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Best 8 Things to buy in Ninh Binh - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

Best 8 Things to buy in Ninh Binh - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

Best 8 Things to buy in Ninh Binh - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

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    Ninh Binh Fried rice

    ninh binh fried rice


    Fried rice is cooked from the traditional rice of the Ninh Binh ancient capital area. The impressed savor is different significantly to other kinds of rice. The light yellow of fried rice, the sweet taste and fleshy but not sick when we eat together to the fried and dried meat. Fried rice is sold widely in Ninh Binh. Travelers may buy from any travel area as gifts. The price is only from 30,000 Vietnam dong to 100,000 Vietnam dong for a ready-to-buy fried rice package.

    Gia Vien shrimp sauce

    gia vien shrimp sauce


    Gia Vien shrimp sauce is a must use sauce in every family meal, festival and events of Gia Vien people.

    Shrimp sauce is salty but slightly sweat from the baby shrimp and solid as the traditional shrimp sauce in Vietnam. Buy the shrimp sauce in Gia Vien is easier to try. You should try to buy it as the gift. The price is from 150,000 to 200,000 per liter.

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    Ninh Binh mountain goat

    ninh binh goat meat


    Ninh Binh mountain goat is the local name of the traditional goat food in Ninh Binh. Goat in this area live in the limestone mountain. People in Ninh Binh may cook many types of food from goat as boild goat, fried goat, grilled goat of stewed goat.

    Goat meat is toned, low fat and aromatic because mountain goat moves a lot in the mountain. Moreover, the limestone mountain has many water spots, which have a variety of vegetable,  grass and herbs for goat to eat.

    The price is from 150,000 to 400,000 Vietnam dong for each goat meal

    Yen Mac sour meatball

    Yen Mac sour meatball is the traditional food in Ninh Binh. The source of this food is from the daughter of Secretary Phan Than Duat, Pham Thi Thu. She made it to offer to the Kingdom of Nguyen dynasty.

    The meat should be the lean butt meat of when pig has just executed. The fat is removed from the meat. Then meet will be split to the piece from 2 to 3 centimeters. The cooker will press the meat to make it softer and stick to the fried rice flour. Then they will dry it for preservation.

    Yen Mac sour meatball should be combined with fig leaves, apricot leaves, or clove leaves. Each sour meatball is from 40,000 to 50,000 Vietnam dong.

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    Kim Son Nhech fish salad

    kim son nhech salad


    The Nhech fish should be the best one, with big size, from 400 grams or more, fat and white belly, black green back. The cooker will process the fish carefully and even fussily in order to avoid the fishy taste. The dish will have the good smell beside the fleshy of sticky rice, the stinging of vinegar and the pungency of chili, ginger and lemongrass in the fish sauce

    The Nhech fish salad served with gingerbread, vegetables, spices as fig leaves, guava leaves, clove leaves, sesame buds, apricot leaves and star fruit. A dish of Nhech fish from 100,000 to 150,000 Vietnam dong with a lot of fishes.

    Ninh Binh mountain snails

    ninh binh moutain snails


    From April to August, the mountain snails will get food and breed. They normally live inside the limestone mountain as Tam Diep, Yen Mo, Nho Quan. Snails in the mountain is tasty, crunchy, sweet, fragrant with Chinese herbs. Mountain snails can be processed into many dishes such as grilled, fried tamarind, steamed ginger, boiled exhaust, mixed onion salad .... A plate of mountain snails costs from 30,000 to 50,000 Vietnam dong

    Nho Quan wine

    nho quan wine


    Wine is hold in the small or big jars depends on the willing of makers. Nho Quan wine is sweet, having fragrant flavor. The materials of wine is rice, incubate with yeast made from the bark, fruits and forest leaf.

    Gao fruit

    You will be amazed from the sour of stew fish with “gao”. Gao is a fruit which you only find in Ninh Binh. It normally grows in streams and hillsides. The taste of food mixing with “gao” is always sour and having the cool taste

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