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4 amazing things to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

4 amazing things to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

4 amazing things to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

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    Terrain racing on the sand dunes – For people loving adventuring

    Referring to Phan Thiet, it is famous for the sand dunes that have been degraded for many years creating a unique natural landscape here. In addition to sliding in the sand dunes simply, few people know that on the sandhill there is also a game for those who love strong feelings, enjoy the experience. That is terrain racing on the sandhill. Take a ride on the large terrain vehicle with strong displacement, instead of crossing the terrain in the forest, here you will have to overcome the sandy hills, big and sag. At a price range of VND 200,000/15 minutes

    Small Tip: You can book a jeep tour to go to White Sand Hill to experience this terrain vehicle or rent a motorbike to go by yourself.

    To rent a jeep car: You can contact the number: (+84) 1900 1761

    Night squid fishing – Challenge for your patience

    When coming to Phan Thiet, you can not miss the seafood specialties here. With long and wide coast, fish, shrimp, squid … and all kinds of fresh sea snails are waiting for you to enjoy. You can find them in the restaurants, eateries and enjoy after processing. But there is an experience you should try if you come here, that is the night squid fishing. This experience allows you to feel the work of the sea people who are salty but sweet with waves.

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    A small tip: To join this activity, please contact Binh Thuan Travel & Media: (+84) 1900 1761

    Playing golf in Sealink City – Luxury golf course

    Built on an area of 160 hectares with many beautiful and wild sand dunes, 80 meters above sea level, Sea Links offers golfers a panoramic view of beautiful Mui Ne Bay. Sea Links is a rare golf course that not only has great panoramic views, but also obstacles that challenge golfers of varying degrees.

    Opening hours: 05:00 – 19:00 daily

    Small Tip:

    • A nine-hole golf course with high-pressure lights for guests to play in the evening.
    • Sealink city: Address: Km 9, Phu Hai, Vietnam                                                                           

    Watching Fishermen show – Fishing Village Legend

    The show is a unique artistic program of cultural exchange between two Kinh and Cham people in Phan Thiet in 1762. This is the only show in Vietnam that professional dancers and local artisans use. The traditional instruments and live singing along with the water technology, flying platform, LED screen, sand dunes, including dragons are put on the stage to make the show just magnificent and very lively. With the Fishermen Show, the audience is able to experience the cultural identity of Phan Thiet while enjoying the art-class techniques inferior to the world-famous show, deserves a show “must see” to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.

    A small tip: To book tickets, please contact: (+84) 901 111 666

    23 Jan 2020
    4 popular places to visit in Mui Ne, Vietnam 3 best things to eat in Mui Ne, Vietnam

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    4 popular places to visit in Mui Ne, Vietnam 3 best things to eat in Mui Ne, Vietnam

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