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Cam Ranh Bay, Nha Trang, Vietnam - The Best Travel Guide

Cam Ranh Bay, Nha Trang, Vietnam - The Best Travel Guide

Cam Ranh Bay, Nha Trang, Vietnam - The Best Travel Guide

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    I. When To Travel To Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    1. Weather in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    Cam Ranh Bay is the combination of tropical climate and ocean climate, makes it pretty moderate. The average temperature is 26oC, the hottest month is in August (29.3 oC) and the coolest is in February (23.9 oC). The average annual rainfall is 1799mm with the average humidity is 77%. There are 2 seasons in Cam Ranh: the rainy season begins from September to December and the dry season begins from January to August.

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    Spring starts from January to March, the temperature is around 22-25℃. The humidity of 70 to 78%. Weather is sunny and the wind is cool, convenient for bathing.

    Summer is from April to June, temperatures range from 25 to 28℃. The high humidity is of 77 to 82%. The weather is sunny and begins in the rainy season, the rainiest one in June. In general, the rainfall is low, favorable for vacation.

    Fall starts from July to September, the temperature falls between 29-30℃. Relatively the high humidity is of 78 to 80%. Weather. There is still rain this season but in terms of area is not as much as the summer and the rain period does not last as long as summer.

    Winter (from October to December) has the temperature from 23-26℃.  The humidity ranges from 71 to 77%, the lowest in the year. Dry and cold weather is the mainstream. There is also rain but small and wide.

    2. Best time to travel to Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    Due to the stable and moderate weather, you can visit Cam Ranh at any time of the year. Cam Ranh Bay always welcomes you. Even though, according to people who stay in Cam Ranh, the best time to visit Cam Ranh Bay is from April to August. It is the period of less rain, sunny, the ocean is also stable which allow you to do scuba diving in the beautiful coral reef. Nha Trang festival is also held at that time so if you can manage to join in will be great.

    II. How To Travel To Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    1. Getting to Cam Ranh Bay from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh by airplane

    Cam Ranh has an international airport for its own. Therefore, you can easily catch a flight directly from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Cam Ranh Bay. This is the fastest way and you will keep the best stamina to explore Cam Ranh Bay right away. Go along with those benefits, of course, is an expensive price. Here are some websites from which you can book airline tickets


    a. Getting to Cam Ranh Bay from Hanoi

    The price of Hanoi tickets to Nha Trang from Vietnam is from VND 1,814,000 to 2,309,000 (prices include taxes and fees). You can choose timeframes at 8:10, 14:50 and 16:00 daily. In addition to Vietnam Airlines, VietJet and Jetstar tickets each have a flight at noon with fare from VND 1,099,000 to 1,132,000.

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    b. Getting to Cam Ranh Bay from Ho Chi Minh city

    It only takes you 45 to 50 minutes to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Cam Ranh Bay by airplane.

    The price is from VND 1,300,000 to under VND 3,000,000. The most popular airlines are Vietjet Air and Jetstar. Vietnam Airlines is the most expensive one with the price up to VND 45,000,000. Hahn Air is not a popular airline but its prices are on average giving a good quality but affordable.

    Time to fly is very flexible that ranges from the morning to the evening.

    2. Getting to Cam Ranh Bay from Ho Chi Minh City

    a. Getting to Cam Ranh Bay from Ho Chi Minh City by shuttle bus

    You can easily catch a shuttle bus to Cam Ranh Bay from the Eastern Station in Ho Chi Minh City. The earliest trip is at 07:30 and the latest is at 22:00. Below are some recommended transport brands you should choose. Notice that their final destination is Cam Ranh Post Office and the travel time is 8 hours

    Provider’s name Departure time Reference price (VND) Contact Ticket counter at Eastern Sation
    Ha Linn 17:00 190,000 (+84) 282 219 0198 No 18
    Quang Hanh 08:00 200,000 (+84) 283 511 9102 No 34
    Lien Hung 07:15 200,000 (+84) 905 383 390 No 26

    b. Getting to Cam Ranh Bay from Ho Chi Minh City by train

    With the coming back of Nga Ba Station in Cam Ranh City, tourist nowadays can arrive in Cam Ranh by train from Ho Chi Minh City. There are 2 trips per day. You can get a ticket from the 24h-ticket agencies in the Saigon Station or You can purchase the train ticket at some websites as,, vetaugiare24h or

    Train code Type of seat & reference price (VND) Departure time – arrival time
    SE22 Saigon Station to Nga Ba Station Hard seat (210,000) 11:15 – 19:02
    Hard seat & conditioner (not sure)
    Soft seat (not sure)
    Soft seat & conditioner (320,000)
    Hard bed & conditioner (410,000)
    Soft bed & conditioner (490,000)
    TN2 Saigon Station to Nga Ba Station Hard seat (200,000) 14:40 – 21:32
    Hard seat & conditioner (220,000)
    Soft seat (not sure)
    Soft seat & conditioner (300,000)
    Hard bed & conditioner (390,000)
    Soft bed & conditioner (470,000)

    c. Getting to Cam Ranh Bay from Hanoi by shuttle bus

    Because of lying in the middle of the country, you can travel to Cam Ranh Bay from Hanoi in many ways, including shuttle bus and private vehicle. Even though there is no direct shuttle bus from Hanoi to Cam Ranh Bay but you will have to catch a Hanoi-Nha Trang shuttle bus instead. It may cause that you will have to leave the bus at 4-5 AM in the morning and it is really tired. But if you don’t mind it, the following table is for you:

    Shuttle bus from Hanoi to Nha Trang
    Brand of bus Time to start & beginning station Time to arrive & arrival station Reference price Telephone Rate
    Hoang Long 07:00 11:40 VND 520,000 (+84) 243 994 6617 4 stars
    13:00 17:40
    19:30 22:55
    21:30 00:30
    Nuoc Ngam bus station 176 Hung Vuong street, Nha Trang city
    Hoang Thin 09:00 17:00 VND 550,000 (+84) 949 225 656 3.5 stars
    My Dinh station Nha Trang city
    Hien Phuoc 10:00 12:40 VND 650,000 (+84) 243 866 4363 3 stars
    Minh Phuc 18:30 01:30 VND 600,000 (+84) 902 311 6 99 3 stars
    Nuoc Ngam station Nha Trang city

    Remember to ask the bus’s staff about whether they get through Cam Ranh City or not before getting on the bus and the ticket price you will have to pay. They will remember you and wake you up at Cam Ranh City.

    d. Getting to Cam Ranh Bay from Hanoi by private vehicle

    Unlike arriving here by shuttle bus, you will have an amazing experience of admiring the landscape of Vietnam while saving a lot of money. The downside is that it is exhausted and requiring your experience.

    Start from the center of Hanoi, you will head to Xa Dan – Giai Phong – Hoang Liet direction and then enter the 1A Highway. After 750 meters, you turn right onto Phap Van – Cau Gie Express and move for 78.8 kilometers more. Here you go through Cao Bo Bridge and Nam Binh Bridge and turn onto Tran Nhan Tong Street so you can reach to the 1A highway. Keep moving until you reach the The Gioi Di Dong Store at 108 Lac Long Quan, Tran Quang Dieu, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province then turn left onto Hung Vuong Street before back to the 1A highway. Keep moving until you arrive Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province.

    4. How to get around Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    Cam Ranh City is not so large and the attractions are not so far from the town. Therefore, you can consider hiring a motorbike to move around Cam Ranh Bay. A car is recommended when you come in a large group with children or pregnant women. The following are some rental providers you should consider:

    Provider’s name Type of vehicle Feature Reference price (VND) Contact
    Xe Cam Ranh Motorbike Vehicle rental services in Cam Ranh City, Cam Ranh Airport, Cam Ranh Port, Binh Ba and Binh Hung 100,000 – 300,000 101 Phan Boi Chau Street, Cam Thuan Ward, Cam Ranh City (+84) 906 742 751 (+84) 937 098 890
    Motor scooter 120,000 – 350,000
    Car Call for detail
    Nam Viet Cam Ranh Motorbike Vehicle rental services in Cam Ranh City, Cam Ranh Airport, Binh Ba and Binh Hung 100,000 – 200,000 65 Phan Boi Chau Street, Cam Phu Ward, Cam Ranh City (+84) 944 126 411
    Motor scooter 120,000 – 350,000
    Car Call for detail
    Cam Ranh Travel Motorbike Vehicle rental services in Cam Ranh City, Cam Ranh Airport, Cam Ranh Port, Binh Ba and Binh Hung 120,000 – 160,000 (+84) 944 126 441
    Motor scooter 160,000 – 200,000
    Car Call for detail

    The leaser might demand you to give them the passport or driving license. You should negotiate with them to give them the verified copy so you will have enough important papers for your journey.

    III. Things To Do In Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    1. Swimming in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    As the local people say: “Cam Ranh has more than enough beaches for you to swim if you can explore them all.” Cam Ranh has a long, beautiful coastline with a number of natural beaches. But it is not all. Cam Ranh Bay contains several of islands with pristine, tranquil beaches.

    2. Scuba diving in the beautiful coral reef of Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    Swimming in beautiful beaches is just on the surface. Under the water are gorgeous coral reefs with colorful corals and interesting marine creatures. The scuba diving service is located at Binh Ba Island – a 3 km2 large island which is 15 kilometers far from Ba Ngoi Dock in the East.

    Because the coral reefs lie surround the island, you can dive at any beaches on the island but Chuong Beach, Nom Beach and especially Nha Cu Beach are the most popular ones.

    Base on your experience, you can choose whether diving in the shallow level of the deeper ones. For the people have no experience, purchase a tour is recommended because besides renting equipment, tour providers will find a coach to guide you. If you have the confidence to dive by yourself, there are services for you. If you can’t dive, don’t be upset because you will have the chance to admire the gorgeous coral reefs when the tide is down.

    The price of scuba diving is flexible depending on the time you dive so you better ask your hotel’s staff for more information.

    IV. Where To Travel In Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    1. Binh Ba Island – The lobster island of Cam Ranh Bay (Currently not allow foreigners)

    Binh Ba is a small 3 km2 large island but it is the most beautiful island in Cam Ranh Bay. The island is surrounded by colorful and gorgeous coral reefs, tranquil, pristine beaches with only 15 kilometers far from Ba Ngoi Dock. Even though, Binh Ba Island is controlled by the military so they used to really strict of coming or leaving the island. In recent year, Binh Ba Island allowed tourists to come but foreigners are still forbidden.

    2. Dai Beach – A Cam Ranh beach named “long” but not long at all

    It is true that this beach’s name in Vietnamese means “long” but it is just 1-kilometer long. The point is, because of the less-slope terrain, the sand appears stretching out every time the tide is down. This is also the place where Sealife Entertainment Area is located. Even though, Dai Beach is still able to keep its pristineness. With the white sand and tranquil water, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cam Ranh Bay.

    Dai Beach is really shallow. You can swim 100 meters offshore and the water is still at your chest, therefore, it is completely suitable for family trips and children.

    If you use a shovel to dig a small hole in the sand, you will have a pond of fresh water after a while and they are drinkable. Pretty cool hah? There is still no explanation about it for now.

    — Interesting fact

    Location: Cam Hai Dong Commune, Cam Lam District, Cam Ranh Bay. It is 12 kilometers far from Cam Ranh International Airport in the South

    3. Sealife Entertainment Area – The floating game area on the ocean of Cam Ranh Bay

    Located at Cam Hai Dong Commune, Cam Lam District, Sealife Entertainment Area is an inclusive, modern game area floating on the water in Cam Ranh Bay. It only takes 7 minutes driving from Cam Ranh Airport.

    Just starting the business recently, Sealife features many modern and interesting games with a floating park 2,000 m2 large, jet ski, scuba diving, paragliding, surfing and many more. They also equip modern diving equipment as the Seawalker – the wearer can dive deep down underwater without swimming skill or complicated instruction.  The price is around VND 800,000/person.

    If you feel disappointed of unable admire coral reefs in Binh Ba Island, Sealife will compensate which variety of diving services. Excluding the Seawalker, which it seemed to fix with the one who can’t swim, you can have a real adventure with scuba diving, snorkeling, and Thung boat. Each of them offers a unique experience and worth to try. They also have a restaurant with a diverse menu for you to recover after a long day of exploring.

    You can contact the manager for booking and information

    Sealife Entertainment Area
    Tel: (+84) 934 963 389; (+84) 935 193 848; (+84) 906 979 202
    Price range: VND 140,000 – VND 800,000

    4. Binh Lap Peninsula – An off-the-beaten-track place in Cam Ranh Bay

    Located at an off-the-beaten-track place, Binh Lap Peninsula is not so popular, but you will find it an interesting adventure. It takes you around 1-hour driving from Cam Ranh International Airport to Binh Lap Peninsula to the South.

    Tourists usually call this place a little version of Maldives as the transparent and tranquil water as a mirror reflect the image of the sky. If you want something literally Binh Lap, try to visit the fisherman villages near Sao Bien Eco-tourism. You will be surprised at being in such a dream world, where there is no bustling of the modern world anymore, but the simple, pristine and peaceful atmosphere.

    On Binh Lap Peninsula there are really less of accommodations, therefore, you better plan a one-day trip to Binh Lap. If you get stuck on the peninsula and you have no other option, you can ask the local for a resting place. They usually will accept you without charge but keep in mind that it must be the final option.   

    From Cam Ranh International Airport, you move along the A1 National Highway then turn onto DT702 Street, heading toward Vinh Hy Bay. This route is 40-kilometer long and offers a sweeping view over Cam Ranh Bay. However, the A1 National Highway has many big trucks which are really dangerous. You better focus and drive carefully.

    5. Ngang Beach – An ideal place for swimming lovers in Cam Ranh Bay

    Being considered as the best beach in Binh Lap Peninsular, Ngang Beach looks curving like a bow from above. The water is quiet so you can freely have fun, organize games with your family and friends. BBQ party is an amazing option. You can find the same feature of Ngang beach in Lao Beach, which is not so far from Ngang beach. Ran Beach is also popular due to the colorful coral reefs. Ngang Beach located at the middle of Binh Lap peninsular. You might ask the local for detail instructions.

    6. Binh Hung Island – Another pristine island in Cam Ranh Bay

    Featuring the unique pristine of nature, Binh Hung island owns numbers of small beaches but transparent to the bottom and the pure white sand. Besides the beaches, Hon Chut Lighthouse is also an interesting place to visit. This lighthouse is more than 100 years old, offers a sweeping view to all of surrounding area.

    Unlike Binh Lap Peninsula, there are many accommodations and eateries in Binh Hung Island. You can hire a hammock with the mattress to rest for VND 50,000/night.

    Experience the true fishermen sleeping style with the ocean’s rockabye might become your best sleep ever.

    • Truong Sa accommodation: (+84) 919 614 479 or (+84) 1234 855 845
    • Hung Phat Accommodation: (+84) 918 309 346 or (+84) 935 453 455

    If you want to explore the daily life of the local, you can rest in homestays for about VND 100,000/person/day. The beaches of Binh Lap are also a perfect location for camping, try it out. Or else, if you want just a regular accommodation, there are several hotels for you. The price is just from VND 70,000/day.

    • Bich Thao Hostel: (+84) 945 054 938
    • Cam Hong Hostel: (+84) 1259 450 946
    • Hong Nhan Hostel: (+84) 942 704 480
    • Binh Hung Quan Hostel: (+84) 916650249
    • Bao Bao Hostel: (+84) 124 5043596

    There are electric cars carry you from the dock to the lighthouse for VND 20,000/person.

    You can travel to Binh Hung Island by catching a boat from Kinh Beach. On the tourism season, you better book advance ticket from 1 day early or more. The ticket price from Kinh Beach to Binh Hung Island is from VND 10,000/person, the same with the motorbike. The last trip is at 18:00

    The telephone numbers for booking ship tickets:

    • (+84) 1235 902 406
    • (+84) 942 704 480
    • (+84) 983 086 296

    7. Nuoc Ngot Beach – The best beach in Binh Hung Island, Cam Ranh Bay

    Nuoc Ngot Beach is one of the best beaches in Cam Ranh Bay. In the front, there is the tranquil ocean, white sand, and the huge rocks. Behind is the end of Chua Mountain’s stream, a number of freshwater caves. The water is so clean that you can see every creature under the surface. Nuoc Ngot Beach located on Binh Hung Island. It is one of very little beaches on this island which can swim.

    8. Cay Me Beach – The beach you can’t walk to in Cam Ranh Bay

    Located on Binh Hung Island, Cay Me Beach feature coral reefs, super transparent water (you can see the bottom at the depth of 5 meters) and tiny like a swimming pool. At the middle, there is a huge rock for your epic pictures. There is no walking route to this beach. If you want to get there, you need a boat. Adventure time!

    9. Doc Let Beach – The beach which worth an adventure in Cam Ranh Bay

    The weird name of this beach born from the difficulty of arriving here. In the past, people have to climb over dozens of sand dunes. Nowadays, most of the dunes are leveled down to make it easier to travel. Doc Let Beach is still able to keep its pristine with many natural trees cover a white, soft sand and clean, jade water. The water is quiet thanks to the shielding of dozens of sand dunes. It is also very shallow that kids can play freely. Slipping down to the beach from the top of sand dunes is an interesting activity you shouldn’t miss.

    Camping is allowed in Doc Let Beach. You should prepare equipment yourself and shouldn’t count on the services on the beach. You can freely choose the place to set camp, whether it is at the beach or in the forest behind. An announcement to the authority is required.

    10. The Shell Temple – The soul of the ocean in Cam Ranh Bay

    This temple’s name is Tu Van Temple or Coral Temple. It is a temple located at the center of Cam Ranh City. Being constructed in the XX century by the monks in the temple, the main sector of this temple is Bao Tich tower made from the shell of ocean snails and corals. The tower is 39 meters high. It features 8 doors, 2 floors. There are 49 smaller towers around it.

    There is a small route inside the temple which is decorated as the way to the underworld. The route is small and dark, you will need a light down there. It will tell you about the 18 floors of hell

    • Address: April 3rd Street, Cam Linh, Cam Ranh

    11. Suoi Hanh Damn – There is a huge lake with just you

    The lake of Suoi Hanh Damn is really clean and beautiful. You can freely swim here. This area is quite solitary so you should be careful of thieves if you plan to set a camp here. Back to the upstream, there are several beautiful waterfalls but it is quite hard to get there.
    Address: Cam Phuoc Dong, Cam Ranh

    Cam Ranh Bay is the deep-water bay lying between Nha Trang and Phan Rang. It takes you about 54 minutes to travel from Cam Ranh Bay to Nha Trang. Therefore, if having enough of time you can visit Nha Trang – one of the most attractive beaches on the planet. There are a lot of interesting things to do in Nha Trang. There are also a wide range of  beautiful hotles and resorts of many kinds in Nha Trang so you don’t have to worry about accomodation.

    V. What To Eat In Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    1. Banh Can Cam Ranh – The first dish you need to find in Cam Ranh Bay

    Banh Can in the original version is made from rice flour, onion, and oil. You can ask for more topping like eggs, shrimps, squids or minced pork. The cake is crunchy in an interesting way. The sauce is a little soar, a little sweet and not too salty so you can drink it. The sauce is the key of the deliciousness of this dish so you might want to try different sauces.

    • Address: the vendor in front of Cam Ranh Book Store – 2216 Hung Vuong Street, Cam Ranh City
    • Opening hour: 17:30 – 23:30
    • Price: VND 15,000 – VND 20,000 per dish

    2. Chicken with rice – A must-try food in Cam Ranh Bay

    From the best parts of a chicken – and it must be the one lives in garden or forest, not in cages, the golden fried rice, sauces and home-made mayonnaise, come with the best fried-rice dish ever you can find in Cam Ranh City. The chicken is marinated with flavorful spices, fried till the skin is crispy but the meat is tough and sweet. The home-made mayonnaise is also different from the one you buy in the store. You better not miss this.

    • Address: 1895 Hung Vuong Avenue, Cam Phu, Cam Ranh
    • Opening hour: 09:00 – 22:00
    • Price: VND 52,000 – VND 100,000

    3. Lobster – Here come the specialty of Cam Ranh Bay

    Binh Ba Island is called the Lobster island due to the famous lobster farming. Despite you can’t set foot on Binh Ba Island, you still can enjoy this delicacy anywhere else in the bay. Besides the common lobster dishes, you should try the lobster’s blood. I bet you haven’t tried it anywhere else before.

    You can ask your hotel’s staffs for where you can enjoy this dish (not in Binh Ba Island, of course)

    4. Thuy Trieu blood cockle – One of the 6 best dishes of Cam Ranh Bay

    Thuy Trieu is the name of a large pond lies in the North of Cam Ranh. The blood cockle from Thuy Trieu is famously delicious. They are the ingredient of various dishes like cockle gruel, grilled, raw salad, etc.

    You can find this dish in almost every restaurant in the city. You can ask your hotel’s staff for more detail

    5. Chi chicken – The Cam Ranh Bay’s secret recipe made this dish delicious

    It is completely fresh. You are the one who chooses which one will be served and then they will cook that chicken as your request. During the cooking time, you can take a rest on the hammock in the garden. The hens are usually boiled or steamed because their meat is softer. The cocks with tougher meat are usually grilled.

    • Address: 7 Le Duan, Cam Phu District, Cam Ranh City
    • Opening hour: 08:00 – 21:00
    • Price: VND 30,000 – VND 200,000

    6. Sa Sung Cam Ranh – The natural gift for Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    Sa Sung looks like a giant worm hiding under the sand. It is a naturally sweet ingredient for soup on a totally different level. Sa Sung meat is soft and sweet. Dried Sa Sung is popular too. You need to quick fry it and eat with chili sauce, take a beer and you are in heaven. The Sa Sung in Cam Ranh comes from Thuy Trieu Pond.

    You can find this dish in any restaurant and eateries near Thuy Trieu Pond. A dish of Sa Sung is from VND 30,000.

    7. Banh Xeo Cam Ranh – A common dish but always makes you surprise

    Banh Xeo in Cam Ranh is really big, thick and full of topping. The sauce is always a masterpiece with mind-blow taste. Unlike the other versions of Banh Trang, to enjoy Banh Trang Cam Ranh, you will have to put everything into the bowl of sauce.

    • Address: Banh Xeo Chi Chi – 66 Nguyen Trong Ky Street, Cam Ranh City
    • Opening hour: 17:00 – 21:00
    • Price: VND 30,000

    8. Sticky rice with corn – An old but gold dish in Cam Ranh Bay

    It is just an ordinary dish of Vietnamese cuisine but Mrs. Trang, with 20 years of experience, has brought this dish to a new level. Come and try it yourself!

    Besides sticky rice, there are several dishes in this eatery as fried dumplings, corn cake, potato cake, etc.

    • Address: 91 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Cam Loc District, Cam Ranh City
    • Opening hour: 16:00 – 22:00
    • Price: VND 10,000/dish
    • Tel: (+84) 123 493 7036

    9. Quang Noodle Cam Ranh – Another special version of Quang Noodle in Cam Ranh Bay

    Quang Noodle in Cam Ranh is very skillfully processed. The noodle is soft but not mushy, the broth is light sweet with pork bones. A full topping bowl of Quang Noodle includes chicken, pork, shrimp, herbs, peanuts and Banh Trang. To enjoy, you just have to mix them up.

    Thuy Cat Restaurant is the best of the best in Cam Ranh and they only serve breakfast, you better get there early before they run out of noodles.

    • Address: 31 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Cam Loc District, Cam Ranh City
    • Opening hour: 06:00 – 10:00
    • Price: VND 30,000

    VI. Where To Stay In Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    There are many accommodations in Cam Ranh as we can’t mention them all here. Therefore, we will give you some prominent suggestions.

    1. Resorts in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    a. Fusion Resort Cam Ranh – A fancy resort in Cam Ranh Bay

    2 minutes walking from its private beach and there is an outdoor swimming pool, the heat of summer doesn’t bother you anymore. Unlimited and free spa, breakfast all day and Yoga courses will wipe out all out your tired and replace them with peace and relaxation. Every apartment has a beach view or pool view, full convenience with flat TV, air condition and safe. They also have the gym and a large garden to jogging

    Sources Tripadvisor Agoda Booking
    Rate 4.5/5 10/10 8.8/10


    • 24 hours front desk
    • Free parking site
    • Laundry
    • Free toiletries
    • Swimming pool
    • Breakfast included
    • Near beach

    Address: Lot D10B, Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard, Cam Lam District, Cam Ranh City
    Contact: (+84) 2583 989 777

    b. Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa – Enjoy the peaceful vacation in Cam Ranh Bay

    Featuring fancy rooms, highly privacy, and peaceful atmosphere. They have gardens, outdoor swimming pool, gymnastics, and pick-up service. You also can participate in water sports, tennis, and spa.

    Every room has a flat TV, guest-meeting room, bath and free toiletries. Dinner is served in 2 restaurants which are Rosone and Orchidea with a diverse menu.

    Sources Tripadvisor Agoda Booking
    Rate 4.5/5 8.2/10 8/10


    • 24 hours front desk
    • Free parking site
    • Pick-up service
    • Laundry
    • Free toiletries
    • Swimming pool
    • Breakfast included
    • Near beach

    Address: D4B, Dai Beach, Cam Ranh City
    Contact: (+84) 258 398 9898

    c. Swandor Cam Ranh Hotels & Resorts – The ideal resort in Cam Ranh Bay

    Featuring the superior accommodation with more than 500 rooms view over the magnificent Dai Beach, Swandor Cam Ranh is the ideal place in the midst of the city.

    They have an outdoor swimming pool, spa, bar and restaurant. 24 hours front desk with the English, Russian speaking staffs will be there to adopt any of your requests. There is also a playground for kids so parents will have a good time with the other.

    Sources Tripadvisor Agoda Booking
    Rate 4/5 8.3/10 8.3/10


    • 24 hours front desk
    • Free parking site
    • Pick-up service
    • Laundry
    • Free toiletries
    • Swimming pool
    • Breakfast included
    • Near beach

    Address: Km11, Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard, Cam Hai Dong Commune, Cam Lam District, Cam Ranh City
    Contact: (+84) 258 398 80 00

    2. Hotels and hostels in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    a. Thai Binh Cam Ranh Hotel – A lovely accommodation in Cam Ranh Bay

    Feature convenient rooms with view over pool and beach, this is an ideal place to take a rest in Cam Ranh Bay. They have a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and 24 hours front desk, ready to satisfy your orders.

    Sources Tripadvisor Traveloka Booking
    Rate 4.5/5 8.9/10 8/10


    • 24 hours front desk
    • Free toiletries
    • Swimming pool

    Address: 2013 Hung Vuong, Cam Loc, Cam Ranh City
    Contact: (+84) 2583 856 688

    b. White Sand Cam Ranh Hotel – Interesting accommodation near Thuy Trieu

    It takes 8 minutes walking from this hotel to the beach. Rooms are equipped with conditioners, flat TV and terrace. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, sunbath, and a mini bar on the garden. BBQ party is available. You can also hire vehicles from this hotel.

    The Diamond Bay Golf Center is 10 kilometers far from here and the Cam Ranh International Airport is 9 kilometers.

    Sources Tripadvisor Agoda Booking
    Rate 3/5 7.6/10 8/10


    • 24 hours front desk
    • Pick-up service
    • Free toiletries
    • Swimming pool
    • Breakfast included
    • Bar
    • Private beach

    Address: Dinh Tien Hoang, Thuy Trieu Village, Cam Lam District
    Contact: (+84) 2583 989 877

    VII. Must-Known Tips For Traveling To Cam Ranh Bay

    • Binh Ba Island is the best one in Cam Ranh Bay and you might hear a lot about it but remember that foreigners are still banned from getting to this island
    • You may see Vietnamese people are so terrible in obeying their own traffic law. Do not copy that! Drive safe for your own sake
    • Preparing sun cream and anti-mosquito spray will help you a lot
    • There are vehicle renting services on the island as well as on the bay
    • Boats usually allow you to carry your vehicle with a cheap price

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