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Weather & best time to travel in Hoi An

Weather & best time to travel in Hoi An

Weather & best time to travel in Hoi An

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    1. Weather in Hoi An

    Hoi An has a tropical and monsoon climate. Additionally, the city has two main seasons in particular. 

    The dry season from February to August. This is the rainy season that lasts from September, October to January next year. The average temperature of winter is 23 ℃, and the lowest temperature is about 15 – 20℃ and even down to 11 ℃, which usually occurs in December and January.

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    The second one is the dry season when the temperature in months is relatively equal from 28 – 30℃, the highest one is about 39 – 40℃. The total annual sunshine hours are 2,158 hours per year. Moreover, the average humidity in the winter is 82 – 84%, while in the summer reduces to 75 – 78%. The average annual rainfall is 2.069mm, mostly occurs in the winter – the rainy season, with an average of 120-140 days of rain per year. It rains most in September and October.

    2. Best time to visit Hoi An

    The best time to visit Hoi An is from February to April every year, with little rain, pleasant climate. Moreover, you should consider going to Hoi An in the summer because of rising temperatures, which makes the weather very sultry. The rainy season from October to November also has the disadvantage is the wetness due to heavy rains. Moreover, if you come to visit Hoi An on the 14th of the lunar month, you can to attend a special night occasion of the old town. You will have a chance to see the red lanterns flashing across the street, a unique scene of Hoi An as well as take part in a lot of traditional activities on that occasion.

    a. Hoi An in spring (from January to March or April)

    This is the springtime when the atmosphere in the town is very pleasant, less rainy and the scenery is very poetic as well. This is the most perfect time for you to explore Hoi An.

    b. Hoi An in summer and autumn (from May to September)

    It is also a beautiful time to admire the romantic and tranquil atmosphere of Hoi An. As the sky turns deep blue, the roads are now “deep” and more prominent than ever with the golden leaves falling down. A deep space with the “yellow tone” will give you a lot of interesting experience.

    c. Hoi An in winter (In the end of October and early November to December)

    In this time, Hoi An immersed in the sudden rain. With some people, this time is not convenient to visit the town. But the city also has a different beauty under the rain – quiet and peaceful, so you just need to find a corner and sit to enjoy a cup of tea, watching the rain falling.

    17 Feb 2020
    About Hoi An, Vietnam 3 most popular ways to get to Hoi An, Vietnam

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    About Hoi An, Vietnam 3 most popular ways to get to Hoi An, Vietnam

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