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Things to buy in Phan Thiet - Phan Thiet Shopping

Things to buy in Phan Thiet - Phan Thiet Shopping

Things to buy in Phan Thiet - 2020 Travel Guide

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    1. Seafood

    Phan Thiet is famous for its seafood products. You can buy seafood in the restaurant where you eat, or in any local stores when going around. If you are wondering what is the best and meaningful souvenirs to buy for your family, dried seafood is one of the first things you have to try.

    Half dried cuttlefish

    Half dried cuttlefish - Things to buy in Phan Thiet

    Cuttlefish & half dried cuttlefish are the most-liked snack with local people or even some visitors coming Phan Thiet. After being catch, the cuttlefish will be processed in one day only and then packed & frozen in cautious. When enjoying half dried cuttlefish, you will feel the way the taste & sense the remained of natural sweetness. 

    Dried Seafood

    Dried Seafood - Things to buy in Phan Thiet

    Dried Seafood - a specialties of Phan Thiet Sea, is highly salted and semi-dried fishery products. There are many types of Dried Seafood, namely: Dried Oyster, Dried Shrimp, Dried Prawn, Dried Sea conch feet, Dried Octopus, Dried squid... Being known as the oldest and the best preservation method, you can buy this as a gift for your relative without worrying too much about the expired dated. 

    2. Fruit

    If you have ever thought that this coastal city only famous seafood without knowing about local fruit here, it will be an unfortunate omission. The special taste of them has made Binh Tuan well-known in many countries and will definitely be a good choice for anyone wants to buy an unique gift for their family and friends.

    Strawberry - Things you should buy in phan thiet

    To know more about Phan Thiet Cuisine: Click Here

    3. Crafts

    Handcrafts in general or sand arts/ sand drawing has been a must-have item to many visitors when traveling to Phan Thiet. With the skillfulness & high creativity of the artist, many unique gifts from variety of natural sands have been made and sold, which also help to increase the life-quality of local people here.

    Crafts - Things to buy in phan thiet

    Besides the specialties from the sea, in recent years visitors to Phan Thiet also enjoy the art from sand paintings of Phi Long Sand Painting Company. Located in a small alley on the way to Mui Ne, Phi Long sand painting is a place to display art products from dozens of natural sand types. Especially these sand paintings are created by young people with disabilities.

    Address to buy paintings: No 444 Thu Khoa Huan Street, Thanh Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City.

    31 Jan 2020
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