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Hanoi to Hue: 5 ways to travel - The Best Travel Guide

Hanoi to Hue: 5 ways to travel - The Best Travel Guide

Hanoi to Hue: 5 ways to travel - The Best Travel Guide

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    Hue is an ancient capital, a World Heritage site and a wonderful destination of Vietnam. Hue City is about 539.8 km (on air) and 669 km (on land) away from Hanoi. This is a must-see destination for any tourist who visits Vietnam. It is very easy to travel to Hue from anywhere in Vietnam, especially Hanoi - the capital. However, there are too many ways to go sometimes brings to travelers the confusion of choosing the suitable one. This article gives you the most detailed way of all types of vehicles that used for traveling from Hanoi to Hue. From all of that information, we hope that you could concern about the pros & cons of each type and make your own best decisions.

    I. Getting from Hanoi to Hue by airplane - the fastest way to destination

    1. How to catch Taxi to Hanoi International Airport

    There should be no difficulty getting a taxi to travel from Hanoi’s center to Noi Bai International Airport. You can call to any taxi brands for you to book one. Normally, the price will be about VND 200,000-250,000 depending on the taxi and vehicle type. However, you can deal with the driver to have a better price. Most taxi drivers can speak English and they are also very friendly so you can communicate with them easily. The standard of most of the cab is good because they are usually taken care of by their owners.

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    Some Taxi Brands you should notice:


    Taxi Provider Phone Number Type of vehicle Price Approximate Price
    Mai Linh taxi (+84) 243 833 3333 5-seat Open door: VND 10,000 The First 30 km: VND 13,600 From km 31th: VND 11,000 VND 210,000
    8 seats Open door: VND 11,000 The First 30 km: VND 14,600 From km 31th: VND 12,000 VND 300,000
    Group taxi (+84) 243 853 5353 4 seats Open door: VND 10,000 The First 30 km: VND 13,900 From km 31th: VND 11,000 VND 200,000
    Ba Sao taxi (+84) 243 636 3636 4 seats Open door: VND 7,000 The First 30 km: VND 11,000 From km 31th: VND 9,000 VND 175,000
    VinaSun taxi (+84) 243 827 2727 4 seats Open door: VND 10,000 The First 30 km: VND 13,600 From km 31th: VND 11,000 VND 195,000
    Grab Car 4 seats VND 10,000/km VND 180,000

    2. How to book a flight ticket to Hue, Vietnam

    There are approximately 10 direct flights every day from Hanoi to Phu Bai International Airport. The airlines that service Hanoi to Hue Airport (Phu Bai International Airport are:


    Airline Brand Price (one way/ person) Pros and Cons
    Vietnam Airline VND 1,100,000 – 3,200,000 - Many flight/day - Less Delayed flights than others-Good service, good quality-Comfortable-High price
    Jetstar Pacific VND 300,000 – 1,900,000 - Cheap price - A lot of ticket price big sales - Pretty stewards and stewardesses - Good quality, various meals during flight - Usually delayed - Smaller airplanes, low- quality seats
    Vietjet Air VND 350,000 – 1,850,000 - Cheap price - A lot of ticket price big sales - Pretty stewards and stewardesses - Good quality, various meals during flight - Usually delayed - Small airplanes, low- quality seats

    Buying a ticket from Hanoi to Hue is not too complicated.You can find information about airline tickets directly on their website. Otherwise, there are a lot of popular websites can offer you the cheaper prices such as/including Traveloka, Booking, etc…You will have to pay about VND 600,000- 3,000,000 for a one-way ticket/person and it takes about 60 minutes to fly and 60 minutes to transfer.

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    Purchasing airline tickets has been greatly simplified by the widespread use of online reservation services. Travelers can compare prices and routes on various airlines using online booking sites and make reservations with just a few mouse clicks. The most important skills that you will need are a small dose of Internet savvy and the organizational awareness to plan ahead for the best fares. To purchase online tickets, please click here

    3. How to go to Hue center from airport

    Phu Bai Airport is 15 kilometers far away from Hue city center. It takes about 25 minutes to travel to the city center by car. You can call a  taxi to go from Phu Bai international airport to Hue center or book a 4 seats car to go to your hotel with the price of VND 250,000. There are also some bus routes to bring customer from the airport to the center with just only VND 50,000

    Some taxi brands in Hue:


    Taxi Providers Phone Number
    Mai Linh Hue Taxi (+84) 234 389 8989 (+84) 343 824 747
    Thanh Cong Taxi (+84) 234 357 5757 (+84) 234 657 5757
    Vang Taxi (+84) 234 379 7979
    Hoang Sa Taxi (+84) 234 375 7575
    GILI Taxi (+84) 234 382 82 82
    Huong Giang Taxi (+84) 234 378 78 78
    Dong Ba Taxi (+84) 234 384 8484
    Thanh Do Taxi (+84) 234 385 8585

    4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting from Hanoi to Hue by airplane

    At this moment, the airplane is one of the most popular and convenient ways to move from place to place. Another reason that airlane is becoming everyone’s favorite transportation is its speed. An airplane can shorten your trip and allow you to have the best physical fitness.On the other hand, there are many cases that flights will be delayed for a period of time, or worse, they are delayed without advance notification. Your schedule will be affected slightly so please arrange everything carefully and prepare mentality for this situation.


    II. Getting to Hue from Hanoi by sleeper bus - convenient to go, easy to book


    1. How to catch a sleeper bus from Hanoi to Hue

    The sleeping bus will mostly pick up the passengers from the local stations. However, some sleeping buses can also be caught around the Old Quarter area. Some other buses also offer hotel picking up service. One thing to notice that the picking up time is usually a half to one hour before the departure time. The earliest bus from Hanoi to Hue starts at 07:00 AM, the latest departure is at 21:30 PM. The time journey from Hanoi to Hue by sleeping bus takes around 13-15 hours depending on each provider. A ticket price of Hanoi – Hue sleeping bus is average of VND 350.000. To purchase online tickets, please click here

    2. What are the advantages of sleeper bus to Hue

    The sleeping bus is also known as the tourist bus. It is usually a small high-quality bus including which have from 40 to 45 seats. There is a break which is about 1 hour for the passengers to have dinner. Furthermore, it also includes some advanced services such as wifi, water, air conditional, DVD, blankets, and pillows on the bus. The drivers normally have a long time driving experience so you just stay in your seat, sleep well overnight and Hue will appear before you on the next day.

    3. Some Information about Sleeper buses from Hanoi to Hue

    Sleeper Bus Provider Phone Number Price Departure time Starting Address
    Queen Cafe (+84) 243 903 6036 (+84)936 330 066 VND 250,000 18:00 PM or 18:30 PM No.208 Tran Quang Khai – Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi
    Camel Travel (+84) 243 903 6036 (+84)936 330 066 VND 250,000 17:00 PM 18:00 PM 19:00 PM No.59 Tran Khat Chan – Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi
    Hung Thanh (+84) 243 903 6036 (+84)936 330 066 VND 250,000 18:00 PM 18:30 PM 19:00 PM No.162B Tran Quang Khai – Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi and No.287 Tran Khat Chan- Hai Ba Trung District
    Duc Thinh (+84) 243 903 6036 (+84)936 330 066 VND 250,000 16:30 PM Nuoc Ngam Station, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi
    Nhat Tuan (+84) 243 903 6036 (+84)936 330 066 VND 250,000 16:00 PM 17:00 PM My Dinh Station, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi Yen Nghia Station, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi
    Hoang Long (+84) 243 903 6036 (+84)936 330 066 VND 250,000 07:00 PM 13:00 PM 19:30 PM, 21:30 PM Nuoc Ngam Station, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi

    4. What are the disadvantages of sleeper bus

    Traveling from Hanoi to Hue by sleeping bus has some issues. First, it takes a lot of time to move and it is not a good choice for whom want to have a short trip. When you feel hungry, it extremely hard to find some food or drink on this bus so remember to prepare some fruits or snacks for your travel. Second, the area in the bus is very narrow, you must stay in your bed almost all the traveling time. Last but not the least, you can not take a leak easily. There is one toilet in the sleeping bus, however, it serves 45 people at the same time so you will feel very terrible if you have some problem with your stomach. In conclusion, you need to concern about choosing this kind of vehicle to travel.


    III. Getting to Hue from Hanoi by train - traditional but very exciting

    1. What are the advantages of getting from Hanoi to Hue by train

    The Hanoi-Hue railway belongs to North-South Railway (or Unity Railway)-the longest railway in Vietnam. Not everyone likes to take a train. Most people may hate the noise of vehicles that hit their ears every day. On the contrary, the train whistle brings a different feeling. It reminds us of our childhood that we used to be. A lots passengers like it. Moreover, this railway line was built near the beach, so you will definitely watch countless poetic sceneries in your journal. It also offers you a lovely view and the chance to blend in with local people. Sometimes, many people identified that their experiments in the train were much more interesting than the destination. Especially, traveling by train may be the safest way you can find.

    There are a lot of express trains in Hanoi- Hue railway. Daily departures are in the afternoon from Hanoi – Saigon, and opposite. If you buy a Hanoi-Hue ticket, you will leave the train at Hue station. The journey is about 13-14 hours long. The average price is approximately VND 1,500,000 depending on whether you choose a hard seat or soft seat. The departure time is about from 6:00 a.m to 22:00 PM due to which train.

    2. How to book a train ticket from Hanoi to Hue, Vietnam

    Booking a train ticket is very easy now. You can purchase the train ticket at:, or You can also go straight to Hanoi Station in no.120 Le Duan Street, Dong Da District to buy one Buy tickets is extremely simple, you just need to present your ID or passport to sales staff. Directly payment by cash or through credit card is both acceptable. There will be a lot of the signs for you to buy tickets quickly. Debit/Credit cards accepted: VISA, MasterCard, JCB only or you can pay through PayPal 

    There are 4 kinds of seats for you to buy a ticket including Normal hard seat, Hard seat with Air conditioner, Soft seat with air conditioner and bedroom. You can also buy some fast food, meal, drink, fruits, specialties, etc anytime in your journal because staff will sell them on the train. Some information about the ticket price:


    Train Normal hard seat Hard seat with Air conditioner Soft seat with air conditioner Bedroom
    Unity Railway VND 354,000 VND 409,000 VND 534,000 VND 800,000~950,000
    Livitrans Express VND 354,000 VND 409,000 VND 534,000 VND 1,700,000
    VND 354,000 VND 409,000 VND 409,000 VND 534,000 VND 1,860,000

    3. What are disadvantages of transferring from Hanoi to Hue by train

    The train is the least popular among all land transports. It can be explained by long travel time and expensive price compared to other vehicles. As it’s not really preferable, the schedule consequently is inconsistent. You may not find a train available on the day you want to go. If you do, there could be a last-minute cancellation. The train is inconvenient that it stops at the Hue Station. This means it doesn’t take you to either the city center or the harbor. Therefore, you will have to get a taxi which will add a little more to the time and expenses. In addition, on holiday vacation, the traveling need of people is very high, so the volume of booking train ticket is huge. You should make your decision as soon as possible and book one ticket for your own. book in advance

    4. Compare sleeping bus and train


    Vehicle Sleeping bus Train
    Price One way price: VND 250,000/ person - Hard seats: VND 350,000 – 400,000 - Soft seats: VND 530,000 - Bedroom: VND 800,000 – 1,800,000
    Number of seats 45 - Hard seats: 50 - Soft seats: 50 - Beds: 50
    Length of the travel 13-15 hours (including 1-hour break for dinner) - 13-14 hours (including a lot of breaks in each station)
    Advantages -Various providers to choose -Travel all night so you do not waste your travel time -Low Price - A lot of seats - Very safe - Nice view - Various food and drinks to buy
    Disadvantages -Do not have your own area -Have some trouble to do personal works. - High price - Not too fast


    IV. Getting to Hue from Hanoi by motorbike - the adventurous journey

    1. What are the advantages of motorbike

    The first good reason is that some of the scenery here is amazing. The view through the window of a bus or train just does not compare. Having a tour with a motorbike is much more flexible than doing tours with cars, buses, airplanes or trains…. You can go fast or slow as long as you want, you can stop anywhere, take some pictures, do memorable things with friends. You need to know that doing motorcycle tours in Vietnam offers something totally different from a regular bus and car tours can offer. Our destination may be the same but the quality of the trip for us is not always the destination, it’s about what we see on the road and how we get there. Moreover, you may have to sort out a lot more problems on your own, but then you’ll have many more colorful tales to tell when you’re done.

    2. How to rent the motorbike in Hanoi

    It’s not difficult for you to rent a motorbike. There are a lot of motorbike rental shops in all over Hanoi. Many of them are available in the Old Quarter and West Lake area. The owners are very enthusiastic and affable. Most of them do not know English, however, they can fully understand what you want. They will also give you some suggestions of which one is suitable for your driving experience and aim or just due to your body size.

    There are many kinds of a motorbike. After having chosen the one will accompany you, the owner will ask you for the photocopy of your passport, the deposit, and the renting fee. Some owners may require you for the original passport. However, it’s recommended to try to make a deal with them. Some motorbike rental shops:


    Name Phone Number Price Address Website
    Vietmotorbikes (+84) 166 647 8888 US$ 5-50/day No 55, Trinh Cong Son Str, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi VietMotorbikes |
    James Hanoi Motorbike (+84) 915 010 817 US$ 5-30/day No 289 Ngoc Thuy Str, Long Bien Dist, Hanoi JamesHanoiMotorbike
    Phung Motorbike (+84) 965 936 677 US$ 15-34/day No 13 Ngo Huyen Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi Phung Motorbike
    Hanoi motorbike rental and sales (+84) 983 182 368 US$ 2-25/day No 14, Hang Chinh Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi Hanoi Motorbike

    3. What are the disadvantages of getting a motorbike to Hue, Vietnam

    There are actually many disadvantages of driving a motorbike. Due to the distance of 700 km, it requires you good health and great driving skill. Otherwise, you will easily get tired and have no energy left for other activities. A bigger obstacle for you is when your bike breaks. If you’re in the middle of the highway, the chance that you can find a store to fix it is almost zero. Another disadvantage could be the weather, especially when it rains heavily. It’s challenging to drive in the rain, followed by the chance of an accident. In addition, You may easily get lost, and the problem with the language may prevent you to communicate with local people. The messy, chaotic traffic can confuse you and lead you in the wrong direction.

    Therefore, using a motorbike to travel from Hanoi to Hue could be really dangerous for people having no experience. To us, the reward/risk ratio seems to balance out. You’ll have to make that calculation for yourself. No one else can do it for you.

    4. Must-know tips  when driving a motorbike from Hanoi to Hue

    There are two things you must insist on when renting a motorbike including though–rear view mirrors and a helmet. These are the only two things the cops will stop you for not having. Moreover, they are necessary when you are on the way. The mirrors can provide you with a broader view to know the position of others transports. The helmet, of course, is the best way to keep your head safe when the unlucky accident happens.

    Another important thing to remember is that larger vehicles have right of way. Whether they are approaching from behind, or they are in your lane passing another truck, a larger vehicle will take it for granted that you know how to fend for yourself. This means reading the road ahead, and before someone ‘runs you off the road,’ knowing how to slow down and, if necessary, safely pull off the road. In any case, it makes sense to work your way into traffic gradually. Remember that observing is the most important thing. Make the most of a motorbike ride to get the feel of how things work. Try to familiar with driving in Hanoi before taking on a motorbike to Hue.


    V. Getting a tour to Hue from Hanoi

    1. Which tours from Hanoi to Hue are available

    There are a lot of Hue tours which are available for you to choose from. The vehicle of each tour is different depending on the criteria of each customer. The number of days of resting and sightseeing in each tour is different from numerous providers. The average day for sightseeing in Hue is about 3 days and 2 nights.

    Some available tours:


    Number of day Approximate price (due to kind of hotels) Phone number Web Payment
    Tour Hanoi-Danang-Hue-Paradise Cave 3 days, 2 nights VND 3,000,000-3,800,000/person (do not conclude ticket price) (+84) 287 300 6749 Vietfun Travel #ERROR!
    Tour Hanoi-Hue 3 days, 2 nights VND 2,700,000-3,600,000/person (do not conclude ticket price) (+84) 942 537 478 (+84) 918 205 665 Tourdulich Vietnam Deal with tour providers
    Tour Hanoi-Hue 3 days, 2 nights VND 2,060,000-2,200,000/person (include in shutter bus ticket) (+84) 989 552 520 Lead Travel Deal with tour providers
    Tour Hanoi-Hue 3 days, 4 nights VND 3,500,000-4,100,000/person (do not conclude ticket price) (+84) 243 938 1909 Du lich van minh Deal with tour providers

    2. Where can you get more information about Hanoi-Hue tour

    You should notice some popular online travel agency to book a tour from Hanoi to Hue ofVietrantour, Tripadvisor, Viet Fun Travel, etc …


    VI. From Hanoi to Hue: How to choose the suitable transportation option to travel

    Many of these transportations are having their own strengths and weaknesses, however, to choose the most suitable one for each person is actually very difficult. Choosing the best means not only to take you from Hanoi to Hue but also affect a lot to the overall quality of this journal. How to choose a proper one while every transport has its own pros and cons maybe not as easy as you thought. There are some questions that you need to notice to find the solution. Remember our suggestion cause it will be helpful for you.

    1. In which season do you have your trip from Hanoi to Hue

    Weather in Hue has its own characteristic, so not all the seasons are the ideal time to explore the land of this ancient capital. Summer lasts from March to August, characterized by heat, temperatures as high as up to 40oC. The rainy season begins in October and ends in January. The rain often has the hurricane. The winter is cold, the lowest temperature is 9 degrees. Spring lasts from January to the end of March, the climate is relatively cool. The period of the autumn is from September to the end of November, is recognized to be the ideal time to travel from Hanoi to Hue. During this time, the weather is not too hot or too cold, cool climate. It is convenient for sightseeing and traveling to Hue from Hanoi.

    2. What is your budget

    All journey must require money and we can’t deny that money is the main and decisive factor. Nevertheless, the greater or less amount depends on how and what your spending is. In addition, you should pay a lot of attention to your budget to balance the expenses for the whole journey. If you have the little budget, the suitable transports for you are the sleeping bus, motorbike or train. An airplane is suitable for those who have more money. However, there are a lots cheap price airplane tickets or Jetstar or Vietjet air to encourage people to use their service. This kind of ticket is sometimes cheaper than the sleeping bus ticket and you need to follow their news to have an opportunity to own one.

    3. Who do you go with

    The number of people in your team sometimes affect a lot with choosing transportation decision. The smaller the group is, the easier it is to find out a suitable transportation to travel from Hanoi to Hue or to anywhere you want. If you travel alone or go with 1-3 friends, it is very easy to find one because they are all flexible with you. A bigger group brings more issues. You may see it is very difficult to book about 9- 10 sleeping bus, airplane or even train tickets at the same time in the traveling season. Moreover, each people has their own problems. What happens if many of them can`t travel by train while others like this experiment a lot? or some people like going by airplane for its fast but another like the feeling of driving a motorbike from Hanoi to Hue? Therefore, when you decide to travel with a group, you need to build one group that have same favor and take care of each financial and physical status of everyone.  

    4. How much luggage do you bring along

    It is the less important thing that you need to notice. A small bag will let you fit in any vehicles. If you decide to travel by airplane, you can bring as much as you want. Traveling by train or sleeping bus may be more comfortable if you only have 2 3 big bags. About driving motorbike, one small bag with 3-4 clothes and personal equipment are enough.


    VII. Brief summary of all vehicles to travel from Hanoi to Hue


    Duration Price Departure time Convenience & comfort Pros Cons
    Airplane 1 hour + 1hour transfer VND 1,000,000- 3,000,000(include taxi fee) Due to the ticket 9,0/10 - Fast -Conveniene -More space for luggage -High Price -Delay time
    Sleeping bus 15 hours (1 hours break for dinner) VND 250,000 From 18:00PM - 22:00PM 6.5/10 -Various -Easy to book -Advanced services: wifi, water -Long time travel -Not convenient
    Train 14 hours VND 350,000 - 2,000,000 (include taxi fee) Due to the ticket 7.5/10 -Easy to book -Nice view -Can buy cheap food and drink on the train -Time-consuming - Not always available
    Motorbike 20 hours The price due to the number day of your journey base on you 5,0/10 -Flexible and active -Adventurous - Time - consuming - Inconvenient - Risky and dangerous - Not allowed to drive without Vietnamese driving license
    Tour VND 4 mil/person (not conclude ticket price) base on the tour 7,0/10 -Comfortable -Having Instruction - High Price -Depend on a tour

    VIII. Make the most of your trip


    Criterion Mark
    Landscape, atmosphere, weather 9,0/10
    People, Cultural 9,0//10
    Food, Drink 9.5/10
    Cost, Price 8.5/10
    Hotel, Accommodation 9,0//10
    Attractions, recreation 9,0//10
    Transportation 8.5/10

    Everywhere can be visited by airplane, bus, train or motorbike on your own. However, choosing the best transportation that suitable is never an easy thing. To have a perfect journal like your dream, please have a clear plan and make a good decision. From Hanoi to Hue is not so far, but with various means of transport, it has never been easier to travel to Hue from Hanoi. No matter what you choose, remember that enjoy your time, enjoy your life.


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