Located on the coast of the South East Sea, and at the mouth of the Han River, Danang is the third largest city in Vietnam. Danang shares the border with Hue in the North and is only 29 kilometers to Hoi An, which make Danang ideal stop point for those who need a break from touristy areas.
Mother Nature favors Danang with a rich variety of landscape and gorgeous beaches. Lying on the North of Danang is Monkey and Marble Mountains which is home to historical and religious symbols. It’s a wonderful destination for culture-vultures eager to understand more about Vietnam’s tradition and history. At the heart of the city stands the Museum of Cham where you can discover a rich collection of Cham Artifacts. If you want to chill out and run away from the heat of the bustling city, you can visit Ba Na Hill which is cited as the miniature of Dalat.

Ba Na Hill, Danang, Source: vietnampackagetravel

You can spend time on these cities or skip them when visiting Danang. However, it’ll be a huge mistake if you miss out discovering the enchantment of Danang Beach. Danang Beach is considered one of the most brilliant beaches in Vietnam. Particularly, My Khe Beach in Danang is rewarded by Forbes as one of the 6 most romantic beaches all over the world. In addition, Danang today is on the rise with a long line of spectacular beachfront villas on the side and near the Han River. Danang is growing into the luxury and MICE (Meeting Incentives Conference Events) which can beat Nha Trang Beach as well as many famous beaches in South East Asia.


My Khe Beach, Source: booking

  • Location: 5.8 kilometers to the center city, 6 kilometers to the Danang International Airport, 4.9 kilometers to the Danang Train Station
  • Travel Duration: 15 minutes from the center city
  • Transportation: Private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle.
  • Activities: canoeing, surfing, parasailing, teambuilding activities, sun-bathing
  • Good for travelers: couple, family, solo-traveler

Being rewarded as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes, My Khe Beach attracts a million tourists from all over the world every year. Stretching for 10 kilometers, My Khe Beach shelters in the lee of Son Tra Peninsula. The Mother Nature favors My Khe Beach with incredibly smooth sand and a slight slope encompassed by a dark green poplar forest. Thanks to the flow of the Kinh River, My Khe Beach features crystal water. In addition, My Khe Beach boasts coral, abundant plants and various marine species along the backside and under the ocean. The water here is always calm and cool, which makes My Khe Beach an ideal place for tourists to bath all year around. Besides, the shallow and calm water is safe for kids; therefore, My Khe Beach is suitable for family vacation.
One of the advantages of My Khe Beach is its convenient position. My Khe Beach is located only 5.8 kilometers to the east of the center city and around 6 kilometers from the Danang International Airport. It takes you only 10-15 minutes to reach this site. You can travel to this beach by taxi, private car, motorbike, and even bicycle. My Khe Beach consists of three beaches including Pham Van Dong Beach, T20-T18 Beach, and No. 1, 2, 3 Beach.

Pham Van Dong Beach

Lies on the three-way crossroad, Pham Van Dong Beach cut the coastal path from Son Tra Penisula to Dien Ngoc Ward. This beach is pretty small and chiefly served for activities in the nearby park. With the total area of more than 7,700 m2, Pham Van Dong Beach features musical water fountain, 26 waterfall towers, and 6 freshwater lakes. With these facilities, Pham Van Dong Beach is able to serve for around 3,000 visitors every day.

Pham Van Dong Beach, Source: avatardanang

T20-T18 Beach: Located 500 meters to the crossroad between Vo Van Kiet Boulevard and Vo Nguyen Giap Street, T20 Beach is the site of the old T20 Military Sanatorium. T20 Beach features shorter beach than that of Pham Van Dong Beach but has deeper sea and bigger waves. Therefore, T20 Beach is an ideal destination for those seeking for adventurous and extreme activities such as surfing, canoeing, and parasailing.

No.1, 2, 3 Beach: Located on the very crossroad between Vo Van Kiet Boulevard and Vo Nguyen Giap Street, No.1, 2, 3 Beach is the main Beach of My Khe Beach. This beach is famous for its large white sand beach and crystal water. No. 1, 2, 3 Beach is also one of the most wonderful places in Vietnam for sunbathing and team building activities.

My Khe Beach has a wide range of high-end hotels, resort, and countless restaurants along the beach. That’s the reason why My Khe Beach is one of the greatest choices for relaxing and chilling out in Vietnam. Danang is the star on the rise and My Khe Beach is an important part in the development strategy of this city. My Khe Beach now doesn’t remain its unspoiled beauty anymore but it’s highly recommended for you when traveling to Danang, Vietnam.


Nuoc Non Beach, Source: vietnam-guide

  • Location: Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, 8 kilometers to the south north of the center city
  • Travel Duration: 15 minutes from the center city
  • Transportation: Private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle.
  • Activities: going swimming, going fishing, team building activities, playing volleyball, enjoying seafood, sightseeing, visiting the pagoda, visiting traditional stone sculpture village
  • Good for travelers: family, group

1. Why to travel to Non Nuoc Beach, Danang Beach, Vietnam

Belonging to Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Non Nuoc Beach occupies an area of 5 kilometers of Danang’s stunning coastline. Located at the foot of the Marble Mountain, Non Nuoc Beach has an enchanting beauty of clear water, white sandy beach flanked by a green forest of casuarina-trees. Visiting Non Nuoc Beach, you will enjoy a completely relax moment amongst the fresh atmosphere, sun-drenched beach, and windswept sea.
Thanks to its ideal weather, people travel to Non Nuoc Beach all year around. In the rainy season, particularly in October, there are fewer chances of enjoying the splendid beauty of the beach. However, during these cool months, you can combine your beach visit with an excursion to the Marble Mountain. It takes you just a few minutes to reach some nearby pagoda and Buddhist shrines. You can also take a short walk and explore some beautiful caves close to the Marble Mountain.

Inside Marble Moutains Vietnam, Source: thetravelninjas

If you like to admire the ocean shimmering in the sunlight and enjoy the crystal blue sky, visit Non Nuoc Beach in June, July and August when the temperature reached its peak. It’s the perfect time to go swimming and getting sunbathing on the sun-drenched beach. In the early morning, don’t forget to take a board and get out in the water to enjoy the essence of the beach. When the temperature is too hot, cool yourself off under the shadow of the tree and enjoy fresh coconut water. Then, wherever you visit, remember to come back to Non Nuoc Beach in the afternoon to admire the brilliant sunset.

2. Things to do in Non Nuoc Beach, Danang Beach

a. Visiting the traditional stone sculpture village

Non Nuoc Stone Sculpture Village with a 200-year history is considered one of the most ancient sculpture villages in Vietnam. The ancestor of this village is a poor farmer calls Huynh Ba Quat. He left Thanh Hoa Province and moved here in the hopes of making a fresh start in the new land. He was the man discovering the value of the range of marble mountains. Then, he started to manipulate many products from marble stones such as a gravestone, a millstone for grind rice, corn and herb. His products were greatly favorite and became more and more popular. Then, he decided to settle his own business and started pass his expertise for his children as well as his close friends.

Non Nuoc Stone, Source: mytour

Since then, the locals have achieved their fame for their excellent craftsmanship. In addition to the daily products, Non Nuoc Stone Sculpture Village is famous for its wide range of workmanship products such as sculptures with the shapes of a dragon, phoenix and unicorn which are worshipped in many pagoda and temples. Visiting this village, you will have chances of admiring the sharp, crisp outlines and enchanting shapes of many products. You will be surprised at the luscious, exquisite sculptures in the shape of a happy couple, the majesty and stateliness of a tiger-shaped statue or the elegance of the bodhisattvas. Moreover, you can find a variety of beautiful eucharis and bracelets in many sizes and shapes.

b. Treat yourself with a massage

Non Nuoc Beach boasts a long line of luxury resorts and hotels. Besides the high-quality and modern commodities, many hotels here provide an excellent massage service. After a long day in the beach, don’t forget to treat yourself to some pampering with a massage.

Bamboo – Foot & Body Massage

Address: No.78 Nguyen Van Thoai Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang, Vietnam
Open time: 08:00 – 22:00
Price: VND 200,000 – VND 500,000

Forest Spa

Address: No. 396 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang, Vietnam
Open time: 10:00 – 23:00
Price: VND 250,000 – VND 660,000

Tram Foot Massage

Address: No.17 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang
Open time: 09:00 – 22:00

Price: VND 150,000 – VND 500,000


The Marble Moutains, Source: indanang

  • Location: Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, 9 kilometers to the south north of the center city
  • Travel Duration: 15 minutes from the center city
  • Transportation: Private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle.
  • Activities: taking a spiritual excursion, exploring the Vietnamese culture and faith
  • Good for travelers: solo-travel, family, group

1. Why to travel to Ngu Hanh Son Mountain – Marble Mountain, Danang

Widely known as the legendary land of Vietnam, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain comprises of five mountains symbolizing for the Wu Xing – the five basic elements which are considered to create the universe according to the perception of the Asian. These five elements include Kim – Moc –Thuy – Hoa – Tho (Mental, Wood, Water, Fire, and Land). With the majestic and harmonious beauty, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain is a real masterpiece of the nature.

Ngu Hanh Son Moutains, Source: danangdaily

With the ebb and flow of history, up to now Ngu Hanh Son Mountains still bears a lot of priceless imprints of national culture and history. Particularly, imprinting in many stones discovered under the slime of ages are the remnants of many valuable poems originating from the Le and Tran Dynasty.

Visiting Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, you can also have the golden chances of understanding more about Vietnamese history through a variety of historical sites such as the tomb of the Tran Quang Dieu – the great national hero under the Tran Dynasty, the temple of Princess Ngoc Lan (the younger sister of the King Minh Mang), the Tam Thai Pagoda – the Nguyen Dynasty’s famous pagoda and a wide range of exquisite sculptures of the Champa in the XIV century.

2. Things to do in Ngu Hanh Son Moutain – Marble Moutain, Danang 

a. Visiting the Tam Thai Pagoda – The 400-year-old pagoda of Vietnam

Outside Tam Thai Pagoda, Source: ziontour

Tam Thai Pagoda is situated in the Thuy Son Mountain – one of five mountains in the complex of Ngu Hanh Son Moutain. Completed in 1630, Tam Thai Pagoda marked the adoption of Zen Buddhism (曹洞宗)– one of the most important schools of Buddhism in China. In 1825 – the 6th year of King Minh Mang, Tam Thai Pagoda was renovated for the first time. In 1827, the King himself commanded to make 3 copper bell and 9 huge statues. Since then, this pagoda is considered Quoc Tu (the national pagoda) of Buddhism and the Nguyen Dynasty.

The legend tells that the dear daughter of King Gia Long came to this pagoda to ask for becoming a monk. Then, the King ordered to build an imperial palace for relaxing and sightseeing.

The chamber for worshipping the Metteyya Buddha made from copper situated in a Buddha’s lotus-shaped throne. In the two sides of the throne are the places where people worship Bodhisattva and Amitabha Buddha.

b. Visiting the Abaddon Cave – The mysterious world of Danang

The cave system in the complex of Ngu Hanh Son Mountain is a really mysterious world for you to explore. According to the Ying & Yang theory, in the life of human-beings and universe, there is always a coexistence of two opposite sides such as the life-and-death, the darkness and daylight. The Thuy Son Mountain is considered to have a path leading to the heaven. Therefore, inside the Abaddon Cave there must have a path leading to the hell. That’s reason why people call this cave “Abaddon”. According to the beliefs of the locals, the Abaddon Cave comprises of two niches. The first one leading to the heaven is for the good people, and the other leading to the hell is for the bad people.


Thanh Binh Beach, Source: justgola

  • Location: Ong Ich Khiem Street, Thanh Binh Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang Beach
  • Travel Duration: 15 minutes from the center city
  • Transportation: Private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle.
  • Activities: surfing, canoeing, cruising
  • Good for travelers: solo-travel, family, group

Despite having the total length of 1 kilometer, Thanh Binh Beach is cited as the perfect destination for nature lovers and for those who want to relax and unwind. Thanks to its convenient location, Thanh Binh Beach is one of the most favorite beaches in Danang. With the peaceful beauty and the clearness, Thanh Binh Beach is a source of the locals’ pride. In addition, Thanh Binh Beach is chose to be the central point of Danang tourism.

As the consequence, Thanh Binh Beach attracts great investments for constructing numerous hotels and resorts in many kinds and for tourism services including canoeing, surfing, and cruising


Nam O Beach, Source: we25

  • Location: Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu District, Danang Beach, 17 kilometers to the north west of the center city.
  • Travel Duration: 45 minutes from the center city
  • Transportation: Private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle.
  • Activities: sightseeing, visiting the ethnic minority village, joining a ecotourism tour, visiting traditional fish sauce village
  • Good for travelers: solo-travel, family, group

1. Why to travel to Nam O Beach, Danang Beach, Vietnam

Nam O Beach is located 17 kilometers from the center city. This wild and pristine is a perfect choice for backpacker and those seeking for adventure. When visiting Nam O Beach, there’s nothing better than imprinting your bear foots on the smooth sandy beach and immersing into the cool and crystal water. Leisurely take a short walk from the center of the beach; you will meet a large reef with thousands of pebbles under the sun. In addition, you can find many large and flat rocks which offer you wonderful place to stretch out and get a stunning view of the beautiful sky and heavenly scene. Moreover, Nam O Beach boasts an area with a wide range majestic rock outcropping from the sea and bumping on other rocks. There are numerous adventurous travelers flanking along the reefs to admire the splendid beauty of the ocean and discover the normal life of the locals when they go fishing.

2. Things to do in Nam O Beach, Danang Beach, Vietnam 

a. Visiting the traditional fish sauce village in Nam O, Danang Beach

The traditional fish sauce village in Nam O, Da Nang Beach, Source: linkedin

If you happen to visit Nam O Beach, you can’t miss the chance of visiting the Nam O Fish Sauce Village. Nam O Village is a small fishing village located in the mouth of Thuy Tu River, 3 kilometers to the south of Ha Van Pass. For decades, Nam O Village, Danang Beach gains the golden fame for its fish sauce which has shimmering puce color, naturally tasty taste. Nam O Fish Sauce is completely made from selectively fresh anchovy caught from the nearby ocean. Thanks to traditional and secret recipe, Nam O Fish Sauce feature special taste which is too wonderful to forget.

Nam O Fish Sauce Village, Danang Beach now has around 100 small family producers of fish sauce which provide more than 50,000 liters of fish sauce for both domestic and foreign markets. Visiting Nam O Village, you not only have chance of discover the process of making fish sauce but also learn more about the daily life of the locals.

b. Joining the fishing trip with the locals in Nam O Beach, Danang Beach

Thanks to its ideal climate condition and the clearness of the oceans, Nam O Beach is the main fishery of the migrants in Nam O Ward and many surrounding wards. Nam O Beach is the place where various fish inhabit seasonally. The most common fish found here include anchovy, cobia and ve fish.


Son Tra Peninsula, Source: notesontraveling

  • Location: Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, 8 kilometers from the center city
  • Travel Duration: 25 minutes from the center city
  • Transportation: Private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle.
  • Activities: sightseeing, go camping, discovering the pristine forest, visiting pagoda
  • Good for travelers: solo-travel, family, group

1. Why to travel to Son Tra Peninsula, Danang Beach, Vietnam

Located 8 kilometers to the center city, Son Tra Peninsula is cited as the precious gem of Danang Beach. With the total area of around 44,390,000 m2, Son Tra Peninsula boasts the amazingly diversity of animals and plants. In addition, Son Tra Peninsula is famous for its long and brilliant beach which is crystal blue all year around. When visiting Son Tra Peninsula, there is a wide range of sites worth seeing for you.

2. Things to do in Son Tra Peninsula, Danang Beach 

a. Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda – The pagoda with an unique architecture

Linh Ung Pagoda Danang, Source: nguyenvanchuong

Located 10 kilometers to the center city and in the height of 639 meters from the sea, Linh Ung Pagoda is considered the most beautiful in among three Linh Ung Pagoda of Danang Beach. Linh Ung Pagoda has a unique architecture with the harmonious combination between the modernity and the antiquity which representing the features of both spiritual and normal life. People also say that this pagoda is a special favor of which the nature gives Danang Beach. The highlight of this pagoda is the statue of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva. With the height ò 67 meters, this statue is considered the highest one in Vietnam. The statue of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva leans on the mountain and faces the oceans. On one hand of the statue is a bottle of Cam Lo Water which is believed to be able to bring happiness and peace for the people.  The statue symbolizes for the hope and desire of the locals for the property of the country and peaceful life for all people.

b. Ban Co Peak – The perfect place admire the beauty of the entire city

Ban Co peak with the statue of De Thich, Source: english.vietnamnet

Ban Co Peak which is at the height of 700 meters offers you a perfect place to catch the panoramic view of Danang Beach. From here, you can admire the beauty of the bustle and hustle city and the colorful bridge crossing the romantic Han River. The winding path leading to the peak also brings you chances of experiencing many beautiful and dreamy scenes of Son Tra Peninsula. The Ban Co Peak is most beautiful in the early morning when the whole Danang Beach stills drifting into a quiet sleep. If reaching here early enough, you can catch the view of picturesque beach shimmering in the early sunlight.

c. Scanning the beauty of Danang Beach in the Indochina Radar Station

Located at the height of 621 meters from the sea, No.29 Radar Station (also called the Indochina Radar Station) becomes known as The Great Eye of the Indochina. With the observing radius of up to 300 kilometers, the Indochina owes fundamental duty of protecting the national airspace and serving for civil aviation and the air force.  Because this station is operating, the visitors can’t reach it. However, the surrounding has a lot of wonderful place for you to discover and take some great pictures.


Tien Sa Beach, Source: tiensadanangbeachresort

  • Location: Located in the Son Tra Peninsula, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, 8 kilometers from the center city
  • Travel Duration: 25 minutes from the center city
  • Transportation: Private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle.
  • Activities: relaxing, going camping, celebrating events
  • Good for travelers: couple, solo-travel, family, group

Tien Sa Beach is located at the end of Yet Kieu Street, and close to the Tien Sa Gate. This beach is often mentioned with the legends that it’s place where the beautiful fairy nymph. That’s the origin of its name (“Tien Sa” means the fairy nymphs come down from the heaven). Thanks to its pristine and charming beauty, Tien Sa Beach is favorite topics of many famous poems and songs. Tien Sa Beach is a really ideal place for you to throw yourself into the nature and listen to the whisper of the ocean.
Scrolling around the beach, you can find out some modest bungalow for family and couple. Right in the entrance stands a restaurant. This restaurant seems to be the only restaurant in this beach where you can enjoy wonderful local dish with a really reasonable price.

Dawn in Tien Sa Beach, Source: agoda

At bottom line, Danang Beach ticks all the box of an ideal destination for you when visiting Vietnam. If you want to dig deep into Vietnamese culture, let’s visit Ngu Hanh Son Mountain. If you’d love to discover one of 6 most attractive beaches on the planet, don’t hesitate to visit My Khe Beach. In case that you love to experience the locals’ daily life, Non Nuoc Beach is the greatest choice for you. Meanwhile, Nam O and Tien Sa Beach are ideal destination for nature lovers. Thanh Binh Beach is good for those people passionating for outdoor activities.

Hey Vietnam, I want to confess one thing “I fell in love with you at first sight” 10 years ago when I was 16, I came back to Vietnam with my mother. The moment when I got the breathtaking view of green paddy fields and the exotic Red River from the airplane window, I felt the urge inside my heart to bond with that country. My gut told me that Vietnam’s was my home, my true destination. Vietnam is full of diverse landscapes, rich culture, friendly people, warm climate and great food which makes it a perfect place for anyone's ideal vacation. With ten years of living and traveling experience, I would love to help you create amazing trips and having unforgettable experiences in Vietnam.


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