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About Hue, Vietnam

About Hue, Vietnam

About Hue, Vietnam

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    Being a city in Central Vietnam, Hue is located on the bank of Perfume River, just a few miles to the East Sea. This city is about 700 kilometers to the South of Hanoi and more than 1100 kilometer to the North of Ho Chi Minh City. Hue is famous for being the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty for 143 years, from 1802 to 1945.

    Throughout the ups and downs in the history, Hue becomes the city maintaining the tangible and intangible heritage of Vietnam. The present-day Hue captures the essence of both the mind and the soul of the country in its poetic landscape, green mountains, and charming rivers.

    When mentioning Hue, the first thing coming to mind of many people the image of a city steeped in history. Thanks to the good feng-shui, Hue was the place where Nguyen Hue, the second emperor of Tay Son Dynasty, took the throne. Then, it rose to prominence as the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty from the 17th century to the 19th century. Visiting Hue, you can have chances of broadening your knowledge about Vietnamese history, especially the history in the last feudal court.

    In addition, you will learn more about the Vietnamese royal life of the king’s family of the Nguyen Dynasty represented in many famous sites such as Thai Hoa Palace, Can Thanh Palace, Khon Thai Residence, Kien Trung Pavilion, and Khai Dinh Museums.

    Hue is also a Buddhism center with hundreds of Buddhist pagodas including Thien Mu, Bao Quoc, Tu Dam, and Quoc An Pagoda. Moreover, Hue boasts an enormous number of festivities and music which have played an important part in the national identity.

    Some typical festivals you shouldn’t miss out are Hue Festival (takes place every two year), Nam Giao Ceremony (a ritual, solemn ceremony of Nguyen Kings to show the respect and to worship the heaven and the earth), New Calendar Delivering Ceremony (ceremony for the proclamation of successful candidates after national examinations and royal parades) and Buddhist Pagoda Ceremony. Last but not least, Nha Nhac Hue (the ritual music performed at the Vietnamese Royal Court), Hue traditional dance, and ca Hue (one of three kinds of Vietnamese chamber music) are considered as the essential spiritual food for visitors from different places.

    22 Jan 2020
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