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Weather & Best time to travel to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

When to travel to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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    1. Ho Chi Minh City weather information

    Ho Chi Minh City has two distinct seasons: the rainy season from May to November, dry season from December to April. If you come here in the rainy season, you should bring an umbrella or raincoat when going out because Saigon is famous for the sudden rain. In addition, Ho Chi Minh City is also a place full of sunshine. It is estimated that there are 270 hours of sunshine per month, average temperature 27°C, highest up to 40°C but not as harsh as other places.

    Moreover, Ho Chi Minh City is located in areas less susceptible to wind storms. In general, the climate of the city is relatively mild, there are no days of winter months or no hot months, fewer storms and floods. This is a favorable condition for the development of economic sectors as well as for people’s life. Therefore, you can travel to Ho Chi Minh every time of the year.

    2. Best time to travel to Ho Chi Minh City

    It can be said that anytime in a year is a good time to visit Ho Chi Minh City because Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its pleasant climate and rarely suffer from natural disasters like the Central or Northern Vietnam. However, it’s suggested that you should pay a visit to Ho Chi Minh City during the dry season, starting from December and last until April. 

    a. In dry season

    If you want to travel to Saigon with a plan to explore the bustling downtown streets, enjoy the fun, experience exciting games, adventure at the outdoor amusement park or save the moment, you should choose the dry season. It will be an ideal time to explore Saigon without having to worry about the heavy rain that interrupts your plan, the schedule of the trip was prepared before. The dry season in Saigon is beautiful with blue sky, white clouds floating and the golden sunshine. However, sometimes Saigon will be so hot, so you should prepare a hat or umbrella when down the street.

    b. In rainy season

    Ho Chi Minh City into the rainy season as a young woman who can not predict predetermined. Sometimes it rains all day long, the rain is pouring down, but sometimes it is only the rain across, just enough to wet the road. If you have been traveling to Saigon with rainy days, you can still enjoy your own exciting trip, such as finding a nice coffee shop, having a cup of coffee, a glass of hot milk and looking at Saigon street. Sometimes, those will be poetic, romantic and peaceful moments. Ho Chi Minh City in the rainy season more gentle weather, the temperature also decreased. Therefore, after the rain, you can wander in Saigon with cool air and enjoy watching the rainbow shimmering across the sky.

    22 Jan 2020
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    About Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam How to get to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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