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What to eat in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

What to eat in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

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    1. Salads in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

    Ly Son Garlic Salad is a beloved dish to all locals. This dish is made with steamed “Lonely Garlic” mixed various herbs and spices. Complete with chopped peanut, Ly Son Garlic Salad has an intriguing taste of spicy garlic.

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    Another popular salad is the Seaweed Salad. Although the key ingredient is seaweed, the garlic also plays a big part in the overall taste. The dish is served as a combination of seaweed, garlic, basil, lemon and seasoning spices.

    2. Fresh Seafood in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

    You can find fresh seafood in many restaurants around Ly Son Island. Another option is the night market where you can get not only seafood but also beer and hot pot. Here are some must-try seafood when coming to Ly Son Island.

    a. Ta Ma fish (ghost fish)

    Beyond being very delicious, this fish is particularly hard to catch, making it the most wanted food in Ly Son Island. Ta Ma fish is cooked in many ways. In the winter, the locals enjoy grilled Ta Ma. In the summer, tourists get to taste Ta Ma hot pot, Ta Ma porridge and Ta Ma soup. No matter how it is cooked, Ta Ma fish is loved for its distinctively rich sweetness and tight meat.

    b. Spanner crab

    The Spanner crab is known in Vietnamese as the King of crab. A Spanner crab is as big as a male adult’s hand, with bright red shell and sharp pincers. A delicacy, the Spanner crab is unfortunately not available all year round. However, you should definitely try this crab if you can. Its sweet and nutritious meat cannot be matched.

    c. Sea snail

    Snails are eaten all over Vietnam, whether they are sea snails or freshwater snails. Sea snails in Ly Son Island are hard to catch, but the taste makes diving 10 meters underwater worth it. Snails can be cooked in various ways such as grilled, steamed or stir-fried. A dish of snails is often served with an accompanying sauce bowl.

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    31 Jan 2020
    How to get around Ly Son Island, Vietnam Things to do in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

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    How to get around Ly Son Island, Vietnam Things to do in Ly Son Island, Vietnam

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