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3 best things to eat in Mui Ne, Vietnam

3 best things to eat in Mui Ne, Vietnam

3 best things to eat in Mui Ne, Vietnam

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    Phan Thiet dried squid – Rustic food in Mui Ne

    Phan Thiet sun-dried squid is made from high-quality squid leaf, fresh, tasty, naturally sweet. The squids have been exposed through a single crispy sun. The outside of it is dry, but the inside still fresh.
    Unlike other types of dry squids that you normally know, this type is exposed to a single crisp sun. The squid is brought back, washed to reduce the saltwater and bring to dry. The more sun, the more delicious, and it is important to bare the sun only!

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    Normally, the sunburned onion is the most delicious. One sunny squid needs to be roasted on a charcoal fire, not to let an old fire burn. The squids are white opaque, when baked they turn yellow.
    You can also try the sun-dried pasta through some other dishes that are also very delicious: fried fish sauce, charcoal grilled, satay, grilled salted chili …

    A sunny dish is also often served with chili sauce. When eating sweet squid, they are soft fragrant, blended with the spicy sauce of chili, which makes you remember the taste forever.


    • Xuan Vang restaurant: No. 2 Pham Van Dong Street
    • Lam Tong restaurant: No. 92, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Mui Ne
    • Vietnamese Home restaurant: 125, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Mui Ne

    Tha Hotpot – Unique hotpot in Mui Ne

    Hotpot is a specialty dish of the people in Mui Ne, also just many visitors know several years ago only. Even though it is hot pot dishes, the presentation is very interesting and beautiful. At first sight, the viewers are interested in it. But, it is also because of the special taste that there are few restaurants selling this, or maybe they sell but the original taste of this dish has not arrived. However, if you know the place, you and your family still enjoy this drop in a great way.


    • Seahorse restaurant (by Seahorse Resort & Spa)
    • Vietnamese Home restaurant 125 Nguyen Dinh Chieu

    Price: VND 530,000 for  3 – 4 people eating.

    Quai Vac cake – Crispy and salty

    The method of cooking is not too difficult, but, it requires meticulous in each step. The cake must be made from filtered flour, boiling water to make the flour to ripen. After that, the baker will knead the dough to be plastic, which requires ingenuity because the powder is very hot. Then they will extract each powder, using a thin glass bottle.

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    When eating, you just put a little fish sauce on the crotch strap, add onions and green onions. This dish can be eaten only, but, people also buy bread to eat, which tastes very attractive. You can enjoy this dish on the street in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.

    Price: VND 15,000 – 20,000

    23 Jan 2020
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