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Places to visit in Tam Dao, Vietnam

Places to visit in Tam Dao, Vietnam

Places to visit in Tam Dao, Vietnam

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    1. Tam Dao Telecommunication tower

    A 94m high tower located in the top of Thien Nhi peak, which is 1,375 m high. To get to the tower, you have to climb 1,394 steps upward. The journey is hard but beautiful that you can enjoy during the stroll. There are many flowers on both sides of the path like Orchid, Cuc quy, and many other wildflowers.

    2. Thuong Ngan princess temple – One of the most sacred temples in Tam Dao

    It is the most famous place in Tam Dao town. The temple was built in XX century and is the place to worship Thuong Ngan princess. The way to the temple is slightly sloped upward and has good views. On the first day and the fifteenth day of the month, there are festivals in the temple which are very interesting.

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    3. Silver waterfall – Tam Dao most beautiful waterfall

    It is the most beautiful waterfall in the town. It is so fresh due to the source of water comes from deep underground. The way down to the waterfall is quite long, leads you deep into the valley through stone paved stairs. Sometime, you might meet a squirrel or a cute little animal, it’s like you are on the way to return to the mother nature.

    • Travel tip: You should visit the waterfall during raining season (from February to March or from July to August) when the waterfall is in the best period.

    4. The Ancient Church of Tam Dao

    This church was built by France and was finished in 1912. It lies in a very nice, high place right in the center of the town where you can view all the town. The church was built by rocks, followed Gothic style. There is a quite large yard with curved arches around where you can take amazing poses

    5. Sky gate – The way to heaven right in Tam Dao, Vietnam

    These only words you can speak out when you get here are just “Wow” and “Wah” because it is truly the gate of paradise. It is the bottom of a cliff made from two mountains, look toward the valley. The mist in the peak of the mountains is never disappeared, makes it’s like a real gate to heaven. In a moment, you feel like everything turn around you: the earth, the sky, the trees, the animals. It is an unforgettable experience.

    6. Rung Rinh peak – A little surprise on top

    Lies in the trekking route through Tam Dao national park, Rung Rinh peak is a destination that requires you to have good health. In Vietnamese, Rung Rinh means soft, flexible. The lore of this weird name came from that on the top of this 1,200 m high mountain, a thick layer of moss spreads on the ground, under the tree’s shadows. That moss layer is so thick and soft that it makes the ground is like a pillow. Despite the cold weather, you can choose to stay on top through the night to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of sunset and sunrise. Believe me, your effort will pay off.

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    7. Tam Dao national park – Explore the majestic Tam Dao sierra

    Tam Dao national park is located in Tam Dao sierra, lies between Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang. This national park is 34,995 ha large with about 1,300 kinds of plants and more than 160 animal species.

    At present, there are some tour for travelers in Tam Dao national
    • Bird watching tour in Tam Dao national park
    • Tam Dao national park – Dragon’s navel – Pine forest – Mom Cay stones – Xa Huong lake
    • Tam Dao national park – Truong forest – Dragon’s navel – the Bear rescue center
    • Tam Dao national park – Tam Dao town – The three peaks

    The price for one person is VND 40,000 (exclude the fee for the tour guide). They offer meal too. The price is VND 100,000/person

    8. Wind café – Above the cliffs in Tam Dao, Vietnam

    An outdoor small coffeeshop juts out right on the cliffs. The views are airy and beautiful. The high noon will strike right on your head but the wind will make it more comfortable. One more, notice that the café is small and less staff but crowded customers so if you want to enjoy the view completely, just arrive early.

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    What to eat in Tam Dao, Vietnam Things to buy in Tam Dao, Vietnam

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