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Things to do in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

Things to do in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

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    1. Visit Duc Pagoda and the Quan Am Statue, Ly Son Island, Vietnam

    Duc Pagoda sits on top of Mount Gieng Tien. Tourists will have to climb over 100 steps to reach this stunning pagoda. Waiting on top is a 27-meter-tall Quan Am statue overlooking the island. The other sections of the pagoda are craftly built into the caves, creating a cosmic balance between man and nature.

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    2. Hike up Thoi Loi Mountain, Ly Son Island, Vietnam

    Once an active volcano, Thoi Loi Mountain is now an attractive tourist destination with numerous places of interest. Backpackers who enjoy a panoramic view will love this peak. At the top of Thoi Loi Mountain, tourists can enjoy not only the exclusive scenery over the whole Island but also the National flagpole.

    To reach the peak, you should head towards the north coast from Thon Dong Village and follow the road. Upon reach a sign for “Mount Thoi Loi and National Flag Tower”, turn left and hike up the steep road. Turn right at the fork and remember not to approach the military base at the very top of the mountain.

    3. Buy “Lonely Garlic” – the specialty of Ly Son Island

    As mentioned above, “Lonely Garlic” is Ly Son Island’s number one specialty. The bulb is small and there’s only one clove, but the aroma and taste make it the most coveted spice in Vietnam. You might not find many stores with “Lonely Garlic” on sale, but perhaps your accommodation has some in stock, so ask around. One kilogram of authentic “Lonely Garlic” is about VND 800,000.

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    31 Jan 2020
    What to eat in Ly Son Island, Vietnam Places to visit in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

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    What to eat in Ly Son Island, Vietnam Places to visit in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

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