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Experience the Conquest of Phu Quoc National Park

Experience the Conquest of Phu Quoc National Park

Experience the Conquest of Phu Quoc National Park

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    Come to Phu Quoc National Park. You will begin the journey of conquering and exploring the pristine forest with diverse flora and fauna.

    As it goes deep, the murmuring streams and murmuring of the rare birds are clearer and the hills filled with green trees appear as a sweet, Great things "for the Pearl Islands".

    1. Is there a national park in Phu Quoc?

    phu quoc national park

    Oh Yes, Phu Quoc National Park is large and extremely rich as another National park in Vietnam. Phu Quoc National Park was launched in 2001. Located in the north of Phu Quoc island and occupies about 70% of the island's area, over 31,000 hectares. Within its area, Phu Quoc National Park "owns" three large mountain ranges on the island: Ham Ninh mountain range, Ham Rong mountain range and Ganh Dau mountain range. Specially with 60 km of beautiful coastline.

    2. How to conquer Phu Quoc National Park?

    It is easy to come to Phu Quoc National Park. Because 70% of the island is in the National Park, in the communes of Bai Thom, Cua Duong and Ham Ninh. You just go to the above communes, then head east or north for less than 10 km will encounter the vast forest, immense and countless beautiful scenery waiting for you. But the most impressive to the conquest is the road through this primeval forest.

    phu quoc national park

    The total length of the crossroads of Phu Quoc National Park is 90 km long with 12 bridges crossed. It's divided into many sections, starting from Ham Ninh. Which is only suitable if you walk by road. The forest is difficult to access, as well as the need to conserve the limiting vehicles passing by. For those who like to ride motorbikes "over" the forest edge can go the road from Ham Ninh to Bai Thom. It's about 50 km.

    From Ham Ninh to Bai Thom, it is quite difficult to travel. Especially in the rainy season, because this is a forest road, muddy and deep subsidence in the rainy season is difficult to run. When passing through streams, waterfalls are wet as well as rocky soil, causing obstacles for young drivers. Just only about 50 km long but it will take about 2 hours to see the end of this road.

    phu quoc national park

    When you arrive Bai Thom. It's a great for rest here, as well as enjoy seafood, scenery here. Then, the road through the forest from Bai Thom back to Indochinese town was paved. So it is very easy to travel, spacious, you can comfortably view the two sides of the road while driving.

    3. What to do in Phu Quoc National Park?

    Explore the vegetation

    Called the national park, the flora here must be called "repellent", extremely rich. The trees that live mainly in Phu Quoc National Park are evergreen trees, which have long lived and grow in low mountainous terrain. You can easily see large species of trees, precious orchids, beautiful as well as rare herbs. Such as honey, licorice, nutmeg,...

    Beside the diverse green shades of the trees, the old forest is also marked with clear white patches of waterfalls, streams. Among them, the stream, the famous waterfall originating from the Ham Ninh range such as Tranh stream, Da Ban stream and Da Ngon stream. As beautiful as the film, as pictures of these streams as well as the way to them, you can refer right here.

    For Tranh spring and Da Ban spring, you should go in the rainy season. Because in the dry season, these streams dry up, there is no water. But do not worry, Phu Quoc National Park and rocky seven-storey streams are beautiful floating realms all year round, from day to night tireless. This is also one of the most beautiful streams in Phu Quoc Islands.

    phu quoc national park

    Conquer the "roof of Phu Quoc"

    Come to Phu Quoc National Park, you definitely can not miss trekking activities, or at least see the foot of the mountain. Especially Mount Lord is located in Bai Thom - also known as "roof of Phu Quoc". This is the highest mountain in Phu Quoc with a height of 603 m, located in Ham Ninh. From the top, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the forest, a spectacular sight. Sure that is hard to see anywhere else.

    In addition to the Lord Mountain, in the Phu Quoc National Park is also the second high peak Mountain Ham Ninh. Also possesses extremely dazzling vision. From the mountain down, the whole national park appears as a landscape paintings drawn by the best painters.

    Phu Quoc Island is not only a new attractive island. But also a very large and rich Phu Quoc National Park. Come here you will be able to admire the natural scenery of the sea, enjoy the light flowers spread throughout the mountain as well as participate in the "exciting" activities. Such as bathing, mountain climbing, camping and above all. Tours Vietnam plus trekking & biking in Phu Quoc National park is a great idea for natural lover. That the season why more and more people travel to Phu Quoc in recent years. 

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    12 Jun 2020
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