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A day shopping in Ben Thanh Market - Best things you can buy in Ben Thanh Market

A day shopping in Ben Thanh Market - Best things you can buy in Ben Thanh Market

A day shopping in Ben Thanh Market - Best things you can buy in Ben Thanh Market

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    1. The handicrafts

    handicraft ben thanh


    Ben Thanh Market is the center of handicrafts in Ho Chi Minh city, providing many kinds of shapes and colors which handed down for generations.
    It is recommended as a souvenir when you traveling in Vietnam. Travelers may buy it as a traditional gift when visiting to this destination

    2. Ceramic

    ceramic ben thanh


    If travelers like exclusive and extraordinary gifts in Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city), visiting the Ceramic village in Thu Duc District to create a hand made ceramics by themself. People will learn each step to have pottery and feel free to create their own shapes as the style they want. The people who receive that gift will respect the gifts not only because of the origin but also the story of how it made from travelers.

    Some ready-to-buy ceramic stores in Ho Chi Minh you may visit: Authentique Home (113 – Le Thanh Ton, District 1), Japanese Sei Chi Ceramic (63 Bis Mac Dinh Chi, District 1), Yen Lam (112 Tran Nao, District 2), Minh Long Ceramic (42 Bui Thi Xuan, Tan Binh District)

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    3. Curry

    One of the particular things to buy in Ben Thanh is curry – The special things to hand down for generation from the 19th century. In the market, curry types are sold with many kinds of savor.
    Anh Hai Curry is recommended for many travelers. This store has the exclusive registers for its trademark and handed down for 3 generations. As their story, the curry cooking recipe was from the Indian father in law of Mr Ly Luan and was mixed by more types of savor to create curry products.

    4. Fabric vendors

    fabric ben thanh


    You should try fabric vendors with many bright colors. The retailers are not only selling the fabric, they also work as the tailors for travelers. You will receive your new local clothes for only 1 day.

    The popular fabric vendor is Ngoc Giau shop. You may feel confident because this shop is specializing for foreigners. Therefore, they understand the shape of the body and how to make the clothes fit travelers. More than that, the price is only from thousands Vietnam Dong.
    If you want to buy silk or brocade fabric, beside Ben Thanh market, you may visit the Chinese market at An Dong market in 5th District. It is another popular market in Ho Chi Minh city. To find hand made long dress as “ao dai”, you may visit many small clothing shops at Pasteur stress as Tiem Huu La La (282 Pasteur), the shops at Le Thanh Ton …

    5. Seafood

    Comparing to other seafood markets in Sai Gon, the seafood shops at Ben Thanh market have the eye-catching decoration. The shops have from the small to the big size of seafood.

    The source of seafood is from Phan Thiet and it is also used for cooking in the restaurants and hotels in this area.

    6. Dalat vegetable

    dalat vegetable


    Vegetable is the must-know food at Ben Thanh market. One more tip is the type of vegetable. You should choose the vegetable from Dalat.

    You may feel comfortable when using the vegetable here. It has the specific source which only Ben Thanh market has

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    7. Suong Noodle

    One of the fascinating local food in Ben Thanh market is the Suong noodle. After handed down for 3 generations, this kind of noodle has been the popular dish at the market which everyone should try at least 1 time.

    The current owner is Ms Van – The 3rd generation of Co Mai restaurant. She said that the Suong noodle was from Vinh Long. The price is only 65,000 Vietnam dong for a bowl with 2 Suong and 1 shrimp. This dish should be in the waiting list when travelers visiting Sai Gon

    8. Roasted coffee

    coffee ben thanh


    There are many vendors who manufacture from the material and sell coffee to the end-users. They will do it by themself from the beginning to control the process. If you like to enjoy the strong coffee savor, you may try it at Ben Thanh market

    9. Phuc Long tea

    phuc long tea


    When talking about tea, Phuc Long tea is one of the top brand people in Sai Gon enjoy. Besides many new brands as Starbucks Coffee, The coffee bean and tea leaf, Coffee Benne, The Coffee House,... Phuc Long coffee and tea house is still the top of mind brands for the local citizen.

    Phuc Long owns may tea products as pearl tea, green tea, black team or jasmine team … All kinds of tea products are packaged and delivered easily. By choosing this gift, you will not feel worried about the preservation of delivering the tea packages. 

    25 Mar 2020
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