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Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Ham Ninh Fishing Village

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    Ham Ninh Fishing Village is a famous place in Phu Quoc Island. This is one of the oldest fishing village in Vietnam. No one knows how olds this village. But only know that, when Phu Quoc island is deserted, some residents from far away to exploit seafood. After that they set up the villages.

    How Ham Ninh fishing village is unique?

    Ham Ninh fishing village is located on the coast of the East Island, behind the mountains and forests, in front of the immense sea. Population is concentrated on the edge of Ham Ninh canal. The village is the place to avoid storms on the sea.

    People talk about Ham Ninh as a place of ancient, rustic, a nostalgic memory of the ancient life. To Ham Ninh as the nostalgic back to the ancient village. Life here remains almost unspoiled with the temporary bamboo walls. The people here are still lacking and strenuous. Main occupation is pearl diving, catching sea ginseng (breaking news) and netting crabs.

    ham ninh phu quoc

    Bien Ninh beach is so gentle that sometimes hundreds of meters still dry. When the net water, sand beach immense run away, at the water, flooded the beach, into the jungle. Standing on Ham Ninh beach, the islands of Hai Tac Island (Ha Tien) appear far away. Deviate to the South, Nghe artificially blurred in the water. To the south is the mouth of Da Noi - the last tip of the island. Northerners of small trees to the sea fishing, fish washing, or hot seat, waiting for people to go out. It's a great chance to shut many beautiful moment photos here. That's why many photographer choose this place for hunting picture.

    Referring to Ham Ninh is to mention the seafood of the sea. If you come here but not enjoy crab. It means that you missed everything. Because crab is a specialty of this region, almost always there. The crabs just caught boiled, bright red, meat is firm, pepper salt with lemon pepper.

    Come to Ham Ninh Fishing Village in Phu Quoc island, visitors not only be immersed in a peaceful, peaceful, charming and exotic space, to see first-hand the natural beauty of nature, explore the cultural life of fishermen, but also have the same people go out to sea, catching near the shore, learn about the lives of people here. Visiting Ham Ninh early in the morning or on the moon to enjoy the beauty of this sea. Here you will enjoy the moonlight floating on the sea.

    It's great for seafood lover, enjoy the local life of fisherman.

    Source: Origin Vietnam


    12 Jun 2020
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