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Phan Thiet Beach, Vietnam - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

Phan Thiet Beach, Vietnam - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

Phan Thiet Beach, Vietnam - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

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    Phan Thiet Beach - A Vietnam’s resort heaven

    Where is Phan Thiet Beach?

    Phan Thiet Beach of Binh Thuan region is nestled on the Southern Central coast of Vietnam, 192km from Ho Chi Minh City. With a perfect climate and natural charm, Phan Thiet Beach is a vacation destination and resort heaven no tourists should skip. 

    The best time to visit Phan Thiet Beach

    With a typical tropical climate, windy, sunny, yet not a lot of extreme weather, Phan Thiet Beach is ideal for resort vacation all year round. One thing to note, however, is that in April and May, Phan Thiet beach can heat up to 30C ( 86F), so it is not wise to visit it at this time. Other than that, Phan Thiet Beach’s weather is pretty pleasant the rest of the year, perfect for most vacations and outdoor activities. 

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    5 top attractions to visit at Phan Thiet - Mui Ne Beach

    1. Sandboarding party at the Red Sand Dunes

    What is Phan Thiet’s Red Sand Dunes?

    Frequent travelers would notice that at Mui Ne and Phan Thiet Beach, there are several sand dunes on the map. According to scientific reviews, this is caused by the region’s unique climate and geographical features. One example is the Red Sand Dunes of Phan Thiet, where the sun and wind create a mystical mini desert, with copper red sand, which can even change to white, pink, or gray, according to the time of day.

    Phan Thiet Beach Attraction - Red Sand Dunes

    How to enjoy Phan Thiet-Mui Ne’s Sand Dunes

    With its majestic nature and color-changing sand, many come to Phan Thiet’s sand dunes to appreciate the magic of nature, or take selfies, pretending they’re in the Middle East.  

    Besides that, reviews said don’t miss out on sandboarding while you’re here! With a medium-size plastic board (rented for 20,000 VND), and two ropes as handles, sandboarding is an affordable activity that can occupy you and your kids for at least 2-3 hours. If you want to try it, Phan Thiet’s Red Sand Dunes is located on number 1 Hon Rom, only about 30 minutes driving from Phan Thiet Beach.   

    2. The most luxurious bar experience at Phan Thiet Beach’s resorts

    Why is a luxury bar experience in the top 5 things to do at Phan Thiet Beach?! Not everyone lives in a resort! But, as a matter of fact, most people should. At Phan Thiet Beach, at least, resorts are a much more superior accommodation compared to hotels. Besides the fact that Phan Thiet Beach has a lot of affordable resort options to look into, a resort’s bar is also a deciding factor.

    Luxurious bar in Phan Thiet Beach

    Although there are many public bars at Phan Thiet, with a crowd of party-goers coming in every day from surrounding hotels, those bars cannot be cheap or quiet.  This is where a private resort bar has the advantage. If having a romantic cocktail at a quiet seaside bar is your preferred vibe, a luxurious resort’s bar experience is a must at Phan Thiet Beach.

    3. Admire Phan Thiet’s beauty at Ke Ga Lighthouse

    20km from Phan Thiet Beach, on the coast of Tan Thanh Village, stands a lighthouse amidst an ocean of crystal clear water, its light shines towards the charming Phan Thiet city. This is Ke Ga Lighthouse, the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Vietnam, and an unmissable location for any tourists coming to Phan Thiet Beach.

    Phan Thiet Beach Attraction - Ke Ga Lighthouse

    Ke Ga beach is clear, blue, and untapped with hundreds of granite stones, formed by the sea thousands of years ago - a sight that amazes any visitors. After admiring the ocean, tourists can turn their attention to Ke Ga Lighthouse, a tower with amazingly old French architecture and stories about Vietnam’s Southern seas. 

    4. Have a cultural field trip at Mui Ne Fishing Village

    Why Mui Ne Fishing Village is Phan Thiet’s best destination

    Located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Phan Thiet city, Mui Ne fishing village is the perfect cultural, sightseeing, and shopping stop on the map. Coming to Mui Ne Fishing Village is a magical combination of the noise of trading, the smell of sea and fish, and the mesmerizing atmosphere of early morning. Tourists come here not only to buy fresh seafood, or admire the ocean, but also to be inspired by the vibrant lives of the people here. 

    Phan Thiet Beach Attraction - Mui Ne Fishing Village

    How to best enjoy Mui Ne Fishing Village

    If Mui Ne Fishing Village is on your to-do list, it’s best that you schedule the trip at 5-7 A.M, in order to catch the sunrise and market hours. Traveling to the village is an easy task, as it is only 20km away from Phan Thiet Beach. Just drive along the Southern coastline and you will arrive in Mui Ne Fishing Village, or you can stay in one of many hotels nearby this area and wake up early to enjoy Mui Ne Fishing Village

    5. Touch history at Poshanu Cham Tower

    Finally, no field trip completes without a historical visit. In the case of your Phan Thiet Beach tour, Poshanu Cham Tower is the ideal option. Situated in Ba Nai Hill, Phu Hai district, Poshanu Cham Tower is one of the only places on Vietnam’s map where evidence of the ancient Cham Pa community can be witnessed. Looking and even touching thousand-year-old ruins is no wonder a very interesting thing to do. Thus, it is a great detour for anyone coming to Phan Thiet Beach.

    Poshanu Cham Tower

    All in all, there are so many things to enjoy at Phan Thiet Beach besides beaches and resorts. Hopefully through these suggestions, you can explore more and have the best trip to Phan Thiet Beach!

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