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5 Things to buy in Sapa, Vietnam - Shopping in Sapa

5 Things to buy in Sapa, Vietnam - Shopping in Sapa

Things to buy in Sapa, Vietnam - 2020 Travel Guide

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    1. Brocade – Must-buy souvenir

    Colorful brocade - Things to buy in Sapa

    Before returning home, visitors can choose to buy souvenirs shops to keep as a souvenir or give to your friend or your family. One of the first suggestions for souvenirs is Brocade. The brocade in Sapa is a beautiful brocade, diversity patterns, and unique materials.

    Indigenous people say that most ethnic women in Sapa know how to embroider, weave and sew clothes for themselves and other family members.

    Some souvenirs in Sapa brocade such as: with the dress, brocade skirt people can also buy scarves, wallets, shoulder bags, watermelon hats, gas pillows or blankets also have brocade.

    2. Medicinal Herbs

    Sapa view from the sky seeing medicinal herbs

    Sapa is a wonderful place, endowed with a cool climate all year around and therefore very suitable for growing plants, especially medicinal herbs. It is an area where a great amount of precious medicinal herbs can be found, which can be fresh or dried. With a lot of health-related benefits, medicinal herbs is one of the most favorable gifts for visitors to take as gifts for their family since it can strengthen your health and treat some kind of diseases, herbal bath and traditional massages in particular.

    3. Jewelry

    Besides buying souvenir items, people can choose jewelry. Jewelry of women of mountainous ethnic groups is also unique, distinctive and beautiful textures. It is the place where people can choose a necklace, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, belts, rings, buttons, shirts.

    Jewelry - Things to buy in Sapa

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    Souvenirs can be easily bought in the market, along the way, along with the streets. People can also go to the Sapa market (in Sapa town and held Saturday evening), Bac Ha market, Coc Ly market or many shops in the town center where tourists can easily find and buy your favorite items.

    4. Local Fruits

    With template climate, Sapa has been known as a land of fruits, especially peach and pear. In sapa, peach is not only plants in the garden of the local people but also grow on mountain sides and forests. The taste of a peach at here is magnificent due to the sour and sweet of it. Sapa's peach size can be as large as a tea cup, cover by a thin layer of a white powder which make it appearances very eye-catching. The peach's harvest is in May and June, which is a great time for visitor to come and purchase some fruits as a gifts for relative. In addition to those fruits, tourists paying a visit to this ‘city in the fog’ also should buy some dried mushroom – the famous specialty of the region with unique taste.

    Peach at sapa - Things to buy in sapa

    5. Local apple wine

    Local apple wine sapa

    If you have a chance to visit sapa, trying local apple wine have to be on your must-do-list. One of the most famous types of wine in Sapa is apple wine which made from wild apple found on Sapa's mountainsides or forests. It is a perfect combination of sweet, sour and bitter taste, creating a unique flavor that cannot be found in other wines.

    22 Jan 2020
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