Quang Ninh Inland Waterway Port Authority said that in the past seven months, the organize inspected 213,043 vehicles and issued 116 administrative fines with fines of VND 106,450,000.

Strictly following the guidance of the provincial People’s Committee on strict inspection of the tonnage of the ship before leaving the port. At the same time, strengthening the coordination of information between the two ports and terminals to control the time, the journey and the number of crew members. In the past seven months, the unit has checked 213,043 vehicles with the total tonnage of 25,648,924 (TPT).

Of which, 10,706 ships, 202.337 passengers (94,353 visitors staying in Halong Bay, transported 2,109,001 passengers). In order to ensure good traffic order and safety, inland waterway port authorities have concentrated on strictly inspecting means for committing crews’ violations, lacking safety equipment on means, resolutely not granting permits for the vehicles which do not guarantee safe operating conditions.

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