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Hue royal tea: A “special-tea” of the ancient capital 

Hue royal tea: A “special-tea” of the ancient capital 

Hue royal tea: A “special-tea” of the ancient capital 

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    About Hue royal tea

    Talking of Hue, every Vietnamese will instantly think of Hue royal tea. As the tradition of drinking tea has been practiced since thousand years ago, the royal tea of Hue is also considered as the cultural beauty and symbol of this land.

    This is the favorite drink of not only Hue locals but of many travellers when they get the chance to have a sip. It is often said that: “Bring Hue royal tea back home as a gift, and it’s like you are bringing the essence of this land with you”.

    The most ideal way to enjoy Hue royal tea is when serving with cake. Another famous specialty of Hue is the Vietnamese chewy sesame peanut candy (kẹo mè xửng). This candy is soft and chewy with a strong and sweet taste. Together with a sip of hot and herbal Hue royal tea, the taste is just divine. Locals often compare sesame peanut candy and Hue royal tea as a perfect couple. 

    Ingredients of Hue royal tea 

    As its name would tell, the root of Hue royal tea is a serving to the feudal Kings. Therefore, a cup of Hue royal tea is made of many precious and nutritious herbs. There are 16 natural herbs in total, making the tea not only a drink but also a remedy. The herbs combine together in harmony so that the tea has a light and tasty flavor.

    hue royal tea


    Here are the top 10 most-used ingredients of Hue royal tea and its benefits. 

    1. Licorice (Cam thảo bắc)

    As a supplement, this herb has always been used in medicine for many years. It helps to treat stomach ulcers and cough. It can also be used to heal wounds. 

    2. Yam (Hoài sơn/ Củ mài) 

    Yam is a nutrient-dense tuber of vegetables. This herb can enhance brain function, reduce inflammation and improve digestive health. Besides, it can improve blood sugar control.

    3. Wolfberry (Kỷ tử)

    Wolfberry can be called goji or goji berry. It is the fruit of Lycium Chinese. Goji berry is super nutritious. It provides antioxidants and prevents cancer growth. Wolfberry also has anti-aging benefits and improves blood sugar/ cholesterol control. 

    4. Senna (Thảo quyết minh)

    Senna is a medicinal plant. Its seeds are febrifuge, purgative and tonic. It can be used to treat constipation and hemorrhoids. Senna can also help to reduce insomnia. 

    5. Dried jujube (Hồng tàu)

    Jujube is a shrub-like plant that is sweet and fiber-rich. It is a great source of vitamin A, B, C and minerals including iron, calcium and healthy fatty acids. Jujube can treat insomnia and other sleep problems relevant to stress and anxiety. It is also beneficial to gastrointestinal illness such as stomach pain, constipation and bloating. It can improve brain functions and immune health as well.

    6. Dried daisy flowers (Cúc hoa)

    When making tea from daisy flowers, it can treat cough, bronchitis, inflammation and disorders of liver and kidneys. Some even use daisy flowers as a drying astringent and blood purifier. The flowers are also beneficial to pain and minor bleeding.

    7. Bitter melon (Khổ qua)

    Bitter melon is a tropical and edible vine that is a part of the gourd family. It can be used to strengthen immune health, improve digestive problems, prevent cardiovascular disease, improve eyesight and detoxify. 

    8. Artichoke (Atiso)

    Artichoke is a type of thistle originated in Mediterranean. It has been used as a medicinal property for a long time. Some of artichoke's health benefits include losing weight, treating obesity, strengthening the immune system, enhancing liver functions and improving digestive functions. It can be used to treat constipation and hemorrhoids. 

    9. Lid eugenia (Vối nụ)

    Lid eugenia is a tropical plant. It has various health benefits: treat gout, treat diabetes, reduce blood fat, cure bloating and indigestion and treat impetigo. Tea made from lid eugenia can also treat hepatitis, jaundice and chronic colitis. 

    10. Sweetleaf (Cỏ ngọt)

    Sweetleaf contains natural sweetness and has low sugar content. It is an excellent solution for diabetics. Sweetleaf helps to treat high blood pressure, diabetics, reduce blood sugar, prevent cardiovascular disease and oral diseases.

    Besides the 10 medicinal herbs and plants, the other ingredients making the taste of Hue royal tea include fresh jujube, lotus seed embryo, anise, ginseng, sophora japonica and jasmine.

    Benefits of Hue royal tea 

    Combining 16 natural herbs and plants, Hue royal tea not only has an impressive taste but also has some amazing health benefits. Here are the top 4 benefits of Hue royal tea.

    1. Improve sleep quality

    hue tea


    Initially, the royal loved this tea as it brought them a deep and nice sleep. As the tea contains a large proportion of dried daisy flowers, this ingredient adds a cool, sweet and slightly bitter flavor. This helps to detoxify and cool down the liver. But most importantly, it brings great effects of reducing anxiety and stress to have a good sleep. 

    2. Help to lose weight

    hue royal tea


    It is a folk tale that the royal ladies often drank this tea as a beauty treatment. The tea was believed to keep them young and beautiful thanks to its benefits of reducing and eliminating body fat and improving the skin. 30 minutes or 1 hour before having a meal, you can enjoy a cup of Hue royal tea. The tea can support the digestion system and prevent absorbing too much fat. Drinking tea before eating will also make you not too hungry while having a meal.

    3. Improve skin health

    Besides its benefits of eliminating body fat, Hue royal tea can also help to enhance skin beauty. When the liver is damaged, its functions of detoxifying the body is impaired. That is when acne is formed. To prevent acne, one of the most effective ways is to improve liver functions. With Hue royal tea, your liver will be improved.

    4. Improve immunity and lower cholesterol level

    hue royal tea


    Hue royal tea is a precious remedy to improve health. As it is made from many rare and medicinal herbs, this tea is indeed nutritious. It can help the body improve the immune system, reduce blood fat and prevent cardiovascular disease. For people with obesity, Hue royal tea will improve blood circulation. Last but not least, it can purify the body by helping liver detoxify. 

    Where to buy Hue royal tea? 

    1. Đức Phượng Store

    The tea is guaranteed to be clean, tasty and original. This store offers various types of Hue royal tea.

    Address: 24 Nguyen Hue Street, Vinh Ninh, Hue

    2. Trà Đình Vũ Di – Cư Chánh

    This is not only a store but it is also a cafe. Tourists can stop by and enjoy a cup of Hue royal tea on the spot.

    Address: Thien An Tourist Attraction, Huong Thuy, Hue

    3. Đệ Nhất Danh Trà

    This is a famous and well-known brand providing Hue royal tea across Vietnam. The brand has a good reputation so you can trust the product quality.

    Address: 12 Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Hue

    4. Dr. Tea

    This store provides tasty and original Hue royal tea. 

    Address: 2/98 Nguyen Hue Street, Hue


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