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Weather & Best time to travel to Ly Son Island, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel to Ly Son Island, Vietnam

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    1. General weather in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

    Like most places in Central Vietnam, the general weather in Ly Son Island is warm all year long. There is little rain throughout the year and the temperatures vary little from winter to summer. For a tourist island, this type of climate is ideal for visitors to enjoy the sun and have no worry of tropical rain. The hottest months of Ly Son Island are May, June, and July, when the temperatures reach highest at around 33.8°C (92.9°F) during noon and drop lowest around 26.6°C (79.8°F) at night.

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    Despite having a generally mild climate, Ly Son Island is sometimes struck with tropical storms coming from the South China Sea. There have been incidents where the island is cut off from the mainland due to heavy rain and strong waves. The storms usually hit Ly Son Island around October, November, and December, so tourists are highly advised to avoid these months when traveling to Ly Son Island.

    2. Best time to visit Ly Son Island, Vietnam

    a. From May to August – The ideal summertime

    This is the most beautiful time to travel to Ly Son Island. At this time, the weather is the hottest but still enjoyable. Past travelers have praised this season to be the most suitable for sunbathing, swimming, hiking, and exploring the island’s untouched treasures. However, this is the peak tourist season so there will be more people travelling to Ly Son Island. If you prefer traveling when there are fewer people, the beginning of September is the time for you.

    b. From September to early December – The garlic harvest time

    During this season, you will have first-hand experience seeing the local specialty – “Lonely Garlic” – planted and harvested. Local farmers will grow garlic everywhere on the island, and the beauty of Ly Son Island during the garlic season will be revealed. However, the weather during these months is quite cold and stormy, so you should pay attention to weather reports when traveling to Ly Son Island this season.

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    31 Jan 2020
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