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Weather & Best time to travel in Sapa, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel in Sapa, Vietnam

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    Weather in Sapa

    There is a cool mountain region all year. For this reason, the weather is amazing, one day has four seasons. The morning is the spring, the afternoon is the summer, the afternoon is like autumn and the night is the cold of winter. Besides, the average temperature is about 15 ° C. In fact, summer is not as hot as other areas, at night only about 13 ° C – 15 ° C and 20 ° C – 25 ° C during the day. Winter is often cloudy and very cold, temperatures sometimes below 0 ° C, sometimes have snowfall. Rainfall is most concentrated in the period from May to August.

    All about Sapa, Vietnam:

    Month Average Temperature (ºC) Average Rainfall (mm)
    January 8 140
    February 7 80
    March 14 100
    April 17 140
    May 17 285
    June 20 290
    July 19 490
    August 19 670
    September 18 260
    October 16 50
    November 11 140
    December 8 50

    Best time to travel to Sapa

    With such a great climate, you can visit here all of the time in a year except the rainfall time. However, the best time to visit is from March to May and from September to November

    In the spring (from March to May)

    We have a good time to visit: the dry season, pleasant weather and warm. Absolutely, it is excellent for trekking. Also, in the spring, there have lots of festivals that you can join.  Moreover, this is a great time to explore the area and to get in touch with the locals. Especially, you will have the chance to see the wonderful scenes of many colorful flowers and green fields there. 

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    In the summer (from June to August)

    Although the weather is quite warm, it is still not as hot as other regions in Vietnam. Thus, if you want to get out of the scorching hot weather in the capital of Vietnam, you should spend time in this town in the period between April and May.

    In the autumn (from September to November)

    This is the greatest time. If you want to enjoy Sapa’s terraces scenery, this time is perfect. In early October, the most rice is harvested In November, it gets colder and the rice significantly harvested but it is still a great month for outdoor activities. Additionally, the cool and dry weather with the stable temperature makes it the perfect time for trekking and photos.

    In the winter (from December to February)

    The weather becomes very freezing, especially at night. However, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise over the valley in the morning and the snow falls on some low-temperature days. Because of its wonderful sceneries, Sapa is always crowded at this time of the year.

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