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Over the years, many monuments in the ancient town Hoi An, Quang Nam have been seriously degraded, some relics are in danger of collapse. Facing this situation, the Center for Management of Cultural Heritage of Hoi An City (the Management Board) has surveyed and compiled dossiers submitting to the competent authority for urgent measures to restore these monuments.

The representative of the Management Board said that in order to assess the actual situation of the monuments in Hoi An ancient town and implement measures to restore, repair and preserve the monuments, the Management Board had a survey in June 2017. The survey was aimed at grasping the situation of the relics that need to be treated urgently before the rainy season. Seven monuments have been seriously degraded; 23 relics degraded seriously and 14 relics degraded slightly.

Because of the urgent situation of the monuments, the leaders of Hoi An City also have directed the functional departments to coordinate with the citizens overcome temporarily and wait for the synchronous resettlement more firmly.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung, Director of the Central Administrative Office, said: “In order to carry out the restoration and repair of quality, we have built a team of collaborators who are officials in communes, wards, and towns in Hoi An to quickly grasp the information and suggest to repair the degraded monuments. Thereby, there are plans to support timely. The results of the restoration and repair of monuments in the ancient town in the past year are very positive.

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