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Exploring Sa Pa Night Market - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

Exploring Sa Pa Night Market - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

Exploring Sa Pa Night Market - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

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    Opening hours of Sa Pa Night Market

    Sa Pa Night Market is often held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is open from 4 in the afternoon until 10pm. Although that is the official hours, most of the time it actually remains open until midnight.

    sapa night market


    Love Market with an interactive music show is organised on Saturday night.

    How to get to Sa Pa Night Market

    The night market is on N1 Street of Sa Pa town. The location belongs to the Information Center and Tourism Promotion of Lao Cai Province. It is at the center of Sa Pa town and really easy to find. If your hotel is somewhere in the center of Sa Pa town, you can simply walk there. It is a great way to enjoy the weather and observe the panoramic view of Sa Pa after sunset.

    nightlife sapa


    A more popular way of moving around Sa Pa is to rent a motorbike. You can make use of Google Map and follow the instructions to the night market. However, it is recommended that you arrive at the Night Market before 8pm to make sure you can get a parking spot. There are many parkings around the market. But if you get here too late, you might have to park quite far away.

    If you don’t like to walk and don’t know how to ride, you can grab a taxi or motorbike taxi. It is just worry-free.

    What to do in Sa Pa Night Market


    Sa Pa Night Market is one of the most bustling places in Sa Pa. It would be a huge mistake if you miss this activity while visiting this town. The first impression when visitors first enter this night market is the colorful clothes of the sellers. They are mainly H’mong and Red Dao people which are two of many minor ethnicities in Sa Pa.

    shopping in sapa


    They sell a variety of things such as jewelry, clothing in H’mong or Red Dao style (brocade), flutes, rice wine, remedy of the Red Dao, oil, candle wax and honey. But most of their products are handmade and produced by the locals. However, the products are high quality at reasonable prices. 

    Today, Sa Pa Night Market is modernised but it still preserves the unique atmosphere of a Northwestern Vietnam town. In the chilly weather and by the dim street light, visitors shop around the colorful stalls of H’mong and Red Dao people. When hungry, they can buy from the many food stalls selling BBQ and desserts. 

    Tasting food

    Sa Pa Night Market is not only a genuine market for shopping, it is also one of the most famous places for eating. There is no better place to explore the specialties of Northwest Vietnam than Sa Pa Night Market. In the cold weather of Sa Pa, it is amazing to have a taste of hot steaming barbecue grills.

    sapa food at market


    The culinary culture of Sa Pa is unique and diverse in many ways. There are around 7 minor ethnicities living in Sa Pa, creating a mutual yet special cuisine. Sa Pa Night Market can be compared to a heaven of barbecue.

    There is every kind of food grilling over the flaming hot charcoal. You can try grilled pork skewers, grilled bacon, quail eggs, chicken wings, beef stuffed cabbage rolls, sliced beef with enoki mushrooms and salmon sausage. In terms of vegetables, there are also plenty of choices: all types of mushrooms and grilled vegetables. 

    Especially, the grilled pork from carried-under-armpit pig (Lợn cắp nách) won’t let you down. The reason it is called carried-under-armpit pig is because the pig is only 10 kg. The pigs are raised cage-free. The meat is soft with a delicious smell. It has a strong and unique flavor of this land. This dish of grilled pork is truly the specialty of Sa Pa. Besides, you can have a taste of grilled buffalo, chestnuts or some forest vegetables and herbs. 

    All of these dishes smell really good that they make your mouth water. 

    Sa Pa Love Market 

    Love Market takes place every Saturday night at Sa Pa Night Market. It is said that this name was given to the market in the 19th century. Love Market is an interesting name. As it is a “market”, there should be sellers and buyers. Yet love is not what is on sale here. The reason behind is a lot simple. Love Market is just a dating place for lovers. It is where lovers meet each other and express their affection for each other. In the culture of ethnic minorities, the market is the beginning for many things.

    cho tinh sa pa


    Young men and women express their feelings interestingly through many activities. They interact by playing folk games such as tug of war, performing melodies through leaf blowing and singing love songs while dancing. Love Market truly brings people together.

    Also, this is a great chance for you to truly immerse in the cultural customs of the mountainous ethnic minorities. The locals will gather together and play music instruments to create an impressive and fun melody that makes you want to dance instantly. Interestingly, you will be amazed at the clear and loud sound created from a tiny little leaf. 

    The minorities here are really friendly. They will invite you to join their dancing as an offer of culture exchange. Have some fun dancing and relaxing while looking for your love! 


    28 Apr 2020
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