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Best 5 Hoi An Beaches To Visit In Vietnam

Best 5 Hoi An Beaches To Visit In Vietnam

Best 5 Hoi An Beaches To Visit In Vietnam

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    Hoi An is a city on the central coast of Vietnam which is located only about 30 kilometers to the South of Da Nang. Hoi An used to be a major trading port of South Asian people since 15th century. Since 1999, Hoi An has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. So far, it has been known as a  poetic destination which allows you to run away from the daily bustle. When it comes to Hoi An, people commonly think about the ancient towns and villages, admirable architectural sites and sparkling streets with colorful lanterns. However, that hasn’t been all about Hoi An yet. It would be a big mistake and regret if we miss mentioning these beautiful beaches in Hoi An. Let’s have a look at this list of 5 best Hoi An beaches, and be ready to create your own memorable time in Hoi An, Viet Nam.

    I. Cua Dai beach in Hoi An, Vietnam - Top 18 attractive beaches in Asia

    Location: 5 kilometers to the East of Hoi An ancient town, 30 kilometers from Da Nang international airport, 30 kilometers from Da Nang train station

    Travel duration: 10 minutes from Hoi An ancient town, 45 minutes from Da Nang international airport

    Transportation: private car, taxi, motorbike, bicycle

    Activities: water sports, sightseeing, fishing

    Good for travelers: solo, family, couples

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    1. Why travel to Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam

    Cua Dai Beach witnesses the unification of 3 big rivers in Da Nang including Thu Bon River, Truong Giang River and De Vong River before they flow into the sea together. Cua Dai Beach stretches for about 8 kilometers. Visitors can easily catch a taxi, which takes about 10 minutes from Hoi An ancient town or 45 minutes from Da Nang International Airport to the beach.

    Given the coast full of white and smooth sand as well as the calm and crystal blue water, Cua Dai Beach is attracting more and more visitors from all parts of Vietnam and all over the world. Cua Dai Beach’s fresh and cool air as long as its low and gentle waves creates itself an ideal spot for swimming and relaxing in Hoi An, Vietnam. Walking or lying on the peaceful beach and feeling the wind blowing over your face is an incredible way to get yourselves truly stress-free and hassle-free. Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An can, therefore, help you to recharge your batteries. 

    Recently, the facilities in Cua Dai Beach have been improved significantly. There are many hotels and resorts on the seashore (we prefer Victoria Hoi An or Sunrise Premium Resort & Spa) which are not only fully furnished and comfortable but they were also built after Vietnamese traditional design so that you can feel like you are living in the countryside of Vietnam. 

    Cua Dai Beach is beautiful all the day long. In the morning, visitors can wake up early, walk along the coast and admire the gorgeous sunrise. In the afternoon is the best time for swimming, floating and playing sports. When night falls, the sea turns to be sparkling due to the reflection of colorful lights into the water. From Cua Dai Beach, you can have a far view of lovely Da Nang City.

    Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An is one of the five World Heritage Sites in Vietnam recognized by UNESCO. Cua Dai Beach was also voted as one of the 18 best beaches in Asia. Notably, on a Dutch website about traveling, Cua Dai Beach was identified to be the most affordable beach in the world, so every visitor can have an enjoyable vacation here despite different budgets. Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An, Viet Nam is definitely worth your try!

    2. What to do on Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Vietnam

    a. Playing water sports at Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Vietnam

    As mentioned above, Cua Dai beach in Hoi An is calm and quiet with low and light waves, so it’s suitable and safe for water sports like swimming or floating. It would be ideal if you play in teams and create unforgettable moments together. More importantly, Cua Dai is not too tourism and commercial. It’s not very crowded so that you can easily find private space in the water or on the coast for yourselves. You can play water sports, build sand castles, lie or walk on the beach as long as you enjoy. 

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    b. Riding bicycles to Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Vietnam

    Cua Dai Beach is only 5 kilometers from Hoi An Old Quarter, so many tourists choose to rent a bicycle in Hoi An and ride to the beach. That’s a good way to get exposed to the traffic and the environment in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese people’s daily life. Cua Dai Beach with the calm and blue water, the lengthy coast of white sand, gorgeous sunset and sunrise every day is a perfectly romantic and poetic scenery that can amaze anyone stepping here. With that beauty favored by Mother Nature, Cua Dai Beach is becoming an ideal place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon. Riding a tandem along the coast under the sun is how they can feel close to each other. Riding bicycles on the beach must be a memorable and unique experience which is hard to be found anywhere else but on Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An, Vietnam.

    Renting a bicycle in Hoi An cost from $1 to $2 per hour. Below are bicycle rental shops recommended for you.

    hoian beach in vietnam


    Yen’s shop:

    Address: 617 Hai Ba Trung Street

    Tel: 0905 397 138 (Ms Yen)


    Ms. Anh’s shop:

    Address: 80 Tran Hung Dao Street

    Tel: 01695 102 268


    Ms. Ngo Hoang My Linh’s shop

    Address: 201-203 Ly Thuong Kiet street

    Tel: 0903 164 707


    Mr. Canh’s shop

    Address: 115 Ba Trieu Street

    Tel: 01627 565 018


    c. Going fishing at Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Vietnam

    Cua Dai Beach is where Thu Bon River flows into the sea, so there are various types of sea animals which is of great interest to tourists. There are fisherman villages right on the seashore that tourists can come to visit for more understanding about the life on the sea of Vietnamese fishermen.

    If interested in fishing, tourists can have two choices. Firstly, they can buy or rent a fishing-rod in a shop near the beach, then go fishing along the seashore. If looking for something new and more challenging, tourists can rent a small ship from a fisherman and get headed to the sea. Trying working as a true fisherman on the sea must be an incredible experience.

    d. Enjoying seafood at Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Vietnam

    As Cua Dai Beach is the unification of 3 big rivers, it has the source of diverse seafood. Two famous specialties on Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An you won’t want to miss should be squids fried with fish sauce (muc chien nuoc mam) and grays grilled with lemongrass and turmeric (ca duoi nuong sa nghe). Remember to spend time enjoying the local food because it’s delicious and unique, and it’s truly a part of the culture. 

    hoian vietnam sky

    II. Cu Lao Cham (Cham islands) in Hoi An, Vietnam - one of the world's biophere reserves

    Location: In Tan Hiep Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, 50 kilometers from Danang City center, 15 kilometers from Cua Dai Beach, 18 kilometers to the East of Hoi An ancient town

    Transportation: speedboat or wooden boat from Cua Dai Beach

    Travel duration: 20 minutes by speedboat, 60 minutes by wooden 

    Activities: scuba diving, camping on the beach, 

    Good for travelers: group, family, couple

    1. Why travel to Cham Islands in Hoi An, Vietnam

    The Cham Islands (also known as Cu Lao Cham)  is a group of 8 islands named after their shapes namly Hon Lao (Pearl), Hon Dai (Long), Hon Kho (Dry), Hon La (Leaf), Hon Tai (Ear), Hon Nom (East Wind), Hon Mo (Tomb) lying along the coast of Hoi An Beach. Of the 8 islands belonging to Cu Lao Cham, Hon Lao is the biggest and most famous. So far, Cu Lao Cham has been considered as the most beautiful beach in Hoi An, Vietnam and the sparkling pearl of Quang Nam Province. In 2009, UNESCO recognized Cham Islands to be one of the world’s Biosphere Reserves. There exists a great variety of plants and animals, especially beautiful rows of coral and marine creatures under the water. 

    Mother Nature favors Cham Islands with the warm and gorgeous sun, cool weather, white sand and crystal clear water. Besides, there are many cultural sites and entertainment activities to discover. There are fishing villages in Cham Islands, which is great that visitors can not only easily get exposed to the local’s daily life but also enjoy fresh and delicious seafood. 

    Recently, the infrastructure in Cham Islands has been improved dramatically. Many guesthouses, hotels, and restaurants have been built in the background of Cham Islands’ isolated beauty. Carrying itself important values about nature, culture, and history of Vietnam, Cham Islands attracts many tourists every year. 

    On Cham Islands, the most convenient vehicle is the motorbike. However, foreigners are not allowed to ride a motorbike for some reason related to topography and military. Therefore, international visitors can go around islands by bus or by motor-taxi.

    2. When traveling to Cham Islands in Hoi An, Vietnam

    During the year, the best time to visit Cham Islands is from March to August because the weather is beautiful, sunny and warm with an average temperature of 28oC and the beach is calm. 

    In other months of the year, the beach is unstable. There are many storms happening. Wind is strong and waves are high. During this time, boats to Cham Islands are often canceled because of the bad weather condition, and the islands become mostly isolated. 

    Every year, there are two biggest festivals on Cham Islands including To Yen Festival on the 9th and 10th of Lunar March and Cau Ngu Festival on the 3rd and 4th of Lunar April. So, if you have a plan to travel to Cham Islands, consider these days because you will have a chance to get exposed to local people’s traditions and customs.

    Normally, a visit to Cham Islands is combined with other neighboring places such as Hoi An ancient town and other Hoi An beaches. So, it’s good to know that Hoi An is more beautiful on 14th and 15th of Lunar months. On these days, the moon is round and bright. Hoi An streets are beautifully decorated with colorful lanterns and sparkling lights like a lively picture. 

    3. How to get to Cham Islands, Hoi An Vietnam

    Cham Islands can be approached from Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An. So, you have to get to Cua Dai Beach first as guided above. From Cua Dai Beach, you have three ways to get headed to Cham Islands including by speedboat (canoe), wooden local supply  boat, and tour boat

    a. Travel to Cham Islands by speedboat (canoe)

    Speedboat is the fastest, most convenient and therefore, costliest option. From Cua Dai Beach, if you choose to travel by speedboat, you can arrive at Cham Islands within 30 minutes. The price for a single ticket ranges between VND 200,000 and VND 300,000 depending on the number of passengers. The more passengers on the boat, the cheaper.

    Tourists can buy the tickets on Cua Dai beach before departing or book in advance from any travel agents in Hoi An to make sure seats are available. The speedboat departures many times during the day, so your plan can be flexible, and also you can do a full day trip you which means going to Cham islands and coming back within one day.

    These are recommended travel agencies in Hoi An where you can look for speedboat tickets:


    Dao Cham travel:

    Address: 10 Tran Quoc Toan Street

    Tel: 0932 569 966


    Bien Ngoc Travel:

    Address: 15 Pham Van Dong Street

    Tel: 0914 116 006



    b. Travel to Cham Islands by wooden local supply boat

    This kind of boat is cheaper, from VND 100,000 to VND 150,000 but takes you longer. Moreover, there is only one departure every day, so make sure that you don’t miss these following information. 

    The wooden boat starts from Bach Dang Beach at 7:30. On the way, it stops at Cua Dai Beach (nearly 10 kilometers from Bach Dang Beach) at 8:30 to pick up tourists before heading to Cham islands. So tourists can catch the boat from either Bach Dang Beach or Cua Dai Beach. Either way, you should be at the beach at least 30 minutes earlier than departure time which means at 7:00 if from Bach Dang Beach and at 8:00 if from Cua Dai Beach. 

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    You can buy your tickets right on the beach before departing. If having any troubles, you can go around and ask for help from local people. They can speak just a little English but enough to understand and show you how to get your tickets. 

    Importantly, the boat takes totally 180 minutes if you start from Bach Dang Beach or 90 minutes if from Cua Dai Beach, and you will arrive at Cham Islands at about 10:30. So, tourists are recommended to start from Cua Dai Beach rather than Bach Dang Beach because the less time on the boat, the better, especially with people who have got seasick.

    Noticeably, this kind of boat doesn’t stay long on Cham Islands. It returns to the starting point at about 11:30 in the same morning. So, you have to stay at least one night on the island; otherwise, you wouldn’t have any time to go see or discover anything. Therefore, this kind of transportation is only recommended for those who are planning to stay overnight on Cham Islands. 

    Besides, an important thing tourists should keep in mind is for some military reasons, those with the nationality of Hong Kong and China are not permitted to stay overnight on the islands. That’s the reason why you should always bring your passport with you in case it may be checked suddenly.

    c. Travel to Cham Islands by tour boat

    There are many difficulties independent travelers may have to face in a strange land. So, it is somehow easier if you book an organized tour to Cham Islands which includes meals, transportations, tour guides, pick-up service from your hotel in Hoi An and a detailed itinerary. You can book a tour like that at any travel agents in Hoi An town. A full-day tour is priced from VND 600,000 per person. Following are best travel agencies recommended for you.


    Laughing Roo Travel:

    Address: 235 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street

    Tel: 0975 622 208



    Sea Trek Vietnam:

    Address: 160A Nguyen Duy Hieu Street

    Tel: 0902 333 010



    4. Where to go on Cham islands, Hoi An Vietnam

    Not only does Cham islands possess a pristine beauty but it also carries many of Vietnamese cultural values. If you have enough time on Cham islands, these following places are worth visiting for sure.

    cham island in vietnam

    a. Cu Lao Cham Marine Park - a comprehensive description of Cham Islands

    Cu Lao Cham Marine park consists of three areas. The first area describes significant features of history, geography, and the development process of eight islands comprising Cham Islands as well as people’s life there. The second area exhibits a great number of marine creature samples which are evidences for the biological diversity on Cham Islands. The last one is a lively picture of people on Cu Lao Cham’s daily life, culture, customs and fishing jobs. If you are interested in having a closer view and a more comprehensive understanding about Cu Lao Cham, don’t miss visiting this place.

    b. Cham Old Well - the oldest well in Cham Islands

    Cham Old well is an obvious trace of Cham people’s architectural style. It’s very difficult to identify exactly the age of this well. However, it is estimated to be about 200 years old. It has been the constant supply of fresh and clean water for local people in the neighbor. Unlike other wells and lakes, Cham Old well has never run out of water even in the dry season, which still remains a question. According to local people on Cham Islands, water from this well can heal seasick, which is very useful for people from the land traveling to Cham Islands. It can’t be denied that Cham Old well have become an integral part of Cu Lao Cham.

    c. Hai Tang Pagoda - an old Buddhist architecture of Cham Islands

    Hai Tang Pagoda is an old house in Cham Islands, Hoi An, Quang Nam. It is a Buddhist structure built in 1758 to satisfy the religious demands of people on Cham Islands. The pagoda was repaired in 1848, but the original architecture still remains. Hai Tang Pagoda is located on a picturesque and poetic background in the East of Hon Lao Islands with gorgeous mountains and green trees, which create a fresh atmosphere as well as the peace in mind of every visitor. If you like to enjoy something truly natural or run away from your bustle for a while, Hai Tang Pagoda is an ideal place.

    d. Yen Temple - the commemoration of gods of bird nest collecting occupations on Cham Islands

    Yen Temple is located on Hon Lao Island, one of the two biggest islands on Cu Lao Cham. Collecting bird nest has been a traditional job of people here. Cu Lao Cham produces one of the best bird nest products in Vietnam.  Yen Temple was built in the 19th century to honor the people who brought and separated this occupation throughout the islands. 

    Every year, a big festival is organized in Yen Temple to commemorate the ancestors of birds nest collecting. Also, it is a chance to pass the traditional values to younger generations, and remind them of protecting and making great use of natural resources favored. 

    e. Tan Hiep Market - a quiet and local market in Cham Islands

    Tan Hiep Market (also called Cu Lao Cham Market) is located near Bai Lang Beach on  Cham Islands. This is a small local market where we look for forest specialties, fresh seafood, and souvenirs. The market is not crowded and noisy as often. That’s the reason why many tourists come here not for shopping but for walking, enjoying the atmosphere and getting closer to people’s daily life.

    5. What to do on Cham Islands, Hoi An Vietnam

    a. Playing watersports on Cham Islands

    From March to August is the best time to visit Cham Islands as the weather is warm, and the sea is calm and safe. During this time, Cham Islands is an ideal spot for those interested in marine life and watersports. Tourists can swim in the cool and clean water, play boat racing and water skiing, dive down to the sea to admire colorful fishes and coral reefs, fly a kite along the coast or just hang in the smooth white sand beach. Because playing water sports is a must-try experience on Cham Islands, tourists are more recommended to travel in groups.

    For diving and snorkeling facilities, there are two reliable shops recommended for you: Cham Island diving located in the heart of Hoi An ancient town and Blue Coral diving on Cu Lao Cham.

    b. Going sightseeing around Cham Islands

    Bai Ong Beach is the nearest beach from Hoi An ancient town of all onesbelonging to Cham Islands. Restaurants on Bai Ong Beach only serve in the daytime. There is a volleyball net set up on the beach. In the afternoon, people usually play volleyball and football here. Bai Ong Beach requires the admission fee of VND 20,000.

    Further along the coast is Bai Bac Beach. You are not required to pay any entrance fees here. As other beaches of Cham Islands, Bai Bac Beach is pretty and romantic. Because this is the northernmost point of Cham Islands, not many tourists come here, the facilities haven’t been developed enough, and accommodations are not available. Therefore, tourists only come here for sightseeing in the daytime.

    Another attractive beach on Cham Islands is Bai Huong Beach which is located in the West of the islands. This is a fishing village, so besides the lovely beach, you can get to see the real life of local people, especially fishing activities. There are many restaurants here where you can try fresh seafood exploited by local fisherman. Bai Huong Beach is also well-known for bird nest collecting. If you go to Bai Huong Beach, don’t forget to visit Yen Temple which was built to honor the ancestors and gods of birds nest collecting.

    6. Where to stay on Cham Islands, Hoi An Vietnam

    A few years ago, Cham Islands didn’t provide any overnight accommodation service. By now, homestay and camping services have been running in order to meet the needs of accommodation of tourists. 

    Tourists can find some basic homestays as walking along Bai Lang Beach and Bai Huong Beach. For this kind of accommodation, you will stay with the small fisherman family. They are very friendly and hospital. Keep open-minded as you will get to understand their life, their jobs, their characteristics. The price for one night is from VND 120,000 per person. You should contact Homestay Bai Huong to make  in advance.

    If you want to enjoy the beauty of the beach at night, you can rent a tent with the price of about VND 150,000 then go camping on the beach. However, there are no stores or restaurants open in the evening, so you have to prepare foods, drinks as well as other necessities like mosquito repellent. Remember to keep your passport with you, and tourists from Hong Kong and China are not permitted to stay overnight on Cham Islands.

    Recently, Cham Island diving organizes the Full Moon Party once a month on Bai Chong Beach. This service costs VND 1,000,000 per person, and you have to book the spot in advance. You depart for Cham Islands from Hoi An at 16:30, stay overnight on the islands and return at 7:30 the next morning. During the party, you dance and swim, enjoy beer, cocktails, barbecue, and then sleep on the beach under the sky. If you feel interested, go to Cham Island diving in the center of Hoi An town.

    hoian beautiful view vietnam

    III. An Bang beach - a pristine beach in Hoi An, Vietnam

    Location: in Hoi An, Quang Nam Province,  5 kilometers from Hoi An ancient town, 30 kilometers from Da Nang International Airport

    Transportation: taxi, motorbike, bicycle

    Travel duration: 10 minutes from Hoi An ancient town

    Activities: sightseeing, relaxing, surfing

    Good for travelers: solo, couple, family, group

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    1. Why travel to An Bang Beach in Hoi An Viet Nam

    Located only a few kilometers from Hoi An, An Bang Beach can be easily reached by taxi within about 10 minutes. If you get there by motorbike or bicycle, you can find a parking slot at the entrance to the beach which charges you about VND 10,000. Being accessible is one big point that makes An Bang Beach more attractive. 

    An Bang Beach used to be a fisherman village. Now it is one of few beaches not only in Hoi An but also in Vietnam which still remain pristine and unspoiled by the tourism development, which is something very precious and appreciated. An Bang Beach possesses large white sand beach, blue sky, and blue water. The weather here is warm and beautiful. Along the coast is an array of high-quality seafront resorts, bars, and restaurants. It must be difficult to find a truly natural place in the middle of a tourist city like Hoi An where you can enjoy both nature and modern infrastructure; if it weren’t An Bang Beach, what else could be? As voted by TripAdvisor readers, An Bang Beach is 22th out of 25 most beautiful beaches in South East Asia in 2018. An Bang Beach is attracting more and more visitors every year.

    2. What to do on An Bang Beach in Hoi An Vietnam

    a. Go sightseeing and relax on An Bang Beach

    Unlike Cua Dai Beach, An Bang Beach is quiet, gentle, uninhabited and peaceful. There are not many entertainment activities. However, it turns out to be exactly what tourists love about An Bang Beach. Most people go to An Bang Beach for sightseeing, walking or bicycling along the coast, hanging on the beach or lying on a lounger reading a book, building a sand castle under the beautiful sunset or anything else that makes them totally relaxed and recharged.

    Besides, surfing is a less popular but worth trying experience if you are interested. On An Bang Beach in Hoi An, there is a surfing community run by expats right on the coast who are willing to teach you surfing. Board rentals are also available. 

    b. Eating seafood specialities of An Bang Beach, Hoi An

    There is a row of restaurant front the beach where you can choose to enjoy An Bang seafood. Some tourists even consider seafood on An Bang Beach to be the most delicious and reasonably priced of all beaches in Hoi An, Vietnam. Following are good restaurants recommended for you.

    Soul Kitchen: This restaurant is famous for salads, snacks, and grill. Tables and chairs are comfortable. However, it is usually crowded here, so you have to wait quite long until your order is made. 

    Luna D’Autunno: This restaurant is famous for pizzas. The price ranges between VND 130,000 and VND 170,000 for a generously sized pizza. A minus for Luna D’Autunno is their loungers are not really comfortable.

    The Hmong sister and Banyan Beach Bar: These two restaurants are specialized in seafood, not only on An Bang Beach but also in Hoi An.


    IV. Ha My beach - top 16 beautiful beaches in Asia

    Location: 7 kilometers from Hoi An ancient town, 22 kilometers from Da Nang city center

    Transportation: motorbike, taxi

    Travel duration: about 30 minutes from Hoi An by motorbike

    Activities: swimming, relaxing

    Good for travelers: solo, family, couple

    1. Why travel to Ha My Beach in Hoi An Vietnam

    Ha My Beach is a less well-known beach in Hoi An in comparison with Cua Dai Beach and An Bang Beach. There are very few people going to Ha My because they only hear about Cua Dai Beach and An Bang Beach. This is not a usual stop of package tours. Tourism services like hotels and restaurants are limited. Luckily, that’s the reason why Ha My Beach can stay truly pristine and natural, and tourists can escape from all bustles and hustles. There are no touts waving at or disturbing tourists at all.

    The white sand beach runs further than you may see. The water is blue and so apparent that you can even see the bottom. 6 kilometers from Ha My Beach is the gorgeous Marble Mountain. Also, Cham Islands can be seen from here. Ha My Beach possesses a really peaceful and poetic landscape. This is absolutely an ideal place to visit if you need to throw yourself into the nature. In 2016, Ha My Beach was voted as one of the 16 most beautiful beaches in Asia by Telegraph, a famous travel news in Britain.

    2. What to do on Ha My Beach, Hoi An Vietnam

    a. Go swimming, sightseeing and relaxing on Ha My Beach

    Ha My Beach is almost deserted and isolated, which makes you feel like you own the entire beach, and are free to enjoy it in your own way. Either lying on the sand, closing your eyes under the shape of palm trees to hear the waves and the wind whisper into your ears or having a dip in the cool water is a perfect experience. 

    Ha My Beach is most beautiful early in the morning when the sun rises and late in the afternoon when the sun sets. The sun lights reflect into the water. Lights from fisherman’s wooden boats also reflect into the water. It looks like the entire beach is turned into a sparkling mirror. Such an extraordinary scene!

    b. Eating seafood specialities of Ha My Beach in Hoi An, Vietnam

    There are a few restaurants and homestays on Ha My Beach like The Four Seasons The Nam Hai Resort and Ha My Side Hoi An Homestay. They are all nice. They serve fresh seafood which is taken directly from the sea and supplied by local fishermen under a reasonable price. 


    V. Binh Minh beach - the sunrise beach in Hoi An, Vietnam

    Location: 12 kilometers from Hoi An, Quang Nam Province

    Transportation: motorbike, taxi

    Travel duration: about 20 minutes by taxi from Hoi An

    Activities: swimming, sightseeing, eating seafood

    Good for travelers: solo, couple, family

    1. Why travel to Binh Minh Beach in Hoi An Vietnam

    Binh Minh Beach is a quite small beach in Hoi An with the length of 3 kilometers and the width of 100 meters. Literally, Binh Minh means Dawn or Sunrise. The best time to visit Binh Minh Beach is early in the morning because the dawn here is extraordinarily beautiful. That’s where the name Binh Minh comes from.

    Normally, Binh Minh Beach is quiet except from on holidays and on the weekends. This is an ideal place to get relaxed and recharged.

    2. What to do on Binh Minh Beach in Hoi An Vietnam

    The beach boats moderate slopes, clean water, gentle waves and the gorgeous sun all of which create an ideal spot for swimming and watersports. These are exactly what summer is for.

    There are deckchairs available along the coast where you can sit or lie to relax. However, to use them, you have to pay or buy some baguette, some pineapple or a drink.

    If you want to know more about people’s daily life, you can consider visiting villages of fishermen near Binh Minh Beach.

    Of all seafood on Binh Minh Beach, you are recommended to try squids because Binh Minh Beach has unique kinds of squids called “muc com” and “muc cat”.

    Above are 5 best beaches in Hoi An, Vietnam. So far, beaches in Hoi An have been considered most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Wish you have a great time in Hoi An, Vietnam.


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