Top 4 Miss World Tourism Ambassador 2018 has returned to Hoi An (Quang Nam, Vietnam) to participate in a number of activities promoting culture, tourism in Vietnam.

Shortly after winning the Miss World Miss Tourism Ambassador, Miss Phan Thi Mo and three contestants were runner-up Maria Elena Antelo Molina (Bolivia), runner-up 2 Aterdene Gunzaya (Mongolia) and Miss Universe Andrea Caro Zarate (Chile) returned to Hoi An to participate in promotional activities.

Top 4 Miss World Tourism Ambassador 2018 has experienced activities such as rowing basketball, cast netting on the Co Co River, enjoy the special dishes of the land of Quang and participate in the folk games such as walking stoned, hit the land, monkey bridge, etc.

The beautiful women will have 5 days in Hoi An for recording social activities to promote, develop tourism and calling for environmental protection.

Peter Kastain is a travel blogger and an explorer based in Hanoi. After spending 2 years traveling around Southeast Asia, he found his love in the culture, landscapes, and people of Vietnam. His goal is to introduce the beauty of Vietnam to people around the world - the beauty which is so special through his eyes


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