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Hon Thom, beautiful gem hidden in the sea

Hon Thom, beautiful gem hidden in the sea

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    Go to Hon Thom, and wish to be back here, once or several times. Sure you will love this island, once you have imagined paradise is real in this place.

    Treasure heaven

    phu quoc island

    Hon Thom island, the largest island in the An Thoi island cluster in the south of Phu Quoc. The island has no electricity grid, telephone waves are also very consistent. But standing in front of nature on the island, naturally people forget that inconvenience. Hon Thom is such a beautiful girl, pure, and somewhat ... "wild".

    Meet the girl, the most ardent person also see the soul is bathed, to become romantic in a way that he himself can not understand. The fine white sand beaches, crystal clear water, only touching the Hon Thom was wanting to live with her, want to be her hugging, chubby, between the green of the forest, green like jade. Guests have the opportunity to view the sky from the sky when traveling on a cable car.

    There are many small beaches in Hon Thom. It make people want to dive into the water, or lie on the white sand, under the coconut trees. On the South Beach, Bai Chan, the roof of the magnifying glass red, floating. Hon Thom treats guests with the heart of the coastal people, fresh seafood, with lush mango orchards, milk beams swinging and smiles dark black sun. But there is something missing at Hon Thom.

    In the past, the island did not have electricity, and there was no recreational entertainment. Guests go to the island early, swimming, watching the sky to see the mountain, then hurried to the canoe, on the land ship when the afternoon did not let go. You will like them, the feeling of Hon Thom as a beautiful girl is still hidden in the sea.

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    Best ways to discover Hon Thom by cable car

    At the end of the cable car at Hon Thom. There would be a recreation complex Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park inaugurated in February 2018. So, Hon Thom will "add new colors", youthful, vibrant when the new entertainment complex, with the sea sports attractive. Such as paragliding, jetski ... Both the dance in show Performance of international artists.

    Hon Thom also treats tourists to the tranquility of the village by the orchards filled with fruit ripened, listening to the traditional folk songs from folk artists. Hon Thom will also bring its fresh local seafood in combination with the culinary delights of the country.

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    There are many interesting things that he can handle irresistibly about Hon Thom in 2018. Cable car brings visitors to this beautiful island, carrying the aspirations of life of the islanders. The amusement park helps visitors find Hon Thom, stay longer, bring home new life.

    Finally. What are you waiting for without booking a trip to Phu Quoc island to enjoy the moment immersed in the "heaven paradise"?

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    12 Jun 2020
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