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10 Best places to travel in Sapa, Vietnam

10 Best places to travel in Sapa, Vietnam

10 Best places to travel in Sapa, Vietnam

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    It can be said, the special features only in Sapa have kept many visitors so long. To not miss the opportunity to explore here, we gave you the list of the most attractive places.

    Sapa town – A place not to be missed when setting foot on Sapa

    Since 1940, the French have planned, building Sapa town into a resort. So there are full of hydroelectric power stations, water stations, power stations, parishes, coal mines, treasuries, ranger stations, asphalt roads and more than 200 Western-style villas. This makes this town look like a European city.

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    Sapa Rock Church –  A symbol of Sapa town

    One of 200 unique architectural features of Sapa is Sapa Rock Church. It is considered a symbol of Sapa town. When you come here, you will feel the ancient splendor and the magnificent romantic of this building, making you feel like you are in faraway France. Especially, When the snow falls, it will be more exciting.

    Ham Rong mountain – The paradise in Sapa

    Located in the center of the town, to reach the top of Ham Rong mountain you have to climb through thousands of stone steps. Firstly, up to the place, appearing the flower garden is Ham Rong, this is a flower garden is built according to the natural position of Ham Rong mount. Secondly, get to Ham Rong, visitors feel like to go to the paradise with clouds cover human body, brilliant flowers on the ground. As a result, Ham Rong mountain is the place that can not ignore.

    Ham Rong mountain is located right next to the town. Therefore, you can walk by yourself from the hotel as well, you can visit Ham Rong in the morning or afternoon. Tickets to visit Ham Rong Mountain are US$ 3/ person. This is a worth place to go when coming to Sapa.

    Cat Cat Village – A place to relax

    Cat Cat is mainly inhabited by Mong people. You should come here when coming to Sapa. Moreover, there are also 2 more beautiful triangle flower fields for tourists to take photos. Down the slope, you will see the iron bridge across Muong Hoa stream. Going here, you should stop by the waterfall, visit a simple tent that eats grilled corn, grilled eggs, barbecue and apple cider, you will experience as a real Mong people.

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    Ta Phin Village, Old Monastery – mysterious beauty

    Ta Phin is the living place of Red Dao and Mong. It is located 12 kilometers towards Lao Cai. You can drive a motorbike to get here because the road is really amazing. At Ta Phin, you can visit the monastery built almost as full of stone on a clear and cool hillside. Furthermore, go through ancient monasteries you will encounter a huge cave, in many stalactites cave create interesting shapes such as dancing figure, sitting fairy, far field, forest sparkling. Ta Phin is not only the beautiful natural scenery but also cultural features of the national identity of the Red Dao with the famous brocade.

    On the way from Sapa to Ta Phin, you will encounter an ancient monastery that brings the mysterious beauty of French architecture after the mossy layers hidden in the fog of Sapa. Coming here and doing the classic photos will be a little magical.

    Lao Chai, Ta Van Village – The ladder to the sky

    Away from the bustling town of Sapa along Cau May street, turn to Muong Hoa street will be a completely different picture. Here there are villages with a more peaceful and quiet life. Lao Chai – Ta Van is located in the valley, the two sides are Hoang Lien Son and Ham Rong mountains. Moreover, it is surrounded by terraces rice sprawl across the hill. It seems to be the ladder connect Lao Chai with the mountains to join in the clouds to the sky.

    Mount Fansipan – Indochine’s roof

    Fansipan is the highest mountain of the Indochinese peninsula. It is located in the center of the Hoang Lien Son Range. Especially, on the way to the top of the mountain, we will be exploring the flora and fauna of nature. There have 2 ways to get there: climb the mountain or by cable car. If you want to have memorable experiences, you can choose to climb the mountain. Because of its height, you will encounter many difficulties. Therefore, to join this journey you need to have good health, prepare sufficiently essential and weak equipment. It is also taking a too long time about 2 days of climbing, so think carefully after deciding.

    You can also choose to take the cable car. Fansipan cable car has helped tens of thousands of visitors set foot to the top Fansipan to admire, discover and conquer the highest roof Indochina. The cable car has shortened the travel time to Fansipan peak for 2 days by dirt road back to 15 minutes. Definitely, everyone from young children to the elderly has the opportunity to conquer the roof of Indochina.

    Once you step your foot into the Fansipan cable cabin, you will eager to contemplate the 3000 meters, underneath magnificent landscape: endless clouds, terraced fields of the local ethnic group, Muong Hoa green valley hidden behinds dangerous and sheer rocks of Hoang Lien Son mountain chain, etc. Undoubtedly, all those things would bring you a sensation of flying on the new land, which is really special and excited.

    Reference price for he cable car
    • Adult: US$ 26/person
    • Children: 1 meter – 1,3 meter: US$ 18/person
    • Children under 1 meter are free.

    The Silver Waterfall – Amazing scenery

    Located in Coc San commune, Bat Xat district, about 7 kilometers from Lao Cai city, Coc San is a system of waterfalls and caves of different sizes. From National Highway 4D, there is a small road about 1 km long leading to Coc San. The road to Coc San is very zigzag, dark and covered by rocks but the beauty of Coc San is still wild. There is a very special thing in almost every bend of a waterfall after the water poured down from above, there is a cave. Coc San landscape is harmonious and comprehensive. Because of its beauty, most visitors come here to feel the magic from the waterfalls, rocks, and caves.

    The Sky Gate – An paradise place

    It is 18 kilometers north of Sapa town. The road to the sky gate is full of wind, cloud, and mountains. Standing in the middle of the Sapa Sky Gate, you can see the whole of the vast valley below, with green fields, a back road, and Silver Falls. Also, you can feel grandiose of the peak Fansipan skyline and below is the deep chasm.

    Thanh Kim, Sau Chua – Different experience

    Thanh Kim, Sau Chua – the location in Sapa that completely different from other places. Sau Chua and Thanh Kim are the two communes (located in two different places, Sau Chua goes to Ta Phin and Thanh Kim goes to Lao Chai – Ta Van) in Sapa district. Especially, come to Sau Chua, Thanh Kim, we are finding the land without tourists, no tour guide, no cars, no noise, smoke, no trade, etc.  There will have only you with the stream forests, leaves, terraces, and hills. Obviously, this is one of the most tranquil places, your heart will be vibrant with the beauty of the Northwest mountains and forests.

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