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Best 22 things to do in Nha Trang, Vietnam – Best Travel Guide

Best 22 things to do in Nha Trang, Vietnam – Best Travel Guide

Best 22 things to do in Nha Trang, Vietnam – 2021 Travel Guide

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    If you’re still wondering about what is worth doing in this place or confused because of fragmented information, this is what you need. In order to help you have the best and unforgettable experiences in Nha Trang, this article will suggest you the best things to do when visiting Nha Trang. So let’s start the journey to Nha Trang with us!

    1. Enjoy the peace in Binh Lap – “Vietnamese Maldives”

    This peninsula is located in Cam Ranh and quite separated so few visitors know Binh Lap. It is considered as “Vietnamese Maldives”. However, that is what makes Binh Lap a paradise for you to enjoy the silent atmosphere and stay away from the crowded and busy cities.

    Come to Binh Lap, you will be surprised by the masterpiece of nature. this place is boldly untouched. You will dive into the calm blue sea, white sand, gentle local fishermen… all will give you a really peaceful vacation.

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    To get to Binh Lap, you can get a motorbike taxi from My Thanh market to Binh Lap with the price of about VND 80,000 (if you go one or two people, take a motorbike taxi, or choose to rent a motorbike, VND 120,000 per day). Moreover, if you go in a larger group, you can rent a private car with the price of VND 300,000 (one way)

    Address: Cam Lap ward, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa

    2. Build strong team spirit with Paintball

    Paintball is a game sport in which a player tries to defeat the opponents by attacking them with spherical “bullets” containing gelatin and dye, called “paintballs”. Playing Paintball, you will experience the real battle atmosphere with a lot of exciting and interesting adventures.
    Moreover, with only about VND 100,000 per person, you can have a full necessary equipment for the game from protective mask, body armor, paint grenades to paintballs.

    Some paintball clubs in Nha Trang:

    • Suoi Lau 2, Suoi Cat ward, Cam Lam
    • 9c Tran Phu street, Nha Trang
    • 117 Nguyen Thien Thuat street, Nha Trang

    3. Have fun in Nha Trang Vinpearl Land – A place for everyone

    Situated on Hon Tre Island with magnificent beach all year round, Vinpearl Land is considered as the “tropical paradise”. To get to Nha Trang Vinpearl Land, you will have a 3320m cable car ride across the sea, which is also a really interesting experience for tourists. This is a perfect place for you to relax and join in a lot of amazing activities with your family and friends like watching a 4D film, dolphins’ performance, water musical stage, etc. All will give you unforgettable experiences. The ticket price for this amazing place is VND 800,000 per adult and VND 800,000 per child including cable car and services in the park.

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    Water Park

    This is the first freshwater park on the beach in Vietnam with a total area of over 50,000m2. There is an artificial mountain system of 30,000m2 and many modern and unique water games. Lying next to the romantic Luoi river and the hundred meter beach, Water Park at Vinpearl Land Nha Trang promises to bring you the feeling of pleasure and absolute satisfaction. The Water Park is divided into three zones: a thrilling amusement park, a family play area and an amusement park for children – suitable for all family members of all ages.

    Opening hours: 9AM – 6PM


    Being the most modern aquarium system in Vietnam, Nha Trang Aquarium always has a mysterious attraction for all visitors to visit and have fun at Vinpearl Land Resort Nha Trang. The aquarium has an area of 3,400m2, nurtures and displays over 300 species of rare and exotic marine species, imported from many different countries, arranged and divided into different areas. You will be amazed by the spectacular scenery of the marine world here.

    Opening hours: 9AM – 7PM

    Vinpearl Food

    The dining system at Vinpearl Land has a diverse range of cuisines from around the world. Specifically, there are Cho Ngon with Vietnamese dishes, Wind & Sea with fresh seafood, BBQ Express has traditional grilled dishes from Russia; Fastfood stalls are spread throughout the area.

    Besides, for the convenience of visitors when participating in fun activities at Vinpearl Land also has restaurants in each area for visitors to choose.

    4.  Mud bath – An experience that tourists cannot miss

    Nha Trang has been famous not only for beautiful beaches, poetic islands and delicious dishes it also has mud bath – a very interesting experience for tourists. It has been proved that mud bath helps to remove dead skin cells, deposit minerals into your body, strengthen bones, reduce stress, relieve pains, rheumatism and trauma as well as make your skin smoother. Mud here is commonly taken from very deep areas under hot spring waters, which is thought to have a lot of good qualities for health.

    Thap Ba Hot Spring

    • Address: 15 Ngoc Son, Ngoc Hiep
    • Phone: +84 58 383 5345
    • Email:
    • Website:
    • Opening hours:  7AM – 7PM
    • Price: From VND 150,000

    100 Egg Mud Bath

    • Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh Blvd, Phuoc Dong
    • Phone: +84 58 3711 733
    • Email:
    • Website:
    • Opening hours: 8AM – 6PM
    • Price: From VND 150,000

    I Resort

    • Address: 19 Xuan Ngoc, Vinh Ngoc
    • Phone: +84 58 3838 838
    • Email:
    • Website:
    • Opening hours: 7AM – 8 PM
    • Price: From VND 230,000

    Galina Hotel and Spa

    • Address: 5 Hung Vuong street
    • Phone : +84 58 383 9999
    • Email:
    • Website:
    • Opening hours: 8AM – 9PM
    • Price: From 250,000 VND per adult

    5. Explore the marine world in Vietnam National Oceanographic Museum

    It is about 6km from the center of Nha Trang City in the South East. To reach the museum, you can travel by motorbike to enjoy the fresh air or you can also come here by taxi. National Oceanographic Museum was built by the French in 1923 with an area of about 20 hectares near the deep sea, which is convenient for marine species study. This is an ideal destination for those who love to study about the ocean world, with the possession of up to 20,000 specimens of more than 4,000 species of marine species and plants. Moreover, the museum is divided into several areas for you to easily explore and have a better understanding about the marine ecosystem in Nha Trang. The entrance ticket in this museum is very reasonable with only VND 30,000 per adult.

    • Address: 1 Cau Da street
    • Opening hours: 6AM – 6PM
    • Price: Adult: VND 30,000/person; Children: VND 12,000/person

    6. Admire attractive Cham Site: Po Nagar Cham Tower

    The monument of Po Nagar Tower, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa is one of the largest architectural complexes of the Cham culture remaining in Vietnam, built from the 8th century. to the 13th century, when Hinduism was flourishing in the ancient Cham kingdom. Ponagar Tower is a temple on the top of a small hill about 50 meters above sea level. The Cham Towers are only a few kilometres north of Nha Trang and can be easily reached through Tran Phu Bridge along the beachfront road. The towers are still places for worshiping Yan Po Nagar, the ruler of this area. Visiting the tower, tourists will be amazed by the impressive Cham architecture delicate sandstone sculpture.

    • Address: 2 Thang 4 Road, Nha Trang
    • Price: VND 21,000/person

    7. Take a trip to Nha Phu Bay

    Nha Phu is located 15km north of Nha Trang City, with an area of nearly 1500ha connecting Nha Trang Bay and Van Phong Bay. Nha Phu lagoon is one of the two largest lagoons of Khanh Hoa province which still remains the characteristics of a unique and rare ecological area, with mountains, forests, rivers and islands. What is more, this place is very well known for providing a large of seafood for the province and some neighboring areas. Visiting the bay, tourist cannot miss Orchid Cave, where various kinds of orchids are planted along the roads of the island. You can immerse yourself in the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere here. Another favorite destination of the bay is Monkey Island, which is a habitat of more than 1500 monkeys. There is also an amusement park and a lot of fascinating activities for tourists.

    • Address: Nha Phu Bay, Nha Trang

    8. Visit a floating village in Nha Trang

    If you want to find a peaceful place to relax and keep away from the noisy and busy town, Bich Dam fishing village is the ideal destination for you. The unspoiled nature, the idyllic, authentic nature of the fishing village will give you an unforgettable impression. The village is on the sea, which means the local fishermen live in small boats with their family. To reach this destination, you need to get to Cau Da Port, where the only train to Bich Dam departs at 11:30AM every day. With only about 2 hours, you will reach the island, and the ship leaves the island to land at 6AM.

    Visiting Bich Dam, you can experience the simple and rustic life of the locals and enjoy the authentic charm of nature. In order to enjoy the peaceful nightlife in Bich Dam village, you need to ask for a sleep at the locals’ home or bring tents to camp on the island. Also, you will enjoy the dishes from fresh seafood made by the locals. In the early morning, you should go down the fishing village to buy your favorite seafood and catch the fishing boats to get back to the city center.

    • Address: Bich Dam Island

    9. Go shopping in Nha Trang night markets

    This is one of the most interesting activities when traveling to Nha Trang. At night market in Nha Trang, visitors will find a lot of items are sold, from clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, handicrafts …; to seafood, snacks, beverages… There are also calligraphers, painters in place, portraits … that will fascinate you when you see the show at Nha Trang night market. Especially, visitors going to the night market in Nha Trang is not drawn in by the stall holders, and you can freely go, look and choose the item you like. They are very friendly and welcoming. It can be said, Nha Trang night market play an important part in contributing to enrich the nightlife services for tourists Nha Trang.


    • 46 Tran Phu street
    • Yasaka 9 market: Tran Phu street
    • Nha Trang market: Tue Tinh street

    10. Take a challenging adventure in Ba Ho

    Ba Ho is a must-visit a stream originating from Hon Son mountain in Nha Trang, which includes 3 lakes Ba Ho stream, about 25km from Nha Trang. This is a favorite destination for visitors who love joining in adventures.

    To be able to reach the first of these three lakes, you have to walk along the stream for quite a long time. However, it is not too difficult to make it to the first lake though. Around this lake are numerous rocks with all sizes and colors, which will give you a great chance for some photo shoots. Next, the way to the second lake is made for those who are not afraid of obstacles and hiking. If the first lake is big and lies below a 5-meter cascade, this one is narrower and milder, but with more “fairy” features due to its quietness. The surface of this lake is always tranquil like a huge mirror.

    The third lake is only a few hundred meters from the second one, but the path is covered with bushes and is a bit challenging. The lake is narrower than the two others but its bed is wider, lying at the foot of a small cascade beside a rock wall with many tree roots and rampant vegetation. Right here, you may find many wild orchids with their sweet and soft fragrance among the twittering sounds of myriads of various kinds of birds.

    Address: Ninh Hoa Commune 

    11. Visit Nha Trang Church – Na Thrang Cathedral

    This is the largest church in Nha Trang, located at the top of a hill named Bong hill. Nathrang Cathedral was built with French Gothic style in the early 19th century. What is more, it is built completely by stone and has various statues of saints in the outside. Today Nha Trang Stone Church is always the ideal place to visit and enjoy for visitors. This is also considered as a long-standing symbol that Nha Trang people. Coming to the church, tourists can not only enjoy the panoramic view of the city, but also can admire the full view of the mountains behind the church. Coming to the church, visitors can feel the love of Nha Trang for a sacred place, but also more special for Catholics.

    • Address: Nguyen Trai, Phuoc Tan, Nha Trang
    • Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 5AM – 5PM, Sunday 4:30AM – 8PM

    12. Enjoy Nha Trang street food

    Visiting Nha Trang, tourists cannot miss the chance to try the local food here. Just like its attractions, Nha Trang food is also very amazing and tasty. Therefore, you should try some famous dishes when visiting this city.

    Traveling to Nha Trang without enjoying the seafood in the coastal city ưould be a regret. With favorable weather conditions, Nha Trang seafood is considered to be fresher and more nutritious compared to other regions.

    • 6 Ngo Sy Lien street
    • 33 Trinh Phong street
    • 42B Cu Lao Trung street
    • 50 Dong Da street
    • 32 Nhi Ha street

    Price: From VND 70,000

    Bun hai san – Seafood noodle soup
    Nha Trang is considered to be “The City of Seafood Noodle Soup” because it is very famous for this dish. A bowl of noodle, handmade fish cake and many kinds of seafood like shrimps, squids, etc..will amaze you right from the first bite.

    • 2 Lan Ong street
    • 123 Ngo Gia Tu street
    • 6 Han Thuyen street
    • B8 Phan Boi Chau street
    • 87 Yersin street
    • 23A Yet Kieu street

    Price: VND 30,000 – VND 45,000

    Nem Nuong – Grilled minced pork
    A special dish that you must try when visiting Nha Trang is nem nuong. It originates from Ninh Hoa, but nowadays it has become a popular dish in Nha Trang that any tourist is eager to discover. Ingredients for a tasty nem nuong includes minced pork, crispy banh trang, a kind of rice paper and other vegetables. Vegetables in this ingredients also have nearly a dozen types, full of spicy, sour taste. Depending on the season, vegetables which are served with this dish may include lettuce, basil, cucumber or pickles. The softness and sweetness of the meat will make you want more.

    • 25 Le Hong Phong street
    • 16B Lan Ong street
    • 15 Le Loi street

    Price: VND 20,000 – VND 50,000

    13. Visit A.Yersin Museum

    A.Yersin Museum is located in the Pasteur Institute on Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang, built in 1997 with the help of the Pasteur Museum in Paris (France). This is a place to display many memorabilia associated with the life and career of scientist Alexandre Yersin, who had more than half a century studying and working in Vietnam. Visiting the museum, you will see a lot of displays of his laboratory equipment and photographs of Vietnamese ethnics. Moreover, the museum provides information in English, Vietnamese and French, which is very convenient for tourists to gain better knowledge about this great doctor.

    • Opening Hours: From Monday to Saturday 8AM – 11AM & 2PM – 4:30PM
    • Address: Pasteur Institute, 10 Tran Phu Street
    • Phone: +84 58 822 355

    14. Join in fantastic activities in Mun Island

    One of the activities in Nha Trang is that many young people enjoy is to get on a glass bottom boat to see the coral and explore the colorful aquarium world in Mun Island. Visitors can admire the spectacular beauty of the ocean in Nha Trang. What is more, joining in a floating bar in the middle of the ocean would be a once in a lifetime experience for tourists. Moreover, scuba diving is very popular in Mun Island, by which tourists can view colorful coral reefs. It’s certain that after visiting the island, you will no longer feel stressful and tired.
    Address: Mun Island

    15. Blind massage – A brand new way for you to relax

    Blind massage is very popular in Vietnam, and there are some blind massage centers in Nha Trang. There are basic and necessary facilities for the blind masseurs do the comfortable massage for you from head to toe. With only one hour of massage, you will find yourself refreshed and no longer tire, while the price is also very affordable, only about VND 70,000

    • 9B Co Bac street
    • 19B Tran Khanh Du street
    • 12 Hong Bang street 

    16. Take a boat trip

    Nha Trang is an ideal place for you to have a perfect excursion by boat. It is a really interesting activity as you can contemplate different islands with all size, poetic ocean scene and enjoy the fresh air from the sea. Also, the price for a 1-day boat trip varies, from budget to splurge, so you can choose the most suitable one and start your journey to explore Nha Trang’s special beauty.

    Funky Monkey

    A company that provides very affordable and considerable boat tours for visitors to enjoy the ocean scenery in Nha Tang.

    • Address: 34A/1 Nguyen Thien Thuat street
    • Phone: +84 58 352 2426; +84 58 352 2428
    • Price: From VND 200,000

    Emperor Cruises

    This is a luxurious cruise which gives custom perfect services to relax and explore the sea. Moreover, the design of the cruise is also very attractive with the elegance and sophistication of Emperor Bao Dai, Vietnam.

    • Address: Da Tuong Street, Vinh Nguyen Ward
    • Phone: +84 258 388 7780
    • Price: From $85

    Jungle Travel

    The firm is famous for professional services and the staff is very helpful. Jungle Travel will help you explore Nha Trang in the most comfortable and delightful way.

    • Address: 32 Tran Quang Khai street
    • Phone: + 84 98 383 0403
    • Price: From $65

    Number 4 Boat Trip

    • Address: 6 Phan Chu Trinh street
    • Phone: +84 58 3816 097
    • Price: From $30 

    17. Visit a coffee shop

    This is another interesting activity for you when visiting Nha Trang. After a long day full of exploring the city, why don’t we sit for a break, have a cup of coffee and leisurely contemplate the daily life scene of Nha Trang? Moreover, Nha Trang has a lot of cafe with special drink and impressive design, which would give you the most comfortable experience.

    • Runam Bistro, 32-34 Tran Phu street: A classic cafe with retro design. Cakes and drinks here are delicious
    • Cafe Sailing Club, 72-74 Tran Phu street: A coffee shop next to the beach; At night it is a famous club.
    • Ice Coffee: 49 Nguyen Thien Thuat A famous cafe which is spacious and has various kinds of drinks
    • Tron Cafe, Villa 23,86C Tran Phu street: A simple but unique cafe with rustic design, brings visitors a comfortable atmosphere
    • Parista Coffee: 72 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street: A famous coffee shop with many choices of drinks and cakes. It is designed with modern style
    • Kafetino, 46 Yersin street: Designed colorfully with a lot of lush plants, this cafe brings customs closer to nature, and helps them relax in the most peaceful atmosphere
    • Ngay Cu Cafe, 15/2 Hong Bang street: A unique cafe with gentle music and quiet atmosphere as always. You can find the peace here. 

    18. Join in a bike trip

    When you travel to Nha Trang, cycling around the city should definitely be your to-do list. However, it would be quite difficult for you to find the way if you don’t have a tour guide. Therefore, a lot of bike tours are opened for tourists who are into discovering the charm of the city by bike. With the help of tour guide, you will be able to understand more about Nha Trang culture, cuisine, locals in an exciting way. What is more, a bike tour does not only include cycling to famous destinations of the city but also hiking to the waterfalls and even cliff jumping. It will bring you memorable experiences!

    Vietnam Active

    • Address: 115 Hung Vuong street
    • Phone: +84 90 362 60 61
    • Website:

    Pham Tours

    • Address: 120/1/6 Hung Vuong street
    • Phone: +84 91 404 74 06

    19. Take part in a cooking class

    Nha Trang cuisine is very impressive and tasty. Therefore, you should join in a cooking class in some restaurants in the city to know more about Vietnam cuisine and culture. You will learn how to cook some popular Vietnamese. Also, you are also taken to the market to be instructed how to choose perfect ingredients for the dishes, and then get back to the class and learn the very first step such as how to chop, slice correctly. I’m sure you will have a very exciting moment and memory about this activity.

    Address: 72 Nguyen Thien Thuat street

    20. Explore Diep Son Island – An untouched place in Nha Trang, Vietnam

    Located in located in Van Phong Bay, Van Gia Town, Khanh Hoa Province, about 60km away from Nha Trang. Diep Son consists of 3 small islets and is home to 80 households who are fishermen.

    After about an hour floating on the sea, the beautiful archipelago gradually appears. There is an especial thing in Diep Son Island is the extremely unique and interesting 700m sandbar connecting the 3 islands of Diep Son. It makes the scenery of the island more picturesque and gorgeous. Additionally, you can relax by leisurely walking on the white sand beach of the island, or swimming in the blue and clean ocean.

    There are many ways for you to get to this beautiful island. A lot of hotels and guesthouses in Nha Trang provide 1 day tour to Nha Trang; however, doing it independently is highly recommend. You can hire a motorbike or take a local bus to Van Gia, which has a port providing a boat to Diep Son.

    Address: Van Phong Bay, Van Gia Town, Khanh Hoa Province

    21. Go shopping at Dam Market

    At the market, many types of products are sold and each item is sold by the specific area so that visitors can easily find what they want. The market is most famous for seafood and food. Seafood at Dam market is bought from fish market so the fish are very fresh. Dam market is also a wholesale seafood market. Especially the food stalls are arranged and designed like the countryside market, allowing visitors to enjoy the special local food and feel like they are visiting a rural market.

    Adress: Ben Cho street, Van Thanh ward

    22. Relax on Doc Let beach

    This beautiful beach is located in Ninh Hoa district, 50 km from Nha Trang. Doc Let is one of the most beautiful beaches in Khanh Hoa Province. With long stretches of beach, white sands and long sandy beaches. Doc Let is now an attractive tourist attraction in Khanh Hoa. You can lie on the beach, immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere with windy and sunny climate, listen to the sound of splashing waves. Additionally, another service for young people in Doc Let is to explore the nearby small islands. You can rent a small boat of the local people for VND 20,000/person to see the rustic life of fishermen here.

    Address: Ninh Hoa commune

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