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Best Time To Travel To Vietnam (Part 2) - 2020 Essential Travel Guide

Best Time To Travel To Vietnam (Part 2) - 2020 Essential Travel Guide

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    I. Travel to Vietnam from January to March

    1. Overview of the weather in this period

    From January to March, the weather in Vietnam varies a lot by region. In the northern half of Vietnam, this period is considered as the coldest season of the year, in which the Red River Delta has the average temperature at 18C and the Northern mountains may have snow occasionally with the average temperature under 10C. Meanwhile, the southern half of Vietnam is warmer with over 27C and quite dry. 

    2. Some suggested destination if you travel to Vietnam in this period

    a. Big cities - Hanoi, Hue, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City

    If you travel to Vietnam in the period between January and March, one of the great choices is visiting big cities because Tet holiday (Lunar New year) - the biggest holiday of the year takes place in late January or February. You can take part in a lot of local activities which are celebrated on this essential occasion such as fireworks, New year’s music festivals, parties,i.e. and enjoy the festive atmosphere. About two weeks before Tet, a lot of flower markets will be opened and demonstrate so many kinds of flowers especially, Apricot blossom (in the central and southern part of Vietnam) or Peach flower (in the northern part of Vietnam) - the traditional flowers in Vietnam that you only see in the Tet holiday. Moreover, you can taste some Vietnamese traditional dishes like Chung cake, Tet jam, Vietnamese sausage and so on around the cities. Also, in days of Tet, most businesses are closed, except catering services like restaurants and cafeterias so the streets will be a bit deserted. Therefore, you can see a different aspect of cities that you hardly see - the quite and peaceful cities. It is worthy to try if you are tired of the crowding and traffic jams in big cities.  

    b. Sapa - The spring heaven in the Northern mountains of Vietnam

    From late December to February, Sapa has a harsh winter with the temperature usually under 0°C so tourists often avoid this period to visit Sapa. However, if you come from a temperate country which always has cold weather, Sapa may be a great choice because it is one of few places having snow in Vietnam. From March, the temperature is gradually warmer and this is when the spring comes to Sapa. At this time you can enjoy the colorful picture of flowers with peach blossoms, various roses, orchid,... and participate in many traditional games with ethnic residents in Sapa.

    c. Visiting some famous spring festivals in Vietnam

    The first month of the Lunar year (from late February to March in Solar Calendar) is the festival season in Vietnam. In this period, there are a lot of festivals held over the country and Vietnamese people all come to these festivals as a tradition to pray for a lucky year and join the festival activities. Therefore, if you travel to Vietnam in this period, you definitely come to one of the famous festivals below:

    In Northern Vietnam
    • Huong Pagoda Festival

    - Location: Huong Mount, My Duc District, Hanoi, Vietnam (about 70 km from the center of Hanoi)

    - Time: 6th of January - March in Lunar Calendar

    Huong Pagoda Festival is one of the three biggest Buddhist festivals in Northern Vietnam. Each year, when the festival occurs, there are thousands of people come to this pagoda to worship Buddhism and join in entertaining activities like boat cruising, mountain climbing,... Besides the festival, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of white apricot flowers covering the whole area of Huong mountain and the unique architecture of a vast complex of ancient Buddhist temples and shrines in Huong pagoda.

    • Lim Festival

    - Location: Noi Due Commune, Lien Bao Commune and Lim Town in Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam

    - Time: 12th - 13th of January in Lunar Calendar.

    Lim is the festival of "Quan Ho" folk singing villages which were recognized as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009 and has existed for over 300 years. At Lim Festival, several “Quan Ho” stages from different villages will be built in Lim Hill so you can enjoy many types of the “Quan Ho” singing in different stages and interact with artists in traditional customs. Besides, there are a lot of folk games such as blindman's bluff, bamboo swings, human chess, wrestling, cocks fighting, tugging war, pot beating, etc that you should play.

    • Yen Tu Festival

    - Location: Yen Tu Mountain, Thuong Yen Cong Commune, Uong Bi Town, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam

    - Time: 10th January to the end of March in Lunar Calendar

    Yen Tu is a Buddhist relic complex where the Buddhist sect of Truc Lam originated. When coming to this festival, you can escape from the busy daily life and enjoy the peaceful and glorious scenery of nature. One thing you should try here is climbing the Dong Pagoda (means Bronze Pagoda) which was built on the top of Yen Tu mountain at over 1.100 meters above sea level because it is believed to bring the luck and success for your new year.

    In the Central part of Vietnam
    • Cau Ngu Festival

    - Location: Thai Duong Village, Thuan An Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien - Hue Province, Vietnam

    - Time: 10th - 12nd of January in Lunar Calendar

    Cau Ngu Festival is held to be dedicated to Truong Quy Ong who is the founder of the Thai Duong fishing village. The festival has two parts: the ceremony to pray for a prosperous year with a bumper fishing harvest and traditional activities to recur daily life of the local residents. Besides, you also see the beautiful landscapes of Thuan An Beach - a famous beach in Thua Thien - Hue Province when visiting this festival.

    • Dong Da Festival

    - Location: Quang Trung Museum, Phu Phong Town, Tay Son District, Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam

    - Time: 4th - 5th of January in Lunar Calendar

    Dong Da Festival is dedicated to Emperor Quang Trung and other leaders of the Tay Son Uprising who have protected Vietnam from the invasion of Thanh Dynasty in 1789. In this festival, you can enjoy the fighting music show which describes the battle between the Tay Son army and Thanh army.

    In Southern Vietnam
    • Ba Den Mountain Festival

    - Location: Ba Den Mountain, Thach Tan Commune, Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam

    - Time: 18th - 19th of January in Lunar Calendar

    Ba Den Mountain is the symbol of Tay Ninh Province. Therefore, Ba Den Mountain Festival not only is a religious event but also has an important position in the cultural values of Tay Ninh. Also, you can visit this festival for sightseeing because Ba Den Mountain is a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam. 

    Note: From late December to early February is the coldest period of the year in North Vietnam and even there is snow in some mountainous provinces. Therefore, consider carefully if you want to travel to the Northern mountains in this period.

    II. Travel to Vietnam from April to early June

    1. Overview of the weather in this period

    From April to June, the weather in Vietnam transforms from spring to summer. The temperature increases gradually but not too high at about 25C to 32C. If by the end of April, the weather is still quite dry, from late May, it begins to slip to the wet season with a lot of rain in the late afternoon. 

    2. Some suggest destinations if you travel to Vietnam in this period

    a. Hue City - The ancient citadel of the last dynasty in Vietnam

    In the period between April and May, the weather condition in Hue City is quite comfortable with the average temperature of 25C and the low rainfall. This is a great time to discover the historical relics and cultural sights in Hue city such as Imperial City, King’s Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda,...

    More importantly, from late April to early May, Hue Festival - the biggest cultural event in Hue City will be held every two years. In Hue Festival, you can immerse in ancient space of the Nguyen Dynasty - the last dynasty in Vietnam with many typical activities which are reproduced including Nam Giao Offering Ritual, the Royal Refined Music of Hue, Xa Tac Offering Ritual,... Besides, the Hue Festival also a space for cultural exchange between countries in the world so you can enjoy various performances from different places. In addition, sideline activities like “Oriental night” Show, Traditional Kite Flying Festival, “Ao dai” Grand Show, etc are really interesting that you should not miss.

    b. Danang City - Enjoying the largest fireworks event in Asia

    From April to June, Danang City begins slipping to the dry season with suitable weather for swimming, sunbathing and other outdoor activities. Especially, from the end of April to June, the annual fireworks event - Danang International Fireworks Festival will be hosted in Danang city. In this festival, several competitors from different countries will perform fireworks in various themes on Han River each Saturday. Enjoying the colorful and majestic scenery of firework performances will be one of the best experiences that you never forget in Vietnam. Therefore, if you travel to Danang in this period, make sure you have booked a ticket to see the Fireworks Festival.

    c. The Northern Mountains of Vietnam with the unique beauty

    The period between April and May is one of a great time to come to the Northern mountains of Vietnam. At this time, the weather is relatively stable and cooler than the other places in Vietnam. You can enjoy the unique beauty of the mountains with vast green terraces and majestic passes over a thousand meters above the sea level that provides you with a spacious view. That’s so amazing, right? Besides, you will also have a chance to see the spring flower season with mountains covered by colorful kinds of flowers. 


    1. Overview of the weather in this period

    The period between late June and August is the hottest time in Vietnam. The temperature occasionally can go up to 40 C in some big cities. While the north and the center of Vietnam remain predominantly dry by the end of August, the south of Vietnam is now in the midst of its wet season with a large daily rainfall.

    2. Some suggest destinations if you travel to Vietnam in this period

    Due to the high temperature, from late June to August, beaches and islands are great choices to travel in Vietnam. 

    a. Nha Trang City - Which is known as the beach city of Vietnam

    Nha Trang is known as the beach city of Vietnam with over 6 kilometers of coastline. Because of the high-quality tourist services with many resorts, hotels, restaurants, the entertainment centers of the city and beautiful beaches, Nha Trang is the ideal destination for a summer holiday. 

    If you want to visit a bustling beach in the city, Tran Phu Beach is a great choice. Lying along the Tran Phu Street, Tran Phu Beach is famous for the system of luxury and mid-range beachfront resorts as well as a busy nightlife with many big clubs like The Sailing Club, ZIMA, and Skylight Skydeck & Rooftop Beach Club,... which is extremely suitable for energetic travelers. However, if you prefer to escape the often overcrowded city, Doc Let Beach or Bai Dai Beach will be a more appropriate choice. Not only being well-known for the wild beauty and peaceful atmosphere, Doc Let Beach and Bai Dai Beach also offer services at a reasonable price for backpackers and tourists.

    b. Vung Tau’s beautiful beaches - Back Beach, Front Beach, Suoi O Beach, and Ho Coc Beach

    Like Nha Trang, Vung Tau is also a well-known coastal city in Vietnam. Inside the city, Back Beach (Bai Truoc) and Front Beach (Bai Sau) are two beautiful beaches of Vung Tau with distinctive attractions. While Back Beach (Bai Sau) is a busy and bustling place where a lot of big resorts, eating area, and entertainment services are located Front Beach (Bai Truoc) is the ideal place to see the sunset and walk along the beach. 

    Located about 40 kilometers from Vung Tau City, Suoi O Beach and Ho Coc Beach are also the famous tourist attractions with their primitive beauty and comfortable weather around the year. If you are finding a novel place to relax, these two beaches may be great choices.

    c. Danang’s beautiful beaches - My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach

    Located about 6 kilometers to the east of the center of Danang City, My Khe Beach is considered as one of the most attractive beaches over the world. This beach has a long white smooth sand coastline with a developed tourist system including a variety of accommodation, restaurants and entertainment centers.

    Non Nuoc is also another famous beach in Danang. Featuring soft sands, clean waters, and mild waves, Non Nuoc Beach attracts thousands of tourists in the summer. In addition, when coming to Non Nuoc Beach, you can try some water activities like sunbathing, jet-skiing, surfing or explore ancient pagodas, sacred caves, and handicraft villages near the beach.

    d. Phu Quoc Island - The wonderful paradise of Vietnam

    Phu Quoc Island is about 45 kilometers west of Ha Tien Province. It is the ideal destination of the summer holiday because of its comfortable weather and natural landscape with white-sand beaches and dense tropical jungle. In Phu Quoc Island, you can escape the busy daily life to relax in the quiet atmosphere, watch romantic sunsets, immerse in the beauty of nature and explore traditional villages. 

    e. Hoi An Ancient Town - The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vietnam

    Hoi An Ancient Town used to be a Southeast Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century, located in Quang Nam Province. Hoi An is well-known for its unique architecture with a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European style which is its most attractive feature. From June to August, the weather in Hoi An is really suitable for traveling with lots of sunshine and the least rainfall. Therefore, you can experience various activities like visiting ancient buildings and pagodas, diving and snorkeling off the coast of Hoi An as well as tasting the diversity of Hoi An’s dish. One special thing is that in the 14th and 15th of each Lunar month, Hoi An will be lighted up by colorful lanterns as a tradition so if you visit Hoi An at this time, you can see the magic and distinctive side of Hoi An.

    Note: From July to August is the rainy season in the Northern mountains of Vietnam which can lead to dangerous flash floods and landslides. Therefore, if you travel to Vietnam in this period, you should not visit Sapa and mountainous province in the North of Vietnam to keep safe.

    IV. Travel to Vietnam from September to December

    1. Overview of the weather in this period

    From September to early November, Vietnam begins the Autumn. While the North of Vietnam has the cool, mild climate and slight sunshine, the Central and the South of Vietnam slip to the rain season with more days of drizzling rain. At the end of the year, the temperature decreases gradually and the North and Central of Vietnam will receive the first cold winds from China but Southern Vietnam still remains the weather condition as the autumn.

    2. Some suggest destinations if you travel to Vietnam in this period

    a. Hanoi Capital - One of the most wonderful places to visit in Autumn

    From September to November is the best time of the year to visit Hanoi. At this time, Hanoi has a special beauty which is the combination of the change in nature and the calm life-pace. In the autumn, streets like Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hoang Dieu Street, etc become carpets of rustling yellow leaves, you can wander around these ancient streets to relax under the warm sunshine and feel the soul of Hanoi or maybe, have a cup of coffee in a corner of West Lake and enjoy the elegant smell of lotus. Also, you can go shopping on  36 iconic streets of Hanoi and admire the old architecture of this area. Hoan Kiem Lake is another destination that you definitely come in autumn to enjoy a gorgeous scenic view of Hanoi.

    Besides, there are special dishes of autumn in Hanoi that you should definitely try such as “Com” (Sticky green rice), dracontomelum,... to feel entirely the taste of Hanoi.

    b. Halong Bay - The must-visit destination of Vietnam

    Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist attraction that you cannot miss when you travel to Vietnam. The period between September and November is the ideal time to visit Halong Bay with a dry climate and pleasant temperature. At this time, you can contemplate the most beautiful and romantic natural scenery of the year. The blue sky and sea merge into one creating a unique panoramic view of Halong Bay. The breezing wind carrying the salty smell of the sea and the slight sunshine can help you release stress in daily life. The sunrise and sunset may be the most wonderful moment in Halong Bay so don’t miss them.

    In addition, from September to November, you can enjoy all the activities offered in Halong Bay. You can discover all-natural landscapes like limestone caves, Dau Go Island, Cat Ba Island, Ha Lan Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay,... without having any weather problems. Also, the weather condition is suitable for swimming, sunbathing, visiting the floating village, sleeping overnight on cruises, hiking, climbing, etc. 

    c. Mekong Delta - Getting a novel experience with the floating season

    Mekong Delta is also known as Nine Dragon River Delta, located in the southwest of Vietnam. From September to November is the floating season in Mekong Delta which is considered the best time to come here. In the floating season, almost every area of the delta is flooded in water, however, this is not a serious natural disaster because it brings a lot of benefits for local people including fertile alluvium, a big amount of freshwater fish. 

    Coming to Mekong Delta in the floating season, you can have an amazing experience. For example, you can go to floating markets - a traditional kind of market in the Mekong and go fishing on Vietnamese traditional boat with local people then taste the meal cooked from what you have caught. Also, visiting Tra Su Cajuput Forest is a wonderful trip that you should not miss in the floating season to explore the wild beauty of the Mekong’s nature and the diversity of birds. Besides, you definitely visit and taste fresh fruits right in local gardens. Mekong Delta is famous for tropical fruits so it is so interesting to pick and enjoy ripe fruits with your hands, right?

    d. Ha Giang Province - Enjoying the beauty of Buckwheat flower season

    Ha Giang Province is a mountainous province in the North of Vietnam bordering China. Buckwheat is a special flower of Ha Giang which blossoms in late September and October in Lunar Calendar (about November in Solar Calendar). Buckwheat flower has two typical colors -  white and purple (accounting for a majority in Ha Giang). In Buckwheat flower season, you will be overwhelmed by the purple color of Buckwheat covering the whole mountains which creates a magnificent scenery. 

    During the Buckwheat flower season, there is a festival called Buckwheat flower Festival to honor a unique culture’s value of local people through the image of the triangle circuit flower. A lot of products made from Buckwheat flower are demonstrated and many cultural activities are held at this festival. You can join with the local people and buy souvenirs at this festival.

    Apart from Buckwheat flower, Ha Giang is also well-known for the natural landscape with gorgeous rivers, majestic limestone, granite mountains, and caves. You should spend time discovering the wild beauty of Ha Giang Province if having a chance.

    Note: From September to November is the typhoon season in Vietnam so the coastal region can be hit by some severe storms which may lead to big floods. Therefore, for your safety, you had better avoid coming to the beaches and islands in this period.

    In conclusion, Vietnam is a year-round touristic country. If you travel to Vietnam at a different time, you can see the different beauty of Vietnam. We hope that is article can be a Vietnam travel guide to help you understand more about Vietnam’s weather conditions and choose the destinations that fit with your schedule. 

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