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Weather & Best time to travel in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel in Mui Ne, Vietnam

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    General weather in Mui Ne

    Mui Ne is in the dry, tropical climate typical, windy, sunny, with little thunderstorms, no frost, and the average annual temperatures are usually from 26°C to 27°C. January, February, and December have an average temperature of about 25.5°C and are cooler than other months of the year. April and May are the hottest months in Phan Thiet, sometimes it can rise up to 29°C. The average humidity is between 78 and 80.7%.

    Month The highest temperature (°C) The lowest temperature (°C) Month The highest temperature (°C) The lowest temperature (°C)
    January 29 22 July 31 25
    February 30 22 August 31 25
    March 31 24 September 31 25
    April 32 26 October 31 25
    May 33 26 November 31 24
    June 32 26 December 30 24

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    Best time to travel to Mui Ne

    Mui Ne has a year-round warm climate with windy and less stormy, so you can travel any time.
    The period from April to August is considered the best time to travel to Mui Ne. At that time, the water is blue and cool.

    Mui Ne in the cool climate (From December to February)

    This is the time of winter in the North and Phan Thiet seems to enjoy a little cold air in the region causing the climate that is suddenly cold so that the traveler is in a romantic space to extremely. 
    December to February, Phan Thiet makes people crazy by the mysterious nature of the sandhill in Mui Ne. Cold weather is suitable for these excursions to the mini version of the Saharan region to admire the sand dunes stretching as desert wilderness. Under the mild sunshine of winter, we suddenly see sand dunes sparkling colorfully. The wind blows make us see the shapes the sand dunes create.

    Mui Ne in the most beautiful time of waves (From August to December)

    From August to December, Mui Ne is experiencing a hot summer and preparing for the cold winds of the winter. This is considered to be a very exciting time to transfer. But, what makes the tourists happy to visit Mui Ne is that at this time,  waves undulate and is not so smooth but enough to experience great moments when surfing and playing the sea adventure.

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    August to December is considered a great time for those who love the sea and want to experience the full moment in the sea.

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    Mui Ne in the hottest time (In April and May)

    In April and May, the climate has gradually increased and the sunshine becomes so warm. People are interested in returning to Mui Ne, with the cool ocean of water to disperse the heat of the summer.

    Mui Ne beaches are known as the beaches on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Phan Thiet with long sandy beaches with smooth sand under the sun. Once you set foot in that place, you will be fascinated by the clear water, see your reflection in its surface. Besides, the beaches are also remembered for the coconut wrapped around, so you can be lost in a large pineapple forest and the sea is another great discovery.

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