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Things to do in Tam Dao, Vietnam

Things to do in Tam Dao, Vietnam

Things to do in Tam Dao, Vietnam

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    1. Strolling around the town

    Tam Dao is famous due to the mystery, dreamy spectaculars when everything in the town was engulfed in the mist. The best time is from 6 P.M. Remember to carry warm clothes because of the cold.

    2. Visiting night market in Tam Dao

    You can enjoy the cool atmosphere, the mist, the crowd and taste the wonderful food right on the market. You must try Lam rice, grilled chicken in clay, grilled sweet potato, etc. Grilled dishes in here are marinated with special ingredients that make it tasty in a unique way.

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    Night market in Tam Dao is not just food but you can find here many colorful handmade clothes, scarves, handbag, silver and ivory bracelets made by local ethnic groups. There are meaningful gifts that you can send to your friends and family.

    Because of the cool weather, prepare warm clothes and maybe a pair gauntlets.

    3. Outdoor swimming pool

    You can experience the outdoor swimming pool view toward the majestic mountains of Belvedere Tam Dao resort. This is popular as the most attractive wedding photography destination of Tam Dao. Even in winter, when we can no longer swim, this location still attracts people who want a perfect check-in pose.

    The Belvedere Tam Dao resort is located at National road 2B, Tam Dao town.

    4. Playing golf at the fancy, high-quality golf course

    You can try out this fancy sport at Tam Dao Golf and Resort. With 7,200 yards of the golf course, modern design according to international standards, it will offer you a wonderful experience.

    Address: Tam Dao golf and resort, Hop Chau, Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam

    5. Trekking through Tam Dao and Rung Rinh peak

    Outside Tam Dao tourist region is another Tam Dao which is much more pristine: successive mountains stretching to the horizon, the paths that were paved by leave and covered by the shade of trees. Trekking through Tam Dao national park is what adventure lovers can’t miss. This journey is 50 km long on the mountain so you should try it if you are healthy and have enough time.

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    If not, you might choose to just conquer Rung Rinh peak. It is 20 km from Tam Dao town to the mountain base. The mountain is 1,200 m high which is quite challenging and requires a really good health. The views in the top of the mountain are extraordinary beautiful will remain in your mind forever. Sunset is the best time in Rung Rinh peak when the sky turns red behind the mountain. If you dare to stay overnight, the view from the top will pay off because it is incredibly amazing.

    31 Jan 2020
    Places to stay in Tam Dao, Vietnam What to eat in Tam Dao, Vietnam

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    Places to stay in Tam Dao, Vietnam What to eat in Tam Dao, Vietnam

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