The 37th Lotus Flower Festival is being held in the United States to celebrate the cultural identity of Asian Pacific Islanders.

The preservation and promotion of cultural characteristics of each country are extremely important. It is not only the culture but also the memory of each nation. In multiracial countries like the United States, immigrants have a variety of ways to preserve and honor their cultural identity, the annual Lotus Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, Los Angeles, California is one of the highlights of the Asians.

The 37th Lotus Flower Festival, an annual cultural festival organized by the city government and the Los Angeles. Festival Organizing Committee, is hosting the Echo Lake Park in Los Angeles, California, celebrating the cultural identity of Asian-Pacific peoples. The Lotus Festival is an occasion for Los Angeles residents to honor the city’s unique cultural diversity. Last year, South Korea hosted and sponsored the event.

We will not only be able to visit Lake Echo Park but also learn about the country and people of Bangladesh. “It is very important for the Bangladeshi-American community to affirm themselves,” said David Ryu, a Los Angeles City Council Member.

In addition to displaying artifacts, images, dances, folk tunes and traditional musical instruments, the festival is accompanied by Bangladeshi Americans performers helping viewers understand more about the history, traditional culture of the country, people of this South Asian country.

During the nearly 40 years, the Lotus Festival has always received the response of the people of Los Angeles, especially Asian Americans, including the Vietnamese community. This festival is always associated with the blooming season of the lotus, which is brought from the native Asian American people. In the culture of many Asian peoples, the lotus symbolizes resilience, purity, and vitality.

Peter Kastain is a travel blogger and an explorer based in Hanoi. After spending 2 years traveling around Southeast Asia, he found his love in the culture, landscapes, and people of Vietnam. His goal is to introduce the beauty of Vietnam to people around the world - the beauty which is so special through his eyes


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