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An Bang beach - a peaceful beach in the ancient city of Hoian

An Bang beach - a peaceful beach in the ancient city of Hoian

An Bang beach - a peaceful beach in the ancient city of Hoian

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    I. An introduction to a beautiful An Bang beach 

    Stretching over a 4-kilometer sandy beach, An Bang beach has attracted lots of tourists in Hoian. With its unspoiled natural beauty and many interesting activities, An Bang beach has caught the media’s attention since 2016. It has featured in Top 100 best beaches in the world by CNN. 

    The unspoiled natural beauty of the tranquil An Bang beach
    The unspoiled natural beauty of the tranquil An Bang beach

    An Bang beach is one of the few beaches in Hoian which is much untouched under human being’s hands in the process of tourism-making. Therefore, it has become a popular destination for tourists and locals to enjoy many seaside activities. Some of the most common watering activities at Hoian’s best beach are surfing, paddle-boarding and simply, swimming. 

    Besides, you can have a chance to enjoy memorable dining options on the beach.  Moreover, there are lots of beach-front resorts and villas, luxurious restaurants and lively bars nearby this beautiful beach. There’s no doubt An Bang beach in Hoian is a great getaway for you to escape from bustling daily life. 

    The way to reach An Bang beach from Hoian is quite easy for tourists. Since most beach-lovers are from the center city of this ancient town, so please check if the hotel provides a shuttle bus. In case they don’t provide the shuttle bus for guests, you can take a taxi or a grab. Taking a grab or taxi seems to be the fastest way to get there, just about 10 minutes. Another way is going by bicycle or by bike. You can hire these vehicles from your hotel. 

    The best time for you to explore this tranquil beach is early in the morning when the atmosphere is quite comfortable. Imagine going to the beach in the early morning, you can watch one of the most spectacular sceneries, the sunrise. That seems to be a cure for your soul on one of the best beaches in Vietnam. Otherwise, you can visit An Bang beach in the afternoon to contemplate the stunning sunset on the beach. 

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    II. Many interesting activities to do on Hoian’s beach - An Bang 

    If you want to escape from hustling and bustling places and immerse in a place with peaceful and untouched beauty. So An Bang beach is an ideal getaway for your dream holiday. Coming to this tranquil beach, tourists can not only enjoy the fresh air but also experience many adventurous and fun activities such as surfing, paddle-boarding, etc. 

    Tourists enjoy sunbathing on the beach of An Bang
    Tourists enjoy sunbathing on the beach of An Bang

    1. Enjoying fun water activities 

    An Bang beach is well-known not only for its unspoiled beauty landscapes but for offering many exciting water activities for tourists. You can simply relax on the seashore with a tasty cup of coffee on your hands or challenge yourself with some adventurous games. They include parasailing, jet-skiing, paddle-boarding and simply swimming. These games are quite attractive to youngsters, especially adventure-seekers and beach-lovers. In case you want to know, parasailing costs tourists about VND 600,000 for a person and VND 800,000 for two people. 

    Remembering if you want to take these games in An Bang beach, please book in advance before going to the beach. Besides, offering many interesting water activities, they also organize tours for tourists to watch the sunrise in An Bang beach. 

    There’s a fact that Hoian’s beach is not the best destination for surfing. However, the lower and gentle waves are ideal for tourists learning to surf, especially for children. Therefore, An Bang beach Hoian is pretty suitable for the family-holidays with kids to enjoy some adventure games in the water. There are some places nearby the beach offering surfboards for kids. So experiencing adventurous games in tranquil An Bang beach is one of the must-try things for tourists during their stay. 

    2, Taking part in safety first - Little Nippers 

    Joining this session with Little Nippers seems to be one of the must-try experiences for family with kids. If your kids are under 14 years old, let’s try this activity. That’s an interesting class for children to raise their awareness of safety and security when going to the beach. 

    The class is usually organized at 8:00 am every Sunday and run by both foreigners and Vietnamese locals. Participating in this class, your kids will learn about life on the ocean around An Bang beach and also safety on the beach. The lessons are conveyed through many interesting activities such as beach sprints, swimming, boarding races, etc. To know more about this class, check their fanpage at Surf Life Saving Vietnam. 

    3. Immersing yourself in yoga & meditation sections in An Bang beach 

    Another activity at An Bang beach for you to experience is taking yoga and meditation sections. It’s time for you to indulge in the cool fresh air and wild wind blowing freely from the ocean. Your soul and body seem to have a chance to immerse yourself into nature and the ocean. To know more information about yoga and meditation sessions at Hoian An Bang beach, you can take a look at Nomad Yoga. This center usually runs yoga and meditation classes on this Hoian tranquil beach. 

    4. Experiencing spa services nearby this beautiful beach

    Using spa treatments on this tranquil beach is another thing for travelers to enjoy during their trip. You can indulge in revitalising massages, or facial and body treatment. It’s time for you to relax with lots of therapies as well as contemplate the unspoiled beauty of An Bang beach. You can easily find spa offerings right in An Bang’s seaside villages such as Aira Hoian Spa, Ocean Spa Hoian, etc. Those spa centers offer various treatments from aloe vera heat, hair removal to full body treatment. 

    5. Watching the stunning sunrise on the beach

    Watching the stunning sunrise on An Bang beach
    Watching the stunning sunrise on An Bang beach

    Contemplating the magnificent sunrise in An Bang beach is one of the most interesting activities for you to try. There’s no more exciting than waking up early in a faraway and tranquil place. Taking a few steps on smoothy-sandy seashores, you can see some dewdrops in the early morning rolling slowly on the coconut leaves. The sun slowly rises from the ocean and the first ray of sunlight starts to shine. The clear water surface looks like a big mirror reflecting the sunshine. You seem to be lost in the mysterious scene amongst the magnificence of the massive ocean and the sky. Surely that viewing the spectacular sunrise on this Hoian’s beach is one of the must-experience activities for you during your trip here. 

    III. Where to eat in An Bang - a peaceful beach in Hoian

    The yummy seafood grilled right away on An Bang beach
    The yummy seafood grilled right away on An Bang beach

    Restaurants on the beach have been increasing everywhere. Last year, there were about 10 new An Bang beach restaurants arising. In this article, we highlight some of the best food stalls on this beautiful beach that you might try. 

    1. Some yummy food stalls on the beach of An Bang

    There are plenty of food vendors on the beach which offer delicious and simple dishes at a reasonable price. It names fried potatoes, hot dogs and Vietnamese food, especially baby clams with onions served with rice crackers and chilli sauce. 

    Besides the food stalls offering yummy food directly on the beach, the local market is a great place to savor delicious dishes. Hoian specialty is the rice noodles served with shrimp, pork, eggs and broth (literally “Mi Quang”) highly recommended for all tourists. Also, “banh mi”, Vietnamese sandwich and “banh xeo” (rice cake with dried shrimp, pork skin and special sauce) are other must-try dishes. 

    2. Experience some delicious desserts 

    Besides tons of finger-licking local dishes sold in the food vendors, some tasty desserts are something you should try, especially various sweet soups. People say that sweet soups in An Bang is no.1 compared to others and is available daily from 3:00 pm. The sweet soup stall is located opposite the petroleum station and on the left-hand side of the peaceful An Bang beach. 

    Other delicious desserts that you might try are Tofu served with a light syrup and bread with condensed milk. Locals call this food “Tau hu nuoc duong '' and “banh mi sua”. Take your time to enjoy some Hoian specialties and you’ll have a memorable experience during your stay here. These desserts are quite cheap and always available for sales from the food vendors along the beach. 

    An Bang beach - Things to do in Hoi An

    Are you adventure-lovers? Or simply you want to find a pristine and tranquil destination to escape from a busy life. With the crystal clear water, smoothy-sand beach and gentle waves, An Bang beach is an ideal getaway for your family. Visiting this peaceful beach, you’ll have an opportunity to take part in many adventurous and interesting games in the water and savor delicious local dishes. Are you ready for your dream holiday? Hopefully, the article provides you with the necessary information about one of the best Hoian’s beaches. 

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