend to travel new place, you should search as soon as possible but not too early and check at least once per week. There are many airlines have the great deals for last minutes booking but do not guarantee the available seats. There is also the fact that the advance booking gives you a better choice of flights. The most reasonable airfare is two months before your flight, or around four months before if you are traveling to your destination during peak season. So, a flying-off peak is one of the best tips for getting cheap airfare.

    2.  Being flexible with the airline schedule can get cheap airfare

    You can depart in the early morning and return at the midnight. You do not also fly on the weekends and your round-trip flight is a long duration such as the couples of days or weeks. Due to your flexible travel dates and being flexible with the airline schedule, you can give yourself the best rate of flights. 

    3.  When is the best time to buy an airline ticket?

    Not only aviation services, but also all travel services have been never cheap in the peak seasons or holiday weekends. The Forbes experts gave the conclusion from over 917 million airfares in more than 8,000 markets in its 2018 that: “ For flights within the continental U.S., 67 days in advance was the best time, on average, to purchase your airline ticket. The worst moment was within 2 weeks of departing, or too far in advance, more than 6 months unless the airlines launch the promotion early. Tuesday is the best time to search for a cheap airfare. Normally, the airlines will summarize their revenue on Monday. If the number of tickets sold is not good, the discount plan will be discussed and decided, the implementation will begin on Tuesday.

    4.  What is the best day to fly?

    The time for buying tickets is as important as the time of flying. The cheap flights can certainly be gotten depending on the time you choose to fly. The best days to fly are a Tuesday, Wednesday. During the weekends, the demand for airfare will increase higher than weekdays. Even on Friday, Friday's fare is also higher than on Sundays because most people want to start their trips on the weekend. The most standard round-trip flight is a departure on a Saturday, return on a Monday for the domestic flights and depart on a Tuesday, return on a Wednesday for the international flights.

    5.  Selecting the appropriate flight time

    Depending on your needs, you can select the appropriate time to fly. However, if you want to save money, you can consider taking the night flight. This is not a peak time, so the fare for night flights will be cheaper. At the same time, the number of passengers flying the night flights is also lower, so you will avoid being crowded at the check-in counters. In addition, sleeping on the plane during the night flights is also a good way to regain health before landing and starting your exciting journey. Especially, when flying on the night, you also save money for a night accommodation.

    6.  Considering round-trip or one-way ticket

    You should keep this important rule in mind: “Searching One-way first, then Round-trip”. Sometimes, If you are locked into round-trip flights, it will be more challenging to get the best deal. I have ever finished to book round-trip flight and then the airline launched the cheaper rate on these specific dates which included the date I came back. Or on the other time, I wanted to extend my itinerary but the round-trip ticket did not allow me to do that. But if your itinerary is fixed, you can consider the round-trip tickets because most airlines encourage their customer to purchase the full two-way package by offering the round-trip ticket being cheaper than the one-way ticket.

    7.  Being open to your new destinations to get cheap airfare

    It sounds like an idiot but many backpackers have saved their money by only flying to any destinations which being offered the cheapest price. Some airline search engines have had the tools to analyze the entire world to search for the cheapest ticket. Kayak creates the “Explore” tool that allows you to write in your departure airport and watch a map of the world with all the flights on it; Google Flights also has a similar tool but being better. If you are flexible with your destinations, these are wonderful tools to start your reasonable trip. 

    Let's say you're in Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam and you are looking to go somewhere with the cheapest fare. The above image is the clearest proof for the tip: “ Being flexible with your destinations is the way to get cheap airfares”. Instead of choosing a destination and spending so much time to wait for the flight deals, considering flying to where the best flight deals already are!

    8.  The duration trip function of Google Flight also help you to get cheap airfare

    Have you heard about this function of Google? I mentioned above “Explore” Tool of Google Flight which allow the users can get cheap airfare based on their destinations. Besides, Google Flight have the more features than other engines and it is a useful one for searching the best possible flights based on your duration of your proposed trip. 

    Let’s say you are in your hometown and want to travel 2 weeks holiday sometime in November. Accessing to Google Flights and enter your hometown nearest airport and destination airport, then choose any two weeks period in November and click the search button.

    As soon as you click that button, you will see all the available flights, temporarily ignoring them and going back up to the dates and hover over any date which being different with your selected departure date before. Google Flights will now show you the cost of a two weeks trip on every day of November. Each day will have a rate attached to it and this will be the best price you should book.

    9.  Check the different airlines to get cheap airfare

    After making a decision of the day you will fly, the duration of your trip, the destination you will visit, you should consider the airfare which has the best airfare. You do not put your mindset on the principle: "return flights must be booked with the same airline". Actually, choosing with two airlines can get a cheaper price than buying round-trip airfare. It can also help you find more convenient arrival and departure times.

    10.  Check the different search engines

    The more airlines there are, the more search engines will get cheap airfare online. There are no one search engines that always has the cheapest flights. After using Google Flight to choose the days that are cheaper, you should find those same flights on the reliable websites like Kayak, Skyscanner, Expedia, Cheaponair, Traveloka,i.e

    If you have your favorite search engine, you should sign up for noticing on airfare drops that let you know when the price is down. 

    11.  Sign up for a deal tracker to know cheapest airfare

    That sounds strange, right? But the fact is that most wanderlusts can check their personal email daily, but not necessarily be looking for the cheapest daily airfare. Signing up the deal trackers like or AirfareWatchdog, or joining the mailing list of TheFlightDeals, HolidayPirates to receive the notification emails about the best international flight deals available from all search engines and airlines based on your departure and arrival airports. Hope you travel more for less from now on.

    12.  Visit the airline direct website to get cheaper airfare

    Sometimes, all the search engines seem to offer the over-budget flight expense to you, and then randomly, you could get the cheapest airfare on the airline direct website. I am used to booking directly with Air Asia cheaper from USD 50 in comparison to flights they offer on Kayak or Expedia. Moreover, Booking directly through the airline website if possible to avoid flight comparison search engine’s extra fees.

    13.  Follow airlines on Social Media

    Airlines have been using social media like Facebook and Twitter or mass mailings to launch last-minute deals for their customers. The analyzing airfare fluctuation experts say: “Social media the new key for searching ridiculously cheap airfares”. You'll need to act on these fast like a fat-finger guy because the low airfares can disappear quickly. However, unless you are incredibly flexible with where and when you want to travel, getting the flash airfare deals on the Social Media could sometimes be a trap. It means that you are noticed about the super cheap airfares and often from departure airports many countries away, which although bargains are not in the 'book now, think later' category. If you have been hunting for a cheap airfare, the airline would not allow you to cancel, delay or get the refund.

    14.  Think a longer layover cheaper than a direct flight

    Most of the longer layover flights are cheaper than the direct flights. If you have a good health and have the plan to relax during the waiting time, taking the longer stopovers will help you to save much money on airfares. 

    15.  Use your international student card for getting cheaper airfares

    If you're a full-time student at the school, college or university and aged 12 or over, you can apply for a student card with ISIC here to get cheap airfares at any airlines or search engines in the world. You just prove your student status everywhere in the world and pay USD 14 for digital card making fee. You can receive a few of benefits like the flexibility to change travel route and dates, tickets are valid for 12 months or even longer, chance to get cheap airfare or free for more stopovers along the route, getting one-way tickets cheaper than the regular tickets, possibilities to create the round world trips ticket in advance more than 11 months as I mentioned about the launching time of the ticket at the first tip

    16.  The low-cost airlines certainly offer the cheap airfares

    I really like the slogan of Air Asia - The best budget airline in the world: “Now everyone can fly”. Years ago, if you wanted to be carried between continents, you were mostly booked with traditional expensive airlines. The appearance of the low-cost airlines brings the opportunity to fly around the world for all the people. Flying the budget airlines certainly is the best tip to get cheap airfare. You get fewer advantages, but you can save a bundle in your travel expense.

    17.  Buy separate tickets for big groups.

    You surely get cheaper airfare when purchasing separate tickets for the big groups. Airlines typically limit the number of seats per flight that they will market at the smallest fare, so sometimes you can lose a better deal when you buy airfares in bulk. An example to make your mind clearly: 

    You know when you’re searching for flights and the airline sometimes show you that “Only two seats left at this price!” note beside a price! If there are only two seats left for USD 50 and you need to book five tickets, you’re not getting two at USD 50 and three at the higher price, you’ll likely buy five tickets all at the higher price and leave the two USD 50 ones on the table for someone else to purchase.”

    That sounds ridiculous! You can completely get cheap airfare if you know the above tip, right?

    18.  Saving the reward point and miles to get cheap airfare

    If you are a frequent flyer, you fly very regularly with one airline, you should join the joining members of the airlines. You can save points and miles to get cheap airfare, free upgraded,  free attached tickets and even free flights. But you should consider some exchanging point policies like applying off peak, no applying for business class, applying for airfare not included “taxes, fees and carrier charges”.  One of these is available – often there are not redemption tickets available on the route you need. Please take the advantages of this tip as smart as possible.

    19.  Sign Up for an Airline Affiliated Credit Card

    If you are frequently using a credit card to settle airfare payment, you should sign up for an Airline Affiliate Credit Card? The best cards and benefits depend on which hometown you are from and what cards you have used to. Many international commercial banks associate with to the airline to discount airfare for the customers when they settle payment by their credit card. Using your card to pay all your travel expenses is very convenient. Make sure you do not accrue interest by paying it off in full each month. And remember to shop at member stores that are affiliated with the airlines. By shopping at these store lists you will also save points.

    20.  Search for the tickets through many currencies

    It seems to take your time because The exchange rate difference does not affect your pocket much. But If your country’s currency is strong compared to others around the world, you should search in the country’s weaker currency. For example, once I searched flight with AirAsia from my hometown to Kuala Lumpur, I could pay USD 70 for US currency and USD 60 for Vietnam currency It’s the same airline, same flight, and same booking class. It was just booked in a different currency. It is a quite small amount but what will happen if you book for bulk or you book the long flight between two continents. This tip is not always useful, but it works often enough that it’s something worth trying if your currency is currently doing well.

    21.  Being careful with a refundable ticket of the airline

    The refundable ticket is always higher than the non-refundable ticket due to an extra trip cancellation insurance fee. If you take a short trip which has no much of cancellation risk, you could ignore about buying the refundable tickets. However, your flights can be faced with the high risk of cancellation due to traveling during peak typhoon season or your suddenly medical condition i.e. The refundable tickets is a good idea to save you money

    22.  Getting refunded when a flight goes on sale

    Most of the people spend time searching for air tickets months in advance because they want to get airfares as cheap as possible. But the airfare market is fickle, and fares can be up and down unpredictably. Maybe you do not know this but some airlines can refund you the different amount if you book a flight and then it goes on sale basing on some pretty strict guidelines. Yapta lets you enter your flight details to be warned when you're eligible for receiving the refund. Please check and read carefully about the airline’s policies.

    23.  Avoid the unnecessary airline fees

    Most of the low-cost airlines always automatically add the extra fee(baggage, meals, travel insurance) to your airfare even you have not chosen. These will be exactly the unnecessary fees if you take a short flight or you no need more than the hand-carried bag. You should check the final payment carefully when you go to settling steps.

    If you have 2 bags or more, you will be charged for it. Try to pack all your luggage orderly within one bag per person, and make sure your luggage is not over-sized. If you are not sure about the capacity of your baggage, you should pay in advance is much cheaper than doing it at the airport. It looks like last-minutes paying baggage and never be cheap!

    Moreover, there are many check-in staffs who are very strict requiring you to pay extra baggage fee for your hand luggage because it only is overweight at least 2 kilograms. You should consider to get some clothes off and wear as much as possible unless you want to spend more money on unnecessary things.

    24.  You can search the cheap airfare at the other alternate airports

    If your destination has more than one airport, check them both before booking your flight.
    The more airports you have, the cheaper airfares you will be able to get. After booking flights to Thailand many times, I have recognized that the flights which have the same departure point arriving at Don Mueang Airport are cheaper than Suvarnabhumi Airport. And consider multi-city flights as the ideal tips to save money. However, you also need to know where the airport is located in relation to your hotel and before you choose your tickets. If your total transportation expense included the bus ticket into the city center is more expensive, you should simply fly direct to the main airport.

    25.  Avoid booking on the phone

    If you plan to book a flight through the phone, you should check whether they have an additional fee. Some airlines have service charges for service of booking a flight over the phone, and it can be quite high. 

    26.  Consider the distance flight

    This tip which might not save your money is related to tip No 18. You are ready to pay for extra miles allowed you to save enough money for upgrading your membership card. This is like a present sacrifice to gain greater benefits in the future. 

    27.  Do not Disregard luxury Airlines immediately

    I mentioned the use of budget airlines above for getting cheap airfare. But that does not mean you should disregard luxury airlines immediately if you plan to save your money on the airfare. Sometimes, the luxurious airlines launch “economy” fares on their websites to compete with the low-cost carriers. Why do you not put yourself to the high-class service with the cheap airfare? You will be offered a free meal onboard or free 15 kilograms checking bags. However, you should consider the limitations of luxury airlines’s economy fare like being not assigned seats, being not allowed to put your hand luggage in the overhead cabins, paying upgrade or being not to get reimbursement for delayed or canceled flight

    28.  Test out the different locations when booking

    Where a flight ticket is bought from can affect its airfare. You can effectively change your home country to that of the airline's headquarter country. For example, booking from— the Vietnamese version of the AirAsia official website  — instead of - the hometown version of the AirAsia official website can sort different airfares for the same routes.

    29.  Remove your cache when choosing a new flight

    Remembering to clear your cache or cookies before booking any flight. Most airlines and search engines use cache and cookies to attract customers into booking flights with urgency marketing. They store your access histories, will increase the airfares if they know the typical flights you are used to searching for. That is the reason why you recognize not to be offered cheaper airfares than you originally saw while coming back to book your selected flight. So, do not forget to remove your cache or reload them in a new incognito browser window is one of the best tips to get cheap airfare to anywhere around the world.

    30.  Use 24-hour rule is the smart tip to get cheap airfare

    You can cancel your flight within one day without a penalty. Most airline allow that rule. So if you see a flash deal, you can “catch it and check the airfare again within 1 day. If the price goes down, you can cancel the booking. This is an smart tip to get cheap airfare because you can be flexible to respond in time to fluctuate in price.


    Do not waste too much time to get cheap airfare because you need to move on with your life. The cheaper airfare you should get, The more ideal your journey is. So, if you want to save your money and your time, you should learn by heart the above tips. These will help you to get cheap airfare and avoid being the people who save less money for a ticket. 

    Are you expert for getting cheap airfare? Share any tips in the comments. And please share this page with people you know searching to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world.


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