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Hue shopping - 5 best shops in Hue for souvenir shopping

Hue shopping - 5 best shops in Hue for souvenir shopping

Hue shopping - 5 best shops in Hue for souvenir shopping

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    5 best destination in Hue for souvenir shopping

    1. Dong Ba Market

    Speaking of Hue shopping attractions, Dong Ba Market is a must-mentioned-name. An energetic, colorful market centre, always crowded with locals and tourists, Dong Ba Market is the market in Vietnam that you dreamed about. Coming here, don’t pass by a chance to try Hue’s cuisine and buy the city’s signature ingredients, such as lotus seed, fermented shrimp, or Hue royal tea.  

    • Opening hours: 6 A.M - 6 P.M
    • Address: 2 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa District, Hue city
    • Prices: 5USD ~ 10USD

    Dong ba market

    2. Tay Loc Market

    Only a few blocks away from Dong Ba Market is another unmissable Hue shopping centre - Tay Loc Market. Carrying a variety of goods, from made in Vietnam clothes to food and fresh produce, Tay Loc Market is the perfect Hue shopping attraction for anyone who doesn't want to spend a fortune. With most of its goods sold under 2USD, the market is loved by locals and tourists alike. Tay Loc market, therefore, is also a wonderful cultural stop. Don’t pass by it when you come to Hue!

    • Opening hours: 4 A.M - 8 P.M
    • Address: 209 Nguyen Trai, Tay Loc District, Hue city
    • Prices: under 2USD

    3. Hue shopping mall - Big C shopping mall Hue

    Why shop at a shopping centre such as Big C in a city with centuries-old tradition? The answer is, why not?! If you’re looking for a Hue shopping attraction with high-quality goods and reasonable prices, shopping malls or supermarkets might be what you’re looking for. Big C, a fairly new shopping destination at Hue city, carries a lot of such options. Plus, it is located in a shopping plaza which offers a lot of conveniences compared to outdoor markets. 

    • Opening hours: 8 A.M - 10 P.M
    • Address: 174 Ba Trieu, Phu Nhuan District, Hue city
    • Prices: 10USD ~ 20USD

    Hue shopping mall

    4. Truc Chi Garden

    Hue city is known for hand-crafted souvenirs, but a trusty address where you can buy high-quality items for a suitable price is not easy to find. According to Hue shopping reviews on Tripadvisor, Truc Chi Garden is what you should look into. This shopping attraction is like no other, with its unique art and cultural space. Here, you can purchase art, make art, and learn about Vietnam’s handicraft all at the same time. With that, Truc Chi Garden is one interesting shopping stop in Hue that you should not ignore.
          -    Opening hours: 7:30 A.M - 5:30 P.M

    • Address: 5 Thach Han, Thuan Hoa District, Hue city
    • Prices: 20USD ~ 50USD

    Truc Chi Garden


    5. Hottuna Handmade Clothes  

    Despite the popularity of Hue’s tailored clothing, it is surprisingly difficult to find a good clothes boutique here. That’s why a good clothes shop such as Hottuna Handmade Clothes is incredibly admired. Not only is the shop popular for its high-quality fabric and beautiful clothes, but also for its friendly owner, who will give you free fashion advice and make your shopping experience a lot more enjoyable!

    • Opening hours: 8 A.M - 11 P.M
    • Address: 51 Vo Thi Sau, Phu Hoi District, Hue city
    • Prices: 50USD ~ 80USD

    Questions you might have Hue shopping

    Now that you’ve known where to do your shopping, there might still be some question

    about Hue shopping, you’re having in mind. Here are some we thought we can help answer!

    Question about Hue City

    Which shopping markets in Hue should I go to?

    For people in Vietnam, three of the most popular Hue shopping markets, also known as the market triangle are Tan Loc Market, Dong Ba Market, and An Cuu Market. These markets are popular for their street food and they sell similar kinds of goods, so you can choose either one of them to go to.

    Do people bargain in Hue

    Although Hue people are known to be gentle, bargaining is still a popular culture, especially in markets where locals frequent. With foreigners, Hue people are usually very friendly but you can certainly start a bargain here if you wish to. 

    Is there any shopping streets in Hue?

    You might have noticed that we haven’t mentioned a shopping street in this article, that’s because unlike many touristy cities of Vietnam, there’s not yet a popular shopping street attraction in Hue. The closest thing to a shopping street here, although it’s not meant to be one, might be Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street.

    So we hope you can use all of the knowledge in this guide to Hue shopping, have an amazing trip and enjoyable Hue shopping experience!

    07 Feb 2021
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